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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by cilium

Support cilium's Master Fiddlesticks SUPPORT guide

Support cilium's Master Fiddlesticks SUPPORT guide

Updated on January 22, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author cilium Build Guide By cilium 15 3 19,014 Views 5 Comments
15 3 19,014 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author cilium Fiddlesticks Build Guide By cilium Updated on January 22, 2019
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Runes: VS ranged match-ups or low threat melee supports

1 2
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Absolute Focus

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Ability Order BIG D... CARRY FIDDLE

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

cilium's Master Fiddlesticks SUPPORT guide

By cilium
Hello everyone! I am Lachezar 'cilium' Kochev, Challenger EUNE, I've played LoL semi-professionally before and have had a lot of local success in my country. For the last couple of years I've focused mostly on individual and team coaching. I have hundreds of hours racked up. In 2018 I also coached RoX Academy to 1st place in the summer split of Russian Challenger league.

In solo queue I've played mostly ADC, Support and Top but I'm familiar with all roles. The way I've climbed in the last couple of years was through mostly choosing one champ and spamming it until I get bored, then moving on to a new champ. I find that to be the easiest and most effective way to climb. I am really knowledgeable about the game and put in a ton of time in researching new stuff and keeping up with the META.

I'm new to Mobafire but excited to provide as much info as I can to people.

Follow me on my Social media:

Why do I consider Fiddlesticks to be a good pick for solo queue?
- He is not only relatively easy to pick up but also not too hard to master. There is some room for creativity but he is a pretty straightfoward champion for the most part. I've always found champions like this to be extremely good for lower elo because you can be effective even when not having to do too much mechanically. Example: Sona, Soraka, Janna etc. and that is also why a lot of these champions have had high winrate throughout almost every patch.


It all comes down to the fact that he can push harder from the get go from an insanely long range. (You can just E the minion wave without having to be in the range of enemy's poke)
Ranged match-ups get pushed in without even being able to interact with you while melee match-ups just can't sustain your poke most of the time (Especially since pots being changed to only 2 available on level 1 from 3) Your poke is also pretty much brainless, all you have to do is E the creep wave and it will bounce to champions 80-90% of the time.


Solo queue is a chaotic, unorganised environment. People don't buy wards as much, they don't coordinate repeated ganks to bot lane as much, they are not drafting specifically to counter you etc.
A lot of them are also not familiar with Fiddle and get caught off guard by his damage or surviveability.
By the time the enemy jungler can gank you, you've already amounted a lead through pushing/poking that you will be able to turn 2v3 or just be ungankable.


Players are more prone to tilt if they lose early game. As they say, win lane -> win game (most of the time).


He pushes quite hard and with all the extra gold introduced into the game with platings - he becomes a rich boi fast!


His build path is super cost efficient - Zhonya's Hourglass, Oblivion Orb etc. Your items value is also mostly reliant on yourself and not your team (stuff like Knight's Vow, Zeke's Convergence, Ardent Censer, Redemption etc. is a bit team dependent)


A Harmless Scarecrow: Standing still or channeling a spell for 1.5s gives you a movement speed bonus and it lasts for 1.5s after you move.
You can use this on lane to be more mobile/slippery when harassing.


Terrify: His Q is a point and click Crowd Control spell
You use it on a target when you are engaging in a fight or when you want to disengage a fight when getting ganked etc. Generally you want to use it instantly when you ult so enemies can't react to it and then follow up with E. Combined, these spells have almost no counterplay because you are CC-ed for a really long time.


Bountiful Harvest: This spell deals damage per second and heals Fiddlesticks for a percentage of the damage dealt.
Generally you want to use it after your other spells in an all-in. You can use it on lane to heal from creeps too, prioritizing Cannon minions since they stay alive the longest.
It's also good to use it to help your jungler on objectives like Rift Herald , Baron Nashor , Dragon etc.
When getting ganked or engaged on by a champion that has a lot of CC, you want to wait before he uses it and then start draining so it doesn't get interrupted.


