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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Plineq

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Plineq

Cho'Gath Monster of Top Lane

Plineq Last updated on November 27, 2013
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Early game
u are farming all the time and trying to have full hp all time by pasiv. When enemy jungler ganks u u can easy escape with full hp and q, try to not push it will make that ur enemy can't atatck u enemy jungler have hard and ur jungler easy ganks. When u get 6 lvl and u see u can't kill enemy just stack ur ult DON'T WAIT TOO LONG, beouse many players are waiting becosue they think thy can kill the enemy, it's only 60 sec and if u don't kill becouse u eated don't worry that's not fault that's only stacking ult, I killed many times the enemy jungler while gank when he was 700 hp he jsut try to catch me hat i do quick combo q ignite w r and he was dead.
Mid game
there u need to keep the longest as u can ur top enemy on ur lane, if ur team will need ur help so hard ofc u msut go and help them but if u can let them fight 4v4(if they will blame u for that u are not helping just ignore blame and try to help or if they don't need write that they are 4v4 not 4v5 bcs ur top enemy is top also and stay top if they are winning, IF UR TOP ENEMY WILL GO HELP HIS TEAM U MUST FOLLOW HIM [if ur team is good that hard that they can win even 4v5 u can split pushing]) do it becosue cho in 11lvl 1v1 can't dead and have easy kills, later ofc u must go to ur team help dragons etc
Late game
There u need only one think use q to most feeded champion in enemy team and burst him.

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Unique Skills

Power od Q
remember that u have many HP don't mean u don't have dmg, u must poking ur enemies how long it's possible before team fight. When 1 of enemies go on ur team u can use q for his team mates and u are 5v1 then u can easly kill others, u can catch with it some 1 in enemy jungle so if u have wards there just tell ur team to stay togehter with u and getting easy kills.
Why should u play him?
Well... i think cho isn't a champion for all, he's very deffensive not like fiora or zed so if u like to play very offensive better go check somethink diffrent becouse cho isn't for u, but if u like to be deff and slowly be stronger and stronger it's perfect champion for you.

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Creeping / Jungling

If u play in red team u can easy stilling blue, mostly if u pushed 1st tower, just pleace ur ward that it protect u from enemies and take blue for free it will kill u less CD and u can spam ur q and w to ur enemy how long u only want. You should last hitting very well to play this champ becouse last hitting is extremly importent in the early game it can save ur *** many times ofc i'm talking about passive but also gold it gives to u, so in early game focus on last hitting and try to get control on minions but also don't push and care for a enemy jungler.

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Remember that i didn't show u every items u can build for him but it are most importent items ofc if u will play vs 3 AP u won't build thormail but there are many items u can tell WTF U RLY GO HIM TOP ? yes maybe it seems like that but trust me he's more tanky then no one topper even if u choose most offensive possible build i shown

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I think guy who will watch it will tell like emm wtf? ignite cho ? he have ult he don't rly need this, yes maybe it's a bit true but ignite can make the enemy heal lower can also insted of amke adc 10 hp and let her life steal after combo and even carry a fight he jsut die, it also help at top lane to make a quick but very effective combo.

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Well i saw many long instructions in MobaFire but i think it's everythink u should know abotu cho'gath to play him well. I hope this build willgive u so much fun same as me
Gl and HF Guys :))