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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Braum Build Guide by Carikeo

Support Clash of Mustache [S4] - Tank Support

Support Clash of Mustache [S4] - Tank Support

Updated on May 14, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Carikeo Build Guide By Carikeo 158,262 Views 9 Comments
158,262 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Carikeo Braum Build Guide By Carikeo Updated on May 14, 2014
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Braum is the newest champion in the league. I build Braum to be a handsome mustache-man, who even if he starts as a support, ends fullfiling the role of a tank. All of his spells improve in time, so making him a tank is the best option (he also doesn't have a lot of damage)

I will keep updating this guide with any rework he suffers, matchups (adc combo, or enemy support/adc who can make your mustache ache) and adding more tips as you keep rating the guide and making it better :)
Mi nativa language is not english, so excuse me if i make any grammar mistakes and feel free to comment, rate, and give advices about my guide
Enjoy it!

NOTE:Please leave comments and rate my guide. If you don't like it, leave a comment telling me what you didn't like, so i can explain to you why i did it, or so i can modify it
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Pros / Cons

-Extremely tanky
-Amazing CC
-Not mana hungry
-Block progectiles, suck as jinx's ultimate
-His Glacial Fissure allows Yasuo to get in the teamfight
-Protects your carry
-Good escape mechanism
-Escalates extremely well at late game

-Will probably get nerfed
- Unbreakable doesn't block any cc effects
-You will be taking all the damage and may die really fast
-He has a small damage ratio
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The reason why i go 0/9/21 and not 0/21/9 is because all what you get from defensive skill tree, you can get it from items. On the other hand, the most of the ulility masteries can't be obtained by any means except from the masteries.
I think that a utiliy tree works much better for a support, which is your main role during the lane phase. Since Braum becomes a tank during late game, i do so through the items and through his abilities, while giving him a passive boost with the utility tree. Also, my masteries (%15 CDR) and Iceborn Gauntlet (%10 CDR) give me a total of %25 CDR, which if i got from items, i would have to lose tankyness
If you want a deeper explanation about each masterie, leave a comment and i will add it to the guide
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Item Sequence

Mercury's Treads - Captain 1550
Iceborn Gauntlet 3000
Randuin's Omen 2700
Banshee's Veil 2600
Warmog's Armor 3000
Ruby Sightstone 1600
In this part i will explain why i build each item and how they work
: This is your gold income source. It gives you charges which regenerate over time, you can use them to execute minions, giving gold and healing both to you and your adc (only when a charge is available). Upgrade to Targon's Brace as soon as posible
Sighstone: This items is your ward's source. By buying this you won't need to spend as much as you would if you bought every single ward separatedly. Remember that you can place only 3 wards at the same time, so tell your team to help you, specially during late game
: I like this to be my first item (apart from the supp and gold item). It gives a good amount of armor -you will have arround 120 armor when you get this- and helps you lo land your Passive easily, by slowing an enemy hit by your basic attack your adc or your team can land those 3 hits without problem. It will also give you CDR and mana
: This gives you a great amount of health and armor, so i always buy this as my second item if im facing a support who doesn't poke (leona, Braum, Janna). This item's passive will slow the atk speed and movement speed, and you can activate the item to send a small wave of slow arround you
Mercury's threads: These are the best choice for Braun, it will give you magic resistance and tenacity, which is extremely useful since Unbreakable does not block the crowd control effects
: Once you get this item you will have enough magic resistance and armor to tank and don't die. I choose this because of the little amount of health, but mainly for the magic resistance and the passive (it blocks a spell, which gives you 2 block chances if afterwards you use Unbreakable)
: Your last item. At this point you will have all the armor and magic resistance you need ( Stand Behind Me helps you with that), and building AD or AP doesn't work really well on braun, and since you will be tanking all the projectiles you should have as much health as you can
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Skill explanaition and sequence

This is Braum's signature ability, and the main source of crowd control you have. Once you land a basic attack on an enemy, you have 5 seconds to hit him 3 more times (your ally basic attack's work as well) and if you do, the target will be stunned and will take damage, also increasing the damage you deal to him. Once you activate this skill, take advantage of your extra damage and keep attacking your enemy.
It's very important to know that this skill can be used in as many enemies as you want, at the same time, so during a teamfight you should be attacking all enemies once (unless you are able to focus the adc or Apcarry) and let your enemies activate your stun This skill will deal more damage based on your HP, but mainly you max this first because it slows the target and applies Concussive Blows, so this is the best way you can initiate a fight during the lane phase. If you have Iceborn Gauntlet you will have a double slow, helping you to activate your passive easily Braum jumps to an ally or minion, and shields him for a base amount + a %of braum's armor and magic resistance. WHen you jump, you will stand between your ally and the enemy, use this to protect him from damage with Unbreakable. You can also use this skill by jumping on a minion and then using Winter's Bite, or use it to escape (you can jump through walls) Another signature ability. Even if it looks similar to Yasuo's Wind Wall, from my point of view this is much better. You will completely block the damage from the first projectile, and subsequent ones will deal reduced damage (%30 - #40). Use this wall to protect your team, but remember that you will be taking the damage. Once you activate the wall, it will remain facing in the same direction, but you can move freely, so try to stay and the battlefront to reduce the damage your team takes Once you activate this skill, you will knock up all enemies in the path (only the first one is knocked really high) and then a slow area will remain (think of it as Rumble's The Equalizer. The damage you deal will also affect those enemies in a close area arround you, even if you dont hit them with the fissure
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: This is the best choice since it was buffed, but try to go with an adc who takes Barrier, because Heal doesn't stack. This spell heals you and your ally, while giving you extra movement speed you can use to escape or chase
: In my opinion the best spell in the game, versatile and useful. Use it to escape, engage, or jump through walls
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Teamfight Tactic

During teamfights try to always stay in the front. Once the teamfight begins, it's most likely that your enemy will shoot all their skills, so you should activate Unbreakable. Keep an eye on your low health teammates such as the ADC or the MID, and protect them with Stand Behind Me. Use Winter's Bite every time you can, and remember to hit different enemies with your basic attacks. Keep your ultimate to cancel other skills like Death Lotus or to escape/save your allies, and try to initate the fight with Winter's Bite and the passive from Iceborn Gauntlet. Like this, if you find an enemy alone, he wont be able to escape and you will most likely win
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Guide log

Here i will keep all the notes of my updates
13/05/2014: Guide Published
13/05/2014: Fixed the runes, more extended explanation about masteries
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Carikeo
Carikeo Braum Guide
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Clash of Mustache [S4] - Tank Support

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