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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Ender100000

Top Cho' is never too tanky. Cho'Gath Guide (WIP)

By Ender100000 | Updated on August 10, 2018
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Grasp of the Undying

Perfect Timing
Approach Velocity


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Ability Order

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{"title":"Tanky","associatedMaps":[11,12,10],"associatedChampions":[31],"blocks":[{"items":[{"id":"1082","count":1},{"id":"2031","count":1},{"id":"3340","count":1}],"type":"Start"},{"items":[{"id":"3800","count":1},{"id":"3001","count":1},{"id":"3083","count":1},{"id":"3193","count":1},{"id":"3111","count":1},{"id":"3047","count":1}],"type":"VS Lane Items - Core Items - Boots"},{"items":[{"id":"3143","count":1},{"id":"3075","count":1},{"id":"3194","count":1},{"id":"3065","count":1},{"id":"3742","count":1}],"type":"Armor-Magic Resist"},{"items":[{"id":"2138","count":1},{"id":"3364","count":1},{"id":"2055","count":1}],"type":"Elixir and vision"}]}

Cho'Gath is a tank, for me, he is the best tank.
Cho' can reach an infinite amount of HP with his Feast by stacking players and epic monsters.
He is monster and a very big one in the late-game.
His kit has lots of CC(crowd control), with Rupture and Feral Scream he can cancel abilities and/or deny abilities from being cast.
Cho' is a CC heavy tank that is nearly unkillable in the late-game and can execute any carry that gets near him.
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How to play Cho'Gath, Tips And Pros/Cons.

I recommend playing safe during the early game.
During the mid-late game always stay with your team. Tank Cho' is not a split-pusher.
  • Just stack minions with Feast(R) unless you are certain you can get your oponent low HP. Remember that you canĀ“t stack more than 6 non-epic monsters.
  • Keep track of what minions your oponent is going to last-hit and when your oponent walks up to that minion is the perfect time to Rupture(Q) him and basic attack with Vorpal Spikes, this is a very easy way to get a free trade.
  • But even if you lose some trades you can get HP and mana back from your passive, Carnivore, but it only works if you last-hit so CSing with Cho' is very important!
  • Poke and CS with Rupture(Q) and Vorpal Spikes(E) but not with Feral Scream(W) it is a waste of mana.
  • Feast(R) does true damage so it's easy to know the exact damage it's going to, if you left click on an enemy his exact HP will show up in the top-left corner of your screen so you can know exactly when to use Feast(R).
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The Runes

Grasp of the Undying makes your auto-atacks deal bonus magic damage equal to 4% of your max HP and heal you for 2% of your max HP so It's a very good option for Cho'Gath sinse he is the champion with the most HP.
Demolish helps your destroy towers. I think this rune is very underated but it's amazing
Conditioning amplifies your Armor and Magic resist.
Overgrowth permanently multiplies your max HP by a percentage that depends on the number of minions that have died near you. I've got up to 1000 bonus HP from this rune!

Approach Velocity helps with sticking to enemies and Feasting enemies. Also helps you with saving your allies lives.
Perfect Timing for a free Stopwatch for a cheaper Gargoyle Stoneplate.

Resolve + Inspiration = +30-270 Health based on lvl.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ender100000
Ender100000 Cho'Gath Guide
Cho' is never too tanky. Cho'Gath Guide (WIP)
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