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Camille Build Guide by Carikeo

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Camille - Death is elegant

By Carikeo | Updated on November 25, 2019
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Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band

Coup de Grace

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

Camille - Death is elegant

By Carikeo
This is a guide in progress, which i will update whenever i can

I am a platinum player from LAS who plays mainly ADC and Toplane.
The first time i climbed to platinum was thanks to Camille, and since my runes are different from the ones everyone seems to be using i decided to make a guide about them.

Camille has a huge outplay potential and the ability to kill priority targets either by herself if fed enough, or with the help of her team, thanks to Hextech Ultimatum. She shines during the mid to late game, and may struggle a bit during the early game.
Why camille? Back to Top
Camille has a really solid mid to late game, but her main ability comes from making it easy to focus a target without it being able to run away, excelent when a single enemy champion is fed or your team finds an enemy alone in your jungle
- Amazing escape tool using Hookshot
- Great initiation and ganks with Wall Dive
- Precision Protocol deals true damage, which helps to deal with enemy tanks. It also combines extremely well with Trinity Force
- Tactical Sweep provides a nice sustain tool if you hit with the edge of the cone
- Hextech Ultimatum is really difficult to deal with, and people tend to panic once locked inside
- Hextech Ultimatum can work as a mini invulnerability/dodge against strong skillshots
- Outplay potential when enemy dives you in your turret

- After using Wall Dive, you have no escape tools
- All in kind of playstyle, if you are behind engaging will get you killed before you finish off your target
- If you activate the second part of Precision Protocol a bit early, you will lose most of your damage, which is very punishing for new players
- Struggles a lot during lanephase against tanks
Runes Back to Top
The reason i rune Camille this way is because this build will give you a stronger lane poke and sustain, which will allow you to either get more kills or stay longer in the lane and die less.
You just need to survive until you can get trinity and start unleashing chaos.

This rune will provide you with extra poke damage during lane phase. It works incredibly well with Tactical Sweep, which is the way you will activate this rune 99% of the times and is almost a guaranteed hit.

The extra movement speed will help you to chase enemies or run away from them once Tactical Sweep is on cooldown. You may switch this rune with Absolute Focus depending on your preference

Another rune that helps you to increase your poke capabilities during lane phase. Combining this rune with Arcane Comet makes Tactical Sweep go from a sustain only skill to a sustain/poke skill.
As long as you poke and dont trade hits, you should always have a higher health % than the enemy

An great item for camille since in every teamfight you will have a quick kill, and then you have to try to survive or finish off the rest. This rune helps with surviving the fight after the first kill

A rune that helps you to finish off oponents, much stronger if you time it with the second activation of your Q

Skill explanation and tips Back to Top
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

After hitting an enemy with a basic attack, you gain a shield equal to 20% of your maximum health. The shield type can be AD or AP, based on the enemy's main source of damage
- If the enemy toplane is a melee champion, you can reduce the potency of their pokes by hitting them once to proc the shield and then running away, rather than just running
- Keep in mind that the shield has a cooldown and is not permament, avoid activating it just to block a basic attack and save it for stronger abilities
- If the enemy is AD, the shield helps you to fight in between the minions without being punished so hard.
- Always use this to refresh basic attack timers. AA>PP>AA>PP, you may need to add aditional AA in between the two casts of Precision Protocol to wait for its empowered version
- A good way to poke enemy melee champions is to farm a minion with the first activation, and then use the second activation on the enemy
- If you activate this while you are jumping with Wall Dive, it will be cast shortly after you land. This is useful when the enemy is too far to stun him or to deal more burst damage (you lose some sustained damage because you have one less activation of Trinity Force)
- The best use of this skill is during lane phase to heal yourself, later on it's mostly to chase down enemy targets or activate Trinity Force
- Avoid using this to poke during lanephase unless you are certain that the enemy jungle is far away and the enemy laner has no way of damaging you after that
- You can jump through walls, which is useful to chase or run away
- Whenever you want to destroy a tower, jump on it and then to the side to get the bonus attack speed

- During lane phase this ultimate is a guaranteed kill if your jungler comes
- During teamfights let your teammates know who you will focus so that they can follow you
- The short immunity window + knockback to the other enemies can be used to heal yourself. Sometimes i would cast it on a support when i'm low on health to buy some seconds of life and heal
- Enemies can't go away from the hexagonal zone, but if you go away the ultimate will end, which may happen by your own will or if an enemy pushes you away, like Tristana's Buster Shot
Items Back to Top

By far the best item for Camille and a huge damage spike. There is a world difference between pre-trinity and post-trinity in camille's damage. Practice the timings of Precision Protocol so that you get the true damage part combined with trinity force proc

This item will help you to split push much better, since camille is mostly a single target damage champion. The reason i get it second is because it will help you farm a lot and push top while saving teleport to aid in fights, hopefully making one of them go to you and then teleporting into the fight

This item will give you a bit of extra damage, but the main reason you want this is for the shield and tenacity, which will help you a lot to survive once you engage and after you finish your focus target. If you get stunned after the first use of Precision Protocol and it lasts long enough to cancel your second activation, most of your damage is gone, and the added tenacity helps to deal with that
Laning Back to Top
During the laning phase you want to focus mostly on farming and poking with Tactical Sweep, specially until lvl 6.
If you feel confident and or ahead, you can roam mid for some quick kills with Hookshot and Hextech Ultimatum. Otherwise tell your jungle to gank and secure a kill.
As a general rule of thumb, start engaging in fights once you get Trinity Force, after which your damage spikes quite a lot
Teamfights Back to Top
Decide on which target you want to kill fast and let your team know.
Always be on the look for enemies who may go too close to your team and far from theirs, they can be a quick kill using only Wall Dive or you can choose to secure the kill using Hextech Ultimatum
League of Legends Build Guide Author Carikeo
Carikeo Camille Guide
Camille - Death is elegant
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