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Annie Build Guide by HgZekk

AP Carry Can your friends pull this out of their little hat Annie

AP Carry Can your friends pull this out of their little hat Annie

Updated on March 20, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author HgZekk Build Guide By HgZekk 1,557 Views 0 Comments
1,557 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author HgZekk Annie Build Guide By HgZekk Updated on March 20, 2013
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Greetings, If your reading this I'm Surprised. This is just my personal Annie build. Most of you wont like it, nor would I blame you. Fair warning.
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I run a pretty standard rune set for Annie.
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Damage Masteries for all the punch Annie needs with just enough in utility to add some extra mana, up movement speed, and get RA.
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This item build is pretty standard for how I play.

As far as optional items go:
They are purely situational and I get them when I have gold to spare or need the extra defense.
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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence is largely situational and optional I prefer a strong Q early on, but if your going to rush the jungle... You -can- take w first and charge up a stun on the fountain. Also a strong w will help you in a lane mismatch when your stuck on tower.
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For Annie flash is a must! It can be the difference between a kill and a death. I use flash aggressively to jump in unexpectedly and drop Tibbers on the enemies head.

Ignite can be a great advantage if you need just a bit extra to drop a champ.

No other Spells should currently be considered for classic play.
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Play Annie passively aggressive in lane to get cs with Q. when you have extra mana, poke the enemy to keep them guessing about a Tibbers drop. Treat her like a piece of glass during team fights. It is best to walk in and clean up after the initial engage rather than to start it off. People tend to underestimate Annie one on one... Use this to your advantage.
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Ranked Play

Annie is a wild card, hardly played and easily countered with long range or another big burst. You need to play passive until your jungle is there to help you out, or until you have enough of a level/gold lead to safely get the kill. once you get a lead you need to run with it and rack up kills, Beware the jungle and keep a stun ready! If you think you can swing it get a ward or two to keep in the top and bottom bush. Stay safe above all, people like to rage on Annie.

I generally say that the tower is Annie's friend. never be so far out that you cant stun one person and get back to tower.
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Pros / Cons

Annie is small and with the proper practice you can dodge in and out of danger with ease

Annie has massive damage and can one on one almost any non tank out there if you drop your stuns correctly.

Annie snowballs quickly with only a few kills. Use every moment of advantage to rack up more kills and cs as you tend to fall off late game.

Mid game is your time to shine.

Tanks are troublesome.

Tryndamyre is the bane of your existence, avoid him at all costs.

If you don't lead in CS or levels and or get heavily harassed your done.

Early game is your time to be careful.
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Creeping / Jungling

Always try to get CS, Kage's will help you if you roam a bit to get kills, but you still are very gold hungry and the faster you get death cap and void staff the better.

Be ready to get blue buff if your jungle pings because blue can make a world of difference for you early mid and late game.
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Team Work

Strike hard after the initial engage in team fights, and stay in the back as best as you can, you force the enemy team to go through your allies to get to you.

Mid is preferred, but I have been known to go top and act as a top support. This is hard, but often you can make the difference in the first or second fight and turn the tide of the battle for top. Paired up with an ally whom has a stun as well, you can drop massive damage on the enemy and dominate top lane.
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Unique Skills

Stun stun stun. always engage with stun, and remember to push e as often as you can/need so you re-gen stun faster. Stun with Tibbers is your game changer. Do not underestimate your ability though, use stun as a way to get back to the safety of the turret and try not to over extend.

Know your range! your knowledge of Annie's range is vital to your success.

Right click auto attack is your secret weapon, its range is much longer than your q and once you click it it will, much like q, follow the enemy until it connects. I try to harass with right click as much as I safely can.
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Q is your early farming gem. Free farm is what you want and need. While most people spend their time waiting for last hitting, Early game I aggressively put damage on minions with right click to put them in q range faster. Mid game W is where its at, put damage on multiple minions then drop w to clean them all up in one hit. Late game you can walk up to a wave and drop w for instant clearing, this is vital for your gold lead.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author HgZekk
HgZekk Annie Guide
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Can your friends pull this out of their little hat Annie

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