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Udyr Build Guide by Yunusen

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yunusen

ClimbDyr | Jungle-Hybrid-Offtank-Dyr | 6.23

Yunusen Last updated on November 28, 2016
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Udyr is easy to understand

Hey guys,

Udyr is in my opinion a really nice champ to play , especially when u have a nice team.
You can build situational Items on him based on the game.
He has a very high mobility-level,is tanky when build right and can even do dmg.
He is an allrounder in my sight.
This Guide will show you my Udyr-Hybrid-Offtank-Style.

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When i start the jungle it is usually on the bot-side at blue or red buff.
Ask for a nice pull because this can have influence on the game, the faster you are the better u can controll the game and you have the advantage because u have time to analyze the game, who needs help, what should i do to support my team(wards,crabs, etc.)

After the Blue/red buff i aim for wolves and then for the other buff this is ebough for lvl 3.
After that i try to gank at top or mid , because in my opinion a games outcome mostly is decided by the top or mid lane outcome. Your Top/Mid wins lane: "You have more controll of the game and the advantage(gold , more pressure), try to roam with your Top/Mid laner , maybe u can roam bot and decide the outcome there too, s you have the victory on your side. All you have to do after that is , concentrating on buildings/objectives, winning the teamfights and push to the nexus.

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More will come soon

Sry guys i know the english on this guide is not the best , but its enough to understand.
I will correct all mistakes and also will add more about my playstyle and the understanding of your role as jungler.

Thanks for now