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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Slinced

Caitlyn: It's Yordle Season!

Slinced Last updated on April 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone,
This guide is to show how I play Caitlyn and how I build her.

I choose to play Caitlyn because of her range, and the fact that with the right build you'll be able to get kills quite quickly.

In this build I'll explain how I use her abilities,
Why I pick those items,
Why I pick that order of abilities.

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Pros / Cons


-Caitlyn has the biggest range in the game
- can be used to kill those who ran away
- can be used to escape through thin walls
- can easily be used to finish off or lower the health of enemy champions
- can be used while running away (Will explain later)


- can be blocked by other enemy champions
- gives a push back, so makes it harder to use it onto an enemy champion to catch up
- damage lowers everytime it hits an enemy
- only 3 can be placed

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Here I will show why I buy these items, and why at that order:

: I start off with this item, because Caitlyn is quite squishy and the little bit of life steal and health are quite good for a starting item, I remove this item in late game to make place for another one.

: I buy these at first, because Caitlyn is slow, she needs the attack speed as well to get her headshot faster.

: This is the first 'real item' I get, because this being the best damage item in the game. I always try to get my Vampiric Scepter during the time I go back for my Berserker's Greaves.

: I buy this item just for the damage, speed and the armor penetration you get from it, this is a great item.

: I get this item because, you gain attack speed and magic resistance. Not to mention every hit you'll do more damage and slowly take away their mana. Great against casters.

: After this item, you'll have loads of attack damage, speed and with this you'll take them down easier.

As your last Item, I tend to change that item, but mostly I seem to get , because you get attack speed, criticals and movement speed, the movement speed is great to chase and run away if needed.

Optional items:
this stacks up with the phantom dancer, so the crits hit harder
Instead of the
for when the enemy team focus' on you to take you down as first
for when you're fighting a caster, like Karthus
as starter instead of

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Champion Abilities

I max this ability first, because this is your ability you'll use the most.
This is a kind of skill shot, it can go through minions and other champions, but the damage lowers. This also has a small delay before it gets shot, so you'll have to time correctly.

This ability has a push back, which is great to use for escaping and can be used to slow an enemy so your team can kill the enemy. So the push back can be used to go through a wall, this can be used to cut off an enemy or to escape from them. This can be combined with the Piltover Peacemaker, you fire yourself directly and the enemy, and immediately shoot your piltover, I advice to only use this for finishing an enemy that is running away.

Caitlyn's trap, it can be seen by enemy players!
But people who are greedy to get a kill will just run toward you, you can place a trap infront of yourself or between the enemy and you, just in time to let it snap on them, this will give you time to escape or wait for an incoming friendly player to help you kill the enemy.
There can only be placed 3! These traps snap after a few minutes.

Always get this ability when you can.
The range and damage is nice, when locked on enemy champions cannot escape from it.
Unless another enemy champion takes the bullet for himself/herself. So be careful to not just use this ability in a team fight when there is a wall of enemies with more then 50% health.

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Summoner Spells

I tend to use these abilities, because of the slow movement speed I use ghost.
Flash is to quickly get away and get a nice escape, you can always combine this with the .

Other Options:

Not to take: