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Rammus Build Guide by Wicked FlamezZ

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wicked FlamezZ

Can't Killo The Dillo (Rammus S6 JG)

Wicked FlamezZ Last updated on November 20, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threat Champion Notes
Warwick WW can be a problem if he is full ap as his Q will shred ur armor build so beware. If he is Full ATK S. than you will outscale him with the armor and Double Thornmail.
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About Me

I am the JG of my High School's LoL Team. We are the Westerville North Warriors and here is my best Jungler of Season 6. My YT channel is: Wicked FlamezZ and my Twitch is

Hope you Enjoy!

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Rammus is really strong this meta. Season 6 is a AD Carry meta making champs that are armor based really strong (Rammus,Malphite,Jarvan). With his built in thornmail and the raised base damage of AD carries, He makes any marksman literally suicide. Especially good against Jinx, Ashe, Draven and Tristana.

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Marks and Seals:

I use armor runes and seals for earlier ganks survivability because I have a gank heavy JG playstyle. It also raises your AD via rammus' passive ability.


I use scaling CDR so you can hit multi taunts and W during a single team fight which increased your utility to team and survivability.

1. You can get %HP quints to ensure you have enough health to sustain AP chance while still building more armor based for their ADC. It may not seem like alot but i have seen improvement since adding them.
2. If your building hybrid MR/Armor than go ahead and grab armor quints as you will be find against AP champs.

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-I take all basic attack reduce masteries because I am a armor based tank
-Get the 15% off summoners allowing you to smite obj's and buffs more often increasing jg clear, dragon/baron times and allowing you to make more flash play ganks or escapes.
-You get tenacity so if you get slowed while in Q, you dont have to cancel the gank you can still catch up
-Since you are so tanky the other team will try hard to avoid hitting you. Take the Bond Of Stone keystone too decrease ally damage taken.
-Take move speed for efficient gank and increase clear by movement.
-Runic Affinity for longer buffs which make your ganks and survivability more effective (Baron Too)
-Take merciless and Dangerous Game to increase damage and reward you for assisting your team.

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Armor, armor, armor. 9/10 even if the apc is fed and the adc is doing nothing you can taunt the apc and burst him easily cas he cannot use spells to hurt you. Using thornmail is an instant power spike. You can 1v1 any auto attack champ after thornmail is achieved. Dead man's is also a favorite because of the 70% slow bonus and bonus damage on your Q. rule of thumb: Health then movespeed then armor, then health, then armor then health, etc.

NOTE: IF you dont get oracles when you have trackers knife I'm demoting you to bronze V.

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Skill Sequence

W: I max W to ensure a faster clear and because my team is based off of me ganking bottom so i need the damage return.
Q: I usually max Q next but if the enemy focus is too fed and getting off my taunt too earlier for him to die than I will start putting points in my E. But usually Q has a high benefit for ganks and the pop up cc/slow.
E: Like stated above unless the focus needs to be cc'd longer i will max this last.
R: Like always get R whenever you can.

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Flash: Take flash for the plays and escapes like all champs. (almost all)

Smite: Must I explain why a jg needs smite?????

Teleport: If your team has good ward coverage you can use TP with your cdr mastery to make efficient TP > Homeguard> Q plays around the map but remember you wont be able to rely on a flash.

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Ranked Play

Your Jobs in order:
1. Ensure your carries have kills and are okay
2. Keep enemy JG warded and take scuttlebugs
3. Go for dragon when bot aces the enemy bot lane and has HP
4. If a lane isnt doing hot, Gank.
5. Peel for your team in fights
6. Dont play for kills, play for plays :)

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Pros / Cons

-Strong against the current meta because of the Dual Thornmail w/ item and ability
-Good AOE Ult damage
-Can take out carries with a taunt for up to 2 seconds resulting in death or flash
-Very fast and hard to run without cc

-can be kited hard with snares and stuns cas he has to chase for the pop-up
-weak early ganks if they have cc
- If you cant get the Q the gank is pretty much ruined
- Doesnt do well solo and needs a follow up from team until late game
-weak clears early

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One of the most important jobs of the jg is to keep the map lit with wards.

Ward Objectives:
-Smite Both Wolf Camps
-Kill Both Scuttlebugs
-Ward your red buff and enemy Tri-bush with Tracker's Knife
-Get Oracles when you have trackers
-Sweep for wards before any baron/dragon fight
- put a pink ward in the Bot side enemy JG at all times or top if the top if being camped and giving kills

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Creeping / Jungling

1. clear bot side for the extra assistance with rammus' weak clear.
2. Gromp>Wolves>Scuttle>Blue>Recall
3. Look for Gank
4. Krugs>Crows>Red
5. Look for Gank > Scuttle.
6. Look for Gank Bot/Dragon
7. Repeat

(Note: Every game is different and may require different steps)

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Team Fights

In a team fight Rammus can have one of two jobs. Being the front line or the flank.

Front Line:
1. Make sure you are between the enemy team and your carries
2. Choose the best time to engage
3. Make sure your carries are able to escape if needed
4. Don't Bait your team (going in or appear to do so and flash away as soon as your team follows)


(you need 2 tanks for this. One being you and the other being whoever)
1A. Wait in a unwarded bush to the left or right side of the lane in focus
1B. You can also wait over a wall for a flash play.
2. Wait until the primary tank initiates, then you go from where you are and try to get the carries with your taunt and Ulti+W.

1. If your losing the fight, use all your cc to peel the enemies off your carry
2. If your carries would die try to use step 1 above to create an escape
3. Dont leave the fight until your carries are dead or escaped
4. Dont play for kills, This meta is for your AD champs to carry