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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jajohn

Cho'gath guide

jajohn Last updated on April 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi all,this is my guide to Cho'gath,hope you like it.
I have completely redone this guide,as I've found that there are some obvious better ways to play him,so no more AP

In this guide I'll try to build Cho as a tank,with damaging option as a bruiser.

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Greater Seal of Armor
You can get armor/lvl seals if you don't feel like flat armor, it works fine as well.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
MR/lvl Glyphs are there for obvious reasons- to boost your magic resistance.

Greater mark of desolation
Armor penetration marks are there for the damage possibility - once you get your atma's you'll like the armor penetration.

Greater Quintessence of Health
I just like them flat health quints the most as they let you lane easier.

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I put 21 points in defense for the damage reduction.

Strength of spirit sucks,so don't go for it,you won't have much mana anyway.

About the Utility tree: I go there mainly for the exp boost...cause the earlier you get to lvl 6 the better.
Greed gives you 1 gold every 5 don't get any gold the first 90 seconds. so,for a game of 30 minutes,greed gives you 30*6-9 gold,which is great 171 gold. wow,that's....not so much.You better pick that one pickpoint in exhaust and get one more kill with that during the game,or save your *** and farm some creeps...

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Summoner Spells

Why Ghost
- enables you to chase enemies and eat them alive.
- enables you to get away from bad situations.
- enables you to rush to your allies and help them in fight or gank
- it makes you fricking fast!!! it's cool to be fast and Cho'Gath isn't really one of those who have movement speed ~500.

Why Exhaust
- enables you to slow your opponent ... and eat them alive!!
- enables you to stop the enemy physical carry champion, either to get away from him,or to let your allies kill him.

Why no other spells?

Flash - ghost is better,you can get them,eat them,AND run away till you're still fast.
If you like flash,pick it.

Heal- might be good at the start,but loses as the game goes on imo... no,you don't need it...
Cleanse- this might seem good,but actually you shouldn't mind the other team throwing their cc on you. If they do that,your DPS can kill them. and you have the cc reduction boots,so worry not.
Clarity- useless,you don't need to spam your spells in lane to be effective.
Ignite- Could be good,but exhaust seems better to me,you can surely do more dmg to them slowed then the ignite would...
However if you play against mundo or swain, you better have more then one of these in your team,so you can go on and pick it. probably instead of exhaust.

Fortify- if you feel like it,go on;)
Clairvoyance- the same thing.

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I start with Doran's Shield,as it adds the last bit to your early survivability at the beginning and thusly enables you to farm as much as you wish.

It's best to get your Warmog's Armor at your first return back,that's clear,but you don't get a quiet and peaceful lane where you could farm every time, so if you can't finish warmogs,better pick shoes.

After you get warmog's, make your shoes into Mercury's Treads they are by far the best choice for any tank unless the enemy team has 3 hard phys carries (those are for example: Ashe, Tryndamere, Xin Zhao, Master Yi, Tristana, Caitlyn)then you'd be stupid not to take Ninja Tabi.

These items (warmogs and shoes) are pretty much your core. from now on your items might differ from game to game,and it's always best to build accordingly to their team!!!.

However,if they are a balanced team,they might see you being big,already with about 3khp, and decide not to go after you. If they do so,you better make yourself noticable during the battle and build Atma's Impaler

If you manage to get their attention,then you should preferably get more magic resist or armor,depending on what you need more. so Force of Nature or sunfire cloak it is.

Finally,if you have atma's and they still find it better to run around you and get hit by you,there is one great item for you: Phantom Dancer.
WTF? you may and probably have said when you've seen it in the items above.
But it actually does have all that you need- Movement speed to not let anyone escape from your ulti, attack speed that goes great with all the damage from Atma's Impaler and Vorpal Spikes. and finally the crit,which,added to atma's, get's you to about 50% crit chance,and that's not bad at all.

Of course if you have survival problems, forget the phantom dancer and maybe even atma's and get Banshee's Veil, Thornmail or whatever you need to fulfill your tank role.
!!!NEVER TRY TO BE THE CARRY!!! people who try to go carry with tanks usually screw the game for the whole team,even though they might have scored some nice kills.

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Skill Sequence

generally, Feast > Vorpal Spikes > Rupture > Feral Scream
with the exception of taking rupture at lvl 1 and 1 point of feral scream,just to be able to silence.

Rupture is nice for first blood and also for countering it if the enemies are taking over the situation.

From then on,you put your points into vorpal spikes,because you need to farm the gold for your Warmog's Armor !!! and it's 60 bonus damage on every attack is just epic.

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1. Don't forget to turn your Vorpal Spikes off when you are at enemy turret and their champ is nearby. You don't want to get aggro from the turret just for these small damage.

2. Use your Rupture Rupture to initiate fights. if you place it in the middle of their team,they will try to evade it and might get separated.Then you can kill the ones nearer. OR they don't evade it,get thrown up and slowed,which lets your team killers get to the squishier carries first;)

3.Have your Feast stacks at max. If you don't see a team fight coming and don't have full (6) stacks, eat a minion. your ulti deals 1000 pure dmg to minions,so you kill any wave minion,or anything from jungle (except for the blue golem ,lizard king,dragon and nashor).

4.After you reached 6 stacks,you don't have any reason to lasthit with your ulti.
The only reason is to get a kill,and that's a stupid one!! You are a tank,so if anyone else can get the kill,leave it to them.A KSing Cho'Gath can be nicely fed,but will make your carries weak and can easily lead to losing the Can't be tough AND outdamage the whole enemy team.

5.Use your Feral Scream to prevent heroes from casting (wow, who would have said that...).
Some champs need spells to be effecting,or even survive. Examples: Tryn dies easily without his ulti. Vladimir is not gonna pool away.

6.Your ulti Feast does 650 true damage at lvl 16...even though I said not to KS and lasthit after you have your stacks,some champions get stronger with lower hp. If there's Olaf with 500hp killing your whole team,go on and eat him. Not many tryndamere guys are going to pop ulti at 600hp...hey trynd,maybe next time;)

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Cho'Gath is a very enjoyable champion that can be a tank with decent damage output.
I hope you enjoyed the guide and that it helped you in some way.

I'm sorry there are no screenshots or videos.
Please vote. I don't say vote positively...just vote what you feel like,and give me your feedback;)
Also,if you see any typos or facts that are wrong or outdated,please tell me in the comments.
Comments without voting are of course welcome as well.

Thank you for reading;)