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Cho'Gath Build Guide by MetaAwesome

Tank Cho'Gath Does Everything (Tank-Mage Top)

By MetaAwesome | Updated on February 7, 2015

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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Hello There Hideous Creatures!

Hey there, my name is MetaAwesome, I am currently unranked because ranked matches spook me and are more toxic than Singed and Cassiopeia's strange poisonous love child.

^Btw, Das my Mage Jungle Cho Build^

Anyways, I love Cho'Gath, he is my little void monster with a burst that can pulverize Yordles and silence screaming Demacians.

He can be played ANYWHERE (Not Adc you silly willy) and will bring havoc wherever he goes. But today, we'll focus on his Tanky Mage Top Build.

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Because I lack full Armor runes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Taken by most top laners, but easily replaceable.

Take this if you're going to be very aggro, know...usual uses for flash. Personally, I prefer Cho'Gath without it.

Usual for finishing off leftovers, 'specially if they survive the Feast.

I'd take Exhaust over Ignite anyday as Cho'Gath, I'll explain the comparisons after the rest of the spells.

These things are gonna save you, can't tell when, but they will.

Going after the booty?

You're Cho'Gath Top silly-willy.

Revive? We don't talk about Revive here.


Secured Kills
Disco Inferno

Catch up to those crazy whippersnappers and take a nice BIG BITE
Slow Attack Speed, Slow Living Speed
Slowrude Exhauststorm
The basic attacks of your enemies feel even more pitiful


Exhaust has more utility while Ignite has more damage. I prefer Exhaust, but the choice is yours.

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The bread and butter that keeps Cho'Gath in lane/jungle forever.
Gotta eat the appetizers before the meal.
  • Can be used to survive Ignites, Poisons or simply regaining health so fast that you can't die.


The Skillshot.
The Wombos of Combos.
A Truly Outrageous Disable.

  • Predict Enemy Movement

    Baby Blue Circle - Cho'Gath
    Purple Blue Dots - Minions
    Dark Red Dots - Enemy Minions
    Red Circle - Enemy Champion
    Light Blue Thin Circle - Rupture Placement

    It's quite easy to tell when a champion might go in for some cs, in order to hit an easy rupture, look for a low-health creep out in the open, and wait for the opposing champion to go for it. Land the shot close to the minion and mainly where the champion would walk into. If he's already deep, the only way to get out is to Flash or an escaping ability.

  • Silence, then Rupture
    Disable the ability to Flash and escape. Then bounce those blokes up.


There's always a way to shut a Demacian up.
Silent, and very deadly.
"Gah, why won't my Flash work."
  • Best to use this if you don't want someone else to disable you before you disable them.


AOE Bonus Magic Damage
Helps with lane farming (And Jungling)
Why is Cho'Gath so pointy?
  • A nice, manaless way to harass.
  • This ability will be toggled for technically the whole game. (Caution when used with towers)


My mind is telling me no, but my body is telling me yes.
Cho'Gath is Alien Isolation Confirmed


Thanks for the free Warmog Riot.
"Cho'Gath pls, I can't see myself farm with you in the way."
Health, Armor, and Magic Resist? What are those?
  • Free Smite! Does 1000 True Damage
  • No champions to eat? Creeps can work as well.
  • Use as a finisher, or just to cut an adc in half.
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Item Purposes

Cho'Gath already has his own Warmog, why buy another? Well, why not? Combined with this item (+1000) and Cho'Gath's Ult (+900) equals a whopping 3780 Health at level 18. Just a Warmogs and Cho'Gath. Now imagine that with more items

Too bad the range doesn't increase with size, regardless, early game when you're auto-attacking your enemy after you've ruptured and silenced him, some bonus-bonus magic damage is cool.

Rushed item on my Cho'Gath build. Provides Health, Mana, and AP. Not only that, but Valor's Reward combined with Cho's passive can keep Cho in lane for even longer.

Supplies Health, AP, and a slow which can be applied by Cho's Vorpal Spikes. Great for ganking other lanes.

Supplies Health, AP, Magic Pen., and a little burn that can be applied by Vorpal Spikes.
(If you're going to keep boots, feel free to sacrifice this item)

Great tank item during teamfights. Gives nice cooldown as well.
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First Guide

The champions in the "Threats To Cho'Gath" are through experience. So I haven't fought a Teemo as Tanky Mage Cho, but we can assume he'll be a dead Teemo.

May you consume your enemies, your teammates, and the world.
League of Legends Build Guide Author MetaAwesome
MetaAwesome Cho'Gath Guide

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Cho'Gath Does Everything (Tank-Mage Top)