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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xzodia

Complete Balanced

xzodia Last updated on August 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Summary - This guide is being worked on Daily

About the builds provided

This build is designed with a balance of CC and Damage in mind while not relying upon the finality of their ultimates to ensure easy wins. This type of team will win 9/10 times assuming the players are good at their respective champions.

It utilizes all aspects of each champions pro's and con's in such a way that the weakness of each champion is greatly negated in team play, hence why I've classed this as a balanced build.

I've included two teams which include alternative's for ranked play in case of bans however these can be mixed and matched with the champions I've suggested in the title's

For the most part gameplay will remain more or less the same with these two builds. The most noticeable difference between the two teamplay wise is that instead of a jarvan being the mediator between front line and back line, it's a Janna, which leaves xin to act as a more aggressive offtank. There's slightly more offense in build 2, however it sacrafices general team defense because of it.

The concept of Synergetic Pairs

In this guide I have included an alternative perspective to building teams. By creating pairs that work together and working those pairs into the team as opposed to creating the team but placing them illogically I've ensured that the weakness of each champion is greatly negated by partner in that pair

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Placement and synergetic pair combinations explained

There are 3 synergetic pair combinations I will be working with in this guide.
Each lane will be split into pairs (concept wise) The three pairs are as follows:

{Solo Top : Jungle}
{Jungle : Mid}
{Bot : Bot}

This doesn't mean that they will be playing in those lanes. It mans that what affects one will affect the other

So for example: If solo takes galio the jungle, his conceptual partner, must be one of the champions I've suggested,, in this case jarvan. Likewise if Jungle is Amumu then the solo must be one of the suggested partners. There will be similar guidelines placed upon Mid and Bot too. There are reasons for this and the second people start mixing and matching too much you end up with unstable sub combinations and the general team build will be flawed. Any comments I am more than happy to answer so please leave below discuss below


Galio | Xin - Solo top
Jarvan: | Amumu - Jungle
Brand: | Vlad - Mid
Sona/MF | Janna/Ashe - Bot

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Dealing with an enemy jungler

Does the enemy Have A Jungler too?

If they have a jungle it is in the entire teams interest to deny them:

Hide in the brushes marked A on the map Wraiths spawn at 1:39 Run in, kill 3 wraiths but leave 1 alive. If you're confident that the enemy jungler is at blue then feel free to kill 1 golem too, which shouldnt be a problem for top lane since they have teleport, they can B and tp back in without loosing xp.

Also if you're confident that you can get a gank off at Red, place a ward there and gank the jungler there. They will always be low HP By then and it's often an easy kill for mid.

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Synergetic Pair - {Solo Top : Jungle} Galio+Jarvan

Galio + Jarvan


Galio is my Primary choice for tanking. Aside from having very good escapability skills and a shield making him Ideal for solo and also Ideal when it comes to pre teamfight harassment, His aoe taunt that brings everyone close enough for brands & MF's ulty easily concludes games into a sweet and easy victory.

Role in team fights: Galio has enough defense and power to harass the enemy backline without too much fear of loosing much HP. Other than the obvious flash + ulty combo, focus the squishy backlines / ap champions and force them to run from their team

Item Explanation:
Against an AD Heavy team: Drop aegis and have Jarvan build it. Buy Frozen Heart or Thorn Mail in its place. (I'd reccomend FH over TM for superior CD's thus a more readily avaiable heal)

Against an AP Heavy team: Take aegis (Which will provide more than enough armor with your current rune& mastery setup and allow enough damage in to maximise his ulty.


How you decide to jungle is entirely up to you. Try to gank often and decide who takes Aegis of the Legion between yourself and galio. Towards the 15/20 min mark you should be offering blue to brand and red to MF and have helped in a number ganks netting mostly assists and perhaps the odd kill.

Role in team fights: Your role should be more of a mediator between galio and the back line. If an overzealous yii / trynd is focusing down your backline you have all the tools to ensure their safety. A slow, a knockup, an ulty that blocks. It's your job to protect the backline as best you can. If that means dying for them, so be it.

It's very unlikely you will get to the stage of buying a Trinity but if you do, sell wriggles for it

Item Explanation:
Against an AD Heavy team: Drop Omens for Aegis. By opting to build aegis you allow more room for galio to build against AD. Discuss with the Galio player what he would like to do as it's his call.

Against an AP Heavy team: Galio will take aegis so focus on rushing last whisper and banshee's

Other Synergetic Pairs - {Solo Top : Jungle}

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Other Synergetic Pairs - {Solo Top : Jungle}

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Synergetic Pair {Duo Top}

Alistair can easily be one of the most annoying and dangerous champions in the game. Why? Because his CC is rediculous. Put him in a lane with any one of the 3 I have suggested and you will easily get the kills rolling in no matter who you face. Getting your AP Carry fed in this lane is only part of your role however. It is important that you help mid with ganks too. When I play alistar I not only take teleport so that I can teleport to a ward in mid and gank quickly before an SS is called, but also I take boots of mobility to minimise the time it takes to roam.

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Synergetic Pair {Jungle : Mid}

Brand boasts some of the highest damage in the game, aside from having great harrasive abilities in lane, brand should make full use of his Passive and try to get early kills both at mid and by ganking with jarvan.

Role in team fights: Again, other than using your ulty in galio's ultimate. Brand has enough damage to take out any stragglers. Make use of your stun to control champions like Tryndamere and yii who may try to break behind our lines to focus you. Remember as with any form of glass cannon, positioning is key. Don't be overly zealous and stay near jarvan for support if you are up against champions like trynd and olaf who have way's of getting passed CC.

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Other Synergetic Pairs - {Jungle : Mid}

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Synergetic Pair - {Duo Top : Mid}

A good alistar will roam, however you can make his job helping you very easy by buying wards and placing them at good locations around mid. Depending on how confident you are at being able to escape you can either use the wards as they are supposed to be used (for visibility either side of the mid's river brush or you can use them to place them right in the middle of mid

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Synergetic Pair {Duo Bot}


During the laning phase: - "Harrass over heals"
You're responsible for map visibility, Harrassment with Q+Auto attack & heals, Try to give MF The kills where possible, she's a carry, you're not. Sona is my prefered support over all other's due to her versatility in both providing heals & support and also in her harrassive ability Q+Passive+Attack, not to mention the aoe stun.

During team fights: - "Heal over harrass"
Priority 1.a (Enemy champions are missing, or a team initiation has taken place with ss enemies)
- You're responsible for looking after your 2 backline companions. Do NOT Rush your ulty, galio's is more than enough to secure the kills. Save it for if you need it.

Priority 1.b (if the situation is that you can see all enemy champions, (perhaps they are all under a turret)
- Don't be overly afraid to use your ultimate to secure the kills. Harrass and heal where nessessary

Miss Fortune

As a carry you need to only understand 2 things.

1 You need kills
2 You need good positioning

Ulty when galio does in team fights otherwise focus squishies

The Duo bot can be mixed and matched more freely without too much worry however if you find yourself in a team with the alistar combo I'd suggest taking sona or Morganna for supports.


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