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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alexx4370

Captain ********'s Revenge (WIP)

Alexx4370 Last updated on March 18, 2016
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Hello all ! My name is A X L, you guys can now call me Captain A X L. I've been playing Gangplank for a long time now and I've been able to grow a lot and become a GOLD IV player. Since I have like 400 games played with Gangplank on my account so I'm pretty sure that if you are reading this at the moment, I have more experience with this champion then you guys. So, with that being said, let's get started !

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Early Farming/Trading 2:00 to 10:00

( Parrrley)

Farming with Gangplank in early game isn't really complicated and you are most likely to get kills. You can trade easily with your opponent, thanks to Parrrley and this insane passive Trial By Fire which allow you to ignite your opponent each 15 seconds for an average of 50 true damage on LV 1 to 120 true damage on LV 6. But remember that you really want to use your Q ( Parrrley ) to last hit the minnions to get those Silver Serpent's as early as possible. This is why you really want to upgrade your barrels ( Powder Keg ) on LV 2. Putting a barrel on a minnion wave creates a preassure on your opponent and denied him to attack the minnions on close range because if he does you can just Q your barrel to deal him an average of 150 damage which are ignoring 40 % of his armor... Those barrels are really broken. Always try to have 1 or 2 barrels in a bush so when you get ganked you can Q the barrel to get the movement speed and run to safety. With your Q, you can farm safely behind your minnion waves. To haras your opponent, use your Q on him, he will be mid life after 4 or 5 times if he doesn't have any lifesteal or other sustain capacities, which is pretty good for you and your junggler. When you opponent is midlife and he is still by the middle of the outer turrets, it's the time to call your junggler to give you a quick gank. 70 % of the time, your opponent will bust his Flash and flee with 100 HP or, you or your junggler are going to get this kill easily.

To resume, after the mark of 10 minutes you should have over 70-75 of CS to consider your early farming good. Consider farming with barrels + Q as soon as possible. As your Q's passive grants 6 additionnal golds for each minions killed with. Remember that if you have 0 kills, you have the gold advantage if you also have no deaths, because of your Q's passive + Bandit . Hey ! I totaly forgot to explain why you grab Grasp of the Undying... Gangplank and this keystone fit so well together ! This is insane, it gives you massive sustain as well as more damage... Your Parrrley can proc it... The only thing you have to do, instead of spamming pots is spam Parrrley on your opponent's face to gain back health and deal additional damage. I WILL DO A GUIDE ON HOW TO PROC THIS MORE

To sum up (BIT SHORTER), your goal is to farm and Parrrley your enemy to outlane him (force him to back), to have arround 1150 gold to 1450 gold for your first back to buy a Sheen and a Corrupting Potion plus, if you have that 300 additional gold, Boots of Speed.

On the second back, you want to continue your Trinity Force so, you will buy a Phage and a Zeal after (if you don't have enaugh gold yet) but the best is to finish the Trinity Force by the 10-14 minutes 'ish.

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Starting Items

The first item doesn't really matter, this is really about your preferences... If you want to have a good sustain you don't need a lot other than mana... I prefer going for a Sapphire Crystal and a Refillable Potion because you are using your Q a lot to poke and harass and even farm... Plus eating your oranges ( Remove Scurvy) just to break CC + healing like crazy (sustaining)... And the Refillable Potion is because you want to purchase the Corrupting Potion on your first back since it gives back mana and health plus giving you a bit more damage while you use it. I feel like the Corrupting Potion is really good... Instead of buying Health Potion who only give back health, corrupting potion will give you back mana so you can spam Parrrley more and other utility reasons...

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Core Items

Gangplank core items are some of the most expensive items of the game... To build these 3 items, you will need 8'300 gold... The perfect time to complete these is arround 20 to 24 minutes. After getting these 3 items, consider yourself as a decent duelist and a decent attack damage dealer. You can easily kill the squishies with 1 or 2 Parrrley and 1 or 2 basic attacks.

Trinity Force is the main item of the Pirate, his first POWERSPIKE. It boosts in all the possible ways... Damage, movement speed, critical hit, cooldown reduction, attack speed and even tankiness ! Also, with the Phage passive, it allows you to be safer when you harass because when you will shoot him in the face, you will gain 60 movement speed to reposition yourself ! Plus, don't forget that the Sheen effect is double with the Trinity Force, instead of dealing 100 % of your BASE attack damage it will deal 200 %. You should ALWAYS get this item ! The time to complete this tremendous item should be arround 10 to 14 minutes, preferably ! To build this item, I always start with Sheen (which I get on my first back) then I go for Phage, into a Zeal then I get the complete Trinity Force.

Boots of Swiftness are and will always be good on Gangplank ! These alows him to have a decent mobility. Having the 60 movement speed is already big, combined with the 25 % slow reduction makes it a beautiful item to have on the Pirate. Remember that the Pirate doesn't have any escape... This is why you really want to abuse from movement speed in all of his forms : Flat movement speed, slow reduction and tenacity.

Infinity Edge is the second POWERSPIKE of the Pirate. Increasing his damage in the best ways, this item will make Gangplank a redoutable Pirate, a bloodthirsty man with limitless damage. Increasing his crit damage by 20 % in addition of 65 attack damage and 20 % critical chance, this item is your third and your last core item ! You should be getting this item regardless of the situation. The stats it gives will make your Parrrley so strong ! And not only your Parrrley but every offensive attacks just so much better ! The perfect time to complete this item would be arround 20 to 24 minutes. To build this item, I personally start with what I can get when I back... If I have over 1'300 gold, I will start with the BF sowrd, if not then I will try to take the Pickaxe or the raptor's cloak. You can build it like you want it doesn't really matter, just focus the B. F. Sword.


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