Reap: This spell is a point and click poke spell - the crows you throw bounce back between minions and champions, doing dmg and silencing the targets.
Most of the time, you want to use it off cooldown so you can procc your Spellthief's Edge and harass. You can spam it on minions and it almost always bounces to champions. You might want to prioritize throwing it on the enemy ADC if possible, but if you are going to take poke for it or get yourself in a sticky situation, just stick to using it on minions.


Crowstorm: You channel your ultimate for 1.5 seconds and then teleport to the location you pointed to dealing AOE dmg per second for up to 5 seconds.
You want to generally use it when you are outside of vision - in brushes/behind walls when enemies are pushing and you want to defend a tower etc. You can also ult straight up in front of people if you know they've used their CC, they don't have summoner spells etc.
If you ult in brushes/behind walls etc. - you want to pink ward or sweep with a red trinket beforehand so enemies don't just run away when you ult.
In rare cases, your ult can also be used as an escape.

There's essentially 2 rune paths you can take. Let's look at the first one - Sorcery:
You want to take this VS ranged match-ups like Sona, Nami, Zyra etc. - champions you don't want to get too close to early game and where the battle is more poke oriented and less so all-in oriented.

This is the easier of the two builds (even though they mostly play out the same). You are essentially spamming E ( Reap) off cooldown without having to worry about mana issues ( Manaflow Band) and your poke is also quite strong because you are stacking runes that complement it - Arcane Comet, Absolute Focus , Scorch. By themselves, these runes are not that amazing but when you combine them together + getting at least 3 points in E - you autowin vs literally any lane.
You can swap Scorch for Gathering Storm if your games go over 20-30 mins.

In the secondary tree you take Biscuit Delivery always - you automatically win lane vs people that don't have it as long as you know how to use it. In poke lanes it allows you to stay longer in lane - and VS melees it allows you to keep up the poke.
Use Biscuit when you are really low on hp/mana because it works off of your MISSING health and mana. You can also use it in conjunction with a health pot when you are getting ganked and heal for an extreme amount and Jebait people.

For the other secondary rune you can pick anything, it really is personal preferrence - Hextech Flashtraption, Magical Footwear, Stopwatch, Cosmic Insight etc.
I personally find the CDR to be better for lower elo players because it gives you value without having to think how to use it unlike stuff like Hexflash/Stopwatch which allows you to focus more on other aspects of the game.

For the second option - you go Resolve and take Aftershock:
(You want to take this vs all-in lanes such as Pyke, Blitzcrank, Alistar, Rakan etc.)

Aftershock proccs off your Q ( Terrify) and helps you survive damage a lot. It's also great in combination with your Crowstorm - You jump into the enemy team with ult -> Q someone -> Procc Aftershock -> Get focused -> wait a bit and then Zhonyas

Demolish is great on Fiddle with the introduction of turret platings because you are always pushing which means you will be proccing it more.

Bone Plating is a good rune for when you get all-ined, boosts your surviveability

Revitalize works on your drain and you are also generally going to drain when you are low on hp which means your drain gets boosted to 15% extra. Honestly the other 2 runes are fine too.
We already discussed Biscuits and the other secondary rune in the Sorcery build.

This spot is one of the best spots to abuse since no one really knows how big of a reach it has. You can catch people by surprise a lot. Fiddle can go through really THICC walls like these.

This one is great for when your tower is getting pushed and/if you are behind. Even though it's fairly obvious, people underestimate how far you can reach AND they also think to themselves 'we can just react to it' and most of the time that's not the case because your Q is almost instant.
You can obviously tower dive from there as well with your jungle.

Good for laneganking mid, you can do it from both sides and it's hard to play around cause people generally ward the bushes.

Another spot to gank mid from.


Good for when enemies are pushing and tribush is warded.

As basic as it gets. Just classic Fiddle ult from bush.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author cilium
cilium Fiddlesticks Guide
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cilium's Master Fiddlesticks SUPPORT guide

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