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Cho'Gath General Guide by giannithebest1

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League of Legends Build Guide Author giannithebest1

Cho'Gath AP/Tank

giannithebest1 Last updated on February 6, 2013
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Cho'Gath is a very strong champion that can be played in a variety of ways. This build will show you how to play Cho'Gath as a Tank/DPS type champion.

What you should now before starting
- Cho'Gath is slow, I mean really slow... even with boots. Make sure you are careful about your decisions with ganking or trying to turret dive an enemy.
- You will notice after playing Cho'Gath early into the game that you run out of mana very fast. This is because the amount of mana uses with his beginning ability (Q) is to much to be used numerous times in one go. You might need to recall if the enemies in your lane are being to aggressive, so that you can regain your mana and push your lane more.
- Cho'Gath is pretty scary. You might not think about it, but if you don't the correct ability combos you will be able to push people off of wherever you want, even if your health is a quarter of theirs.

Now, lets get more into detail with Cho'Gath.

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Early Game

Cho'Gath eats up mana pretty fast, especially in early game. Cho'Gath starts with 205 mana, which is only enough to last three Rupture abilities. Getting mana in early game is not as important as getting boots. This is because Cho'Gath is very slow and should be played as a champion you seems to be scared of other enemies and often backs off. Then all of a sudden Cho'Gath should run into an enemy (or two) and Q them ASAP. This will surprise the enemy and get the DPS they were dealing (often your teammate) onto you. After this use your W so the enemy champions cant use their abilities for a short time. Once here Cho'Gath should primary the enemy with the lowest health (telling his teammate to go for the exact same enemy, and not focus on the other one unless he has way to much DPS). Once here continue to push forward while killing the enemy. As soon as the enemy is about to reach his/her's turret, Cho'Gath should Q the enemy, then both teammates should kill the champion by using all of their remaining abilities at one time.

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Mid-Late Game

Middle to late game is almost the same as early game, but a lot easier. By mid game, Cho'Gath should have learned his R and can Feast on minions and jungles. This is where the fun starts. Cho'Gath should stick with the same surprise strategy as always (and stay in the bushes while waiting). The only difference here is that Cho'Gath can now use his R ability. Using this ability can hurt the enemy champion so much at such a quick time that they can get scared of Cho'Gath, even if they are going to win the fight.

If Cho'Gath uses all of his abilities at one time on one champion he can kill the champion at certain times. If Cho'Gath can not kill his enemy in one go, he should ask his teammate to assist him with more DPS, or sometimes by giving him more health/mana.

Cho'Gath should also learn to feast while playing. Cho'Gath's teammate in his lane should let him leave one time every minute or so for about 6-7 minutes to let him have 6 stacks of feast. Once at 6 stacks, enemies will back off of Cho'Gath much more (not just because he has more health or a longer attack range, but merely because he is more large (that's what she said). Cho'Gath should use this advantage to scare other champions away from any lane, even multiple champions in mid.

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Jungling as Cho'Gath is easy. All Cho'Gath needs to do to jungle is leave his lane when there are no enemy champions. Once at a jungle, Cho'Gath should combo his Q and W on the jungle enemies. After this continue to hit the enemies with Q and W (you no longer need to combo until the next jungle). Once the larger enemy in the jungle is below 1000 health, hit him with your R to eat him. This will give you another feast stack which will make you have more health and attack range.

You should notice that Jungling will actually become easier later in the game, even though the enemies are getting stronger. You might notice at times that your Q and W combo will kill the whole jungle. If you see this, go to stronger jungles, or just use the Q or the W alone, not in a combo.

Cho'Gath should try to get the blue buff as often as possible. Blue buff will increase his mana regen speed. You will notice how much this helps, as Cho'Gath does not run out of mana that often in mid-late game.

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Cooldown Reduction

This build focuses on high AP and tanking items. But this build also focuses on cooldown reduction. Cooldown reduction on Cho'Gath is necessary because of his Q and R. His Q keeps enemies from getting away, while his R hurts people so much it can kill them in one or two shoots, if not it will most likely scare them away from killing you or your teammates. You need these two abilities with the lowest amount of cooldown reduction because of how often you use them.

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In this chapter I will go over every item in this build. I will show you what it does and why it is used on Cho'Gath.

The Tear of the Goddess is bought near the start of the game because it gives Cho'Gath 7 mana regeneration and gives Cho'Gath a total of 1000 mana (at full item level).
To level up the Tear of the Goddess, all Cho'Gath needs to do is cast a spell or spend mana. Every time Cho'Gath casts a spell or spends mana, his maximum mana is increased by 4 (with a 3 second cooldown on the increasing mana.) This item's mana bonus is capped at 750 mana.

The Rod of Ages is bought after the Tear of the Goddess because it gives 60 AP (to start the AP in Cho'Gath), 450 Health (to start making Cho'Gath more of a tank), and 450 Mana (to allow Cho'Gath to cast more abilities without having to use mana potions or recall back to base.) For every one minute with this item, Cho'Gath will gain 18 health, 20 mana, and 2 ability power. This one minute bonus caps at a total of 180 health, 200 mana, and 20 ability power. Upon leveling up with this item, Cho'Gath will restore 150 health and 200 mana over 8 seconds. We buy this expensive item so early into the game because we do not want Cho'Gath to continually have to use mana pots or recall. Since this item is bought while Cho'Gath is at an extremely low level, he will level up quickly so he will restore his health and mana even quicker than before.

The rest of the items in this build will be covered in-depth very soon! :)

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Cho'Gath should be played as a Tank/DPS. He should also be played to scare people away if they are killing his turrets or teammates. Cho'Gath should try to jungle as much as possible until he reaches 6 stacks on his feast. This will allow him to scare away other champions more easily. Having more feast stacks also increases his health and basic attack range.

After playing a few games with Cho'Gath you should be able to know how to scare your enemies away very easily and should be able to play him very well.

If you need any more help with using Cho'Gath, please ask in the comments below.

Thanks for choosing Cho'Gath! :)


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