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Shaco Build Guide by Gefist

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gefist

Carrier Shaco

Gefist Last updated on June 16, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My First Guide

Hello Guys this is my first guide, all that I want is someone to see this and comment. Is there anything wrong? If yes, what and why. Because I'm bronze 1 and I'm always trying to get better.

(This guide will be changing constantly.)

Portuguese subtitles coming soon!

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What this Shaco is supposed to be.

You're assassin you get in, kill, and then go out. Getting much AS won't help you much, what you most need is damage, with this build you'll get up to 404AD, with a simple combo of AA+Two-Shiv Poison+AA will three hit kill anyone up to 2000 Health. You're "e" is going to deal al least 260 of magic damage. But of course you'll need CS, and the statikk will proc. more the IE possive, so this will problably be the only thing that you'll need of CS and AS. This build will make you carry the late game. It will take down tanker and squishy champs, like an apc or adc.

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Jungle Start

You start putting boxes on the blue at 0:55, don't smite, let the blue turn around and then start attacking him, go to the enemy red, deceiving through Dragon or Baron.
Check if he's done it, if not, start putting boxes at the red's brush, wait for him, decieve through the red camp's wall and stab him, if he goes to the brush, ignite, if not, follow him up and try dealing some damage, and if he gets low, ignite. That will problably give you first blood, finish red and go base, you'll problably have enough money for the vampiric scepter. And after that, start ganking the lanes.
If the first blood doesn't work, finsh red and then do any other jungle camp, or, go back to your red.
If the red's done, go do your red, get like 835, or 870, farming the jungle, so you can get the vampiric scepter, and some potions.
If know the enemy started with the red, then do the same opposite thing, start over the red, but instead of you going to the blue's brush, ward the blue, stay at that brush between the jungle and the river , the one near to the mid lane, wait for him, when he stars doing the blue, WALK to the blue's brush, put a JiTB and start giving himm AAs, if he flashes, you deceive, if he gets low health, just ignite. If it doesn't work out, just do as above.

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Why I don't do Jungle Item.

The Shaco playstile I do, won't be farming much on the jungle, the things that will make you good and useful are the kills. So try getting as much kills as you can (don't forget you also need to feed the laner, that's very important). Always get those low health. The thing that you'll less do is farming the jungle, you need to gank, give your team and yourself some kills, SPECIALLY you. You need kills, that's the only thing that will make you useful.
While you're building Lizard Stone, you could have enough money for a B.F. sword, that is much more helpful, it will give you more damage when ganking, it will be almost a sure kill.
Plus, the money you would be getting doing the jungle, you're getting it with kills and assists, for you and for your team.

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Infinty Edge - It will increase your back stab damage, give you damage, and critical strike.

The Bloodthirster - Gives you lots of damage, and life steal, wich you can stack. Very necessary.

The Black Cleaver - It' will give you armor pen. that can be stacked; life, it will let you less squishy; and gives you cooldown reduction, wich is very good on Shaco, so you can deceive more.

Last Whisper - Lot's of armor pen. Your deceive is going to give lots of damage with this.

Statikk Shiv - Gives you MS, CS, AS, and also has its passive, also helps you on waveclearing.

Beserker's Graves - This is usefull if you want to kill someone fast, wich will happen most of te times. If the other team have an op scape (or an op pursue), you can change it with the mobility boots.

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Skill Sequence

You'll star with "w", for the jungle, then your "q" for the counter jungle. Then all you'll do is max your "e", for getting a bigger slow. Then your "q" so you can increase your damage when you want to back stab. And after that your "w". And the ult (at levels 6,11 and 16) of course.

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If you have the "e" leveled up, the first AA will give a slow to enemies, minions, etc. that's been hitten. That added with you"e" can make almost a 5sec slow. Important for ganks.

Your ult can make the tower stop foccusing you. Of course if there's minions around. But is very useful if you just tower dived someone.

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Final Things

With this build you'll be able to 3 hit kill an apc or adc (your combo is AA, two-shiv poison, and another AA), that's beeing useful.
Your job on the team fight is foccusing the carrier (if he's squishy). That will only happen, of course, if you GET KILLS!
Shaco doesn't need much attack vel., cause he can kill in three attacks, the only thing you'll need is a berserker's graves, and the Statikk Shiv.
(Before commenting, try out the build)

Well that's all, upvote if you enjoyed! And don't forget to comment!