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Master Yi Humor Guide by TheSupaerSuprea

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheSupaerSuprea

Chainsaw Master Yi - The best Yi build ever. U mad bro?

TheSupaerSuprea Last updated on June 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, Mobafire. This is the best Master Yi build, as exemplified by my 9,001 normal wins with the build. I can assure you that you can win the exact same amount! Just follow this build to the word.

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I have discovered a glitch that allows one to have 491 runes. You want to build as much attack speed as possible, because without the attack speed cap (another glitch I have found) you'll be hitting enemy champions like a chainsaw. One hundred Greater Quintessences of Alacrity ensure that enemies will die before they know what hit them!

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The Phantom Dancers are the best items in the game. In fact, they're so good, that you must rush 45 of them. Now this might sound like an impossible task, but it's no problem, because with a glitch I recently discovered I start with 134025 gold, and I am able to use 51 items. This is just enough to buy 45 Phantom Dancers from the start...

...and also get 2 of each of Viktor's augments!

Nobody knows that for every two augments of a specific type you get, you obtain one of Viktor's skills. This is another glitch I discovered which allows you to buy augments straight from the Ability Power part of the shop, so before you go about calling me a ******, noob, or hacker, keep that in mind. This is convenient because you can now slaughter the enemy team with skills previously inaccessible to you, such as Power Transfer, Death Ray, and Gravity Field.

What does this mean for our favorite champion, Master Yi? Well it gives him extra chainsawing power of course! Just lay down your Gravity Field and start chainsawing the **** out of every enemy champion.

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Alternative Items

If you have studied under the guidance of Notnue, the dunkmaster and 2nd best Master Yi player after myself, you will find this build preposterous. As I have respect for him being so good at Master Yi without the help of additional item slots, I will accept Boots of Mobility and Wriggle's Lantern as viable, alternative items. Beware that substituting Phantom Dancers for these two items, and any of the items listed hereafter, will result in a decrease in chainsawing speed.

HOWEVER! This does not mean that they are bad. With Boots of Mobility, you will be going so fast that the enemy might as well surrender. You will have 22747 speed, as opposed to 17078 speed. This gives you extra scaring power. And Wriggle's Lantern is always helpful for helping you see more in the river, so foolish enemies cannot take you by surprise.

Sword of the Occult is also a viable substitution for one of your Phantom Dancers. After ten kills, you will move even faster than before.

You may feel the urge to replace several Phantom Dancers with some attack damage and armor penetration, such as The Black Cleaver, Last Whisper, Youmuu's Ghostblade, Infinity Edge, The Bloodthirster, or Madred's Bloodrazor. However, these items are not viable for Chainsaw Master Yi 99% of the time, unlike the Dunkmaster's items. They will decrease your speed, making you move slower, and you will not be able to chainsaw as well with the lack of additional attack speed. Some of these items even cost more than a Phantom Dancer, so you cannot buy them at the beginning of the game with the precise gold glitch. Beware these items, as while they may seem worthwhile for Chainsaw Yi, they are not. The only time you should get them is in the rare moment where the enemies are being smart and stacking six Thornmails because you're owning them hard with your chainsaw power.

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Skill Sequence

I start with nine points in my ultimate, because it is the most powerful skill available, and it is only logical that I go with it first. I then put nine points in my Wuju Style to give me the attack damage that I sorely need with this otherwise full attack speed build. Viktor's skills are already maxed the moment I buy two augments, so that is not a problem. Alpha Strike and Meditate are disregarded because they do not benefit my chainsaw, although I sometimes get one point in the former to chase enemies if they have multiple slows. But why bother? Slows are wiped out with your ultimate anyway.

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Summoner Spells

I don't find Summoner Spells particularly helpful. My build allows me to destroy enemies extremely quickly while maintaining a very high escape probability. However, for security (in case I get hard CC'd,) I take Cleanse. I also take Revive, so that in the rare occasion that I somehow die, I can come back and immediately destroy the ones who slayed me.

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Problem Champions

Here is a list of champions I have had trouble against at least once. They rely on cheap tactics like attack speed slow and movement speed steal and it makes me angry. But my team can usually handle them, and after their cheap tricks are over I can chainsaw them to death as usual.

Malphite: Probably the best counter to Chainsaw Master Yi, who otherwise has no counters. He is naturally tanky, forcing you to build one of the non-viable alternative items that lower your chainsawing power so much. He also has a knockup which cannot be removed by your Cleanse and deals massive amounts of damage, letting the enemy team gang up on you and kill you. However, this is not the main concern with him: it is his Seismic Shard, which steals more than 4,440 movement speed from you at rank 5. This lets the enemy Malphite do the same things you do: charge into bases, kill everyone, make them mad. If you are playing against Malphite I would advise you to take the summoner spell Exhaust. Unlike you he has no way to remove slows, besides summoner Cleanse, so popping Exhaust on him will prevent him from wreaking havoc on your team. Also beware his Ground Slam as it will drastically lower your chainsawing power by halving your attack speed.

Nasus: Another annoying champion. This dog takes 35% of both your speeds away just by casting his Wither. These slows go up to 95% which renders you absolutely useless as Nasus pounds away at you. It is MANDATORY to take Cleanse against Nasus. If he gets that 95% slow in, you will die guaranteed, or at the very least be able to remove the slow only and run away with your Highlander. Like Malphite, he is ALSO very tanky and you will be forced to build a non-viable item just to counter him.

Nunu: Another tanky champion with the ability to take away your chainsawing power, not with one, but TWO skills in Ice Blast and Absolute Zero. You will fail to do damage to him if he has built armor or health, and any magic damage you deal with your Viktor skills will be negated by his Consume. Remember to take Cleanse and have your team help you chainsaw this **********er as soon as possible.

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Ranked Play

Let me tell you a funny story.

When I went ranked with this build, I expected to lose, because people in there actually get smart and stack Thornmails. It didn't help that my enemies were none other than the notorious Phreak, Morello, Stonewall, Jhoijhoi, and some random ******* I'd rather not talk about because he isn't famous. My team, naturally, said we couldn't win against them. However, I insisted they not surrender at 0:01, and proceeded to invade the enemy base and get a pentakill at level 1 with my 45 Phantom Dancers, AoE stun, Highlander, and Death Ray. It was really funny because you could just hear the rage as I got executed by the fountain turret. "How'd we all die in spawn?! OMFG HACKER! REPORT!"

I then got banned.

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This is the best Master Yi build ever - bye ****ers. If you don't win with this build I will come to your house and hunt you down with 45 Phantom Dancers and 6 Viktor Augments.


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