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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Fak3cz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fak3cz

Complete Dr. Mundo Guide

Fak3cz Last updated on February 20, 2012
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Welcome to my guide. In this guide, I will demonstrate Solotop Offtank Mundo that is my favorite. First of all, excuse my english, its not best.

1. Build - My standart build on Dr. Mundo, Its simple heavy tanky build with as only offensive item. Overall, Mundo is pretty tanky and also does slight damage so he cant be ignored during teamfights (whole Guide will work with THIS build, not the second one)
2. Build - When I got some strong tank as a Jungler ( , , ) And we have only one AD carry as a physical damage dealer (of course), I will choose my second build. Its still tanky enough but with much more Attack damage multipliers. I dont recommend this build to starting Mundo players

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Pros Cons

+ Awesome sustain (Manaless, , )
+ Spammable ranged tool . Makes advantage during laning, either to poke, or getting creeps.
+ Strong chasing capabilities with and
+ Strong kiting capabilities with and :3
+ His Natural damage source makes him very difficult to ignore during teamfights = Good disrupting.
+ Baiting with is just awesome.
+ Good pusher and Great farmer.

- Poor crowd control during teamfights. Just look on guys like or
- When gets on cooldown, hes easy target.
- No supportative abilities.
- Low attack compared to other Physical damage dealers.
- Easily countered by

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My runes are mostly standart, but they work quite well.
Greater Mark of Desolation Yes, Mundo is good physical damage dealer, once you get and activate his , he will make maybe slow, but deadly blows.
Because I dont use as starting item, he needs some natural armor. Solotop is mostly occupied by physical damage dealers. Also helps bit during towerdive.
Allows spam more cleavers and every minute!
Some bonus health comes handy, many times you will just flee and aftermath you will stare on your HP bar with 10-30hp remaining.

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I usually choose my "Heavy tanky AD", 10/20/0 on Mundo to get slight physical damage buff and big bonuses from defense tree
Why missed ?
Because 10% tenacity is useless for me when I already have tenacity from and . And increasing maximum health by 3% looks very attractive, but Im already tanky as hell even without it.

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As a starting item, beginners can buy but I want to get as soon as possible and I dont want to have filled space in my bag.
Full item build gives me strong defensive stats, bonus Attack Damage to combine with , to combine with and healing booster + cooldown reduction from (dont underestimate its power)

Starting items:

First recall:
(sight ward)

Core Items:

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Skill Sequence

This part dont need big comment.
-> -> ->
Just choose your as first ability and max whenever possible, thats all.

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Summoner Spells

This part isnt hard to get too. Lets make some graphical object to make this guide cute ^_^.
Done... (Dont get me wrong, is possible option for Mundo, but in this guide, Im focusing on Solotop Mundo, not Jungling one)
As a starting Mundo, you CAN pick or , but I dont recommend it, Mundo isnt type of champion who needs additional heal or blink every ~5 minutes.

Mundo is very mobile champion who easily closes gap with his and usually survives even without flashing over wall.

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Important Enemies

Here I choose some of most annoying and dangerous enemies to lane against on top lane.
This guy is really annoying one. Hiding between minions and spamming his he can crush your farm, but dont worry, just stay back and try to get lasthits with until he gets low on mana.
HARASS HIM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!, when he stacks his Teamfights will become nightmare for your squishy teammates. His natural lifesteal makes him durable in lane so wait for your jungler to take him down. Dont forget on his massive heal from
Guys with very strong sustain and annoying moves. Be careful about them. Try to get their mana pools as low as possible. With no mana, they are bit easier to get.
This guy is bigger threat for squishy mages, but watch out, his can transform your missing Warmog's health into instant death! Prevent his passive healing as much as possible with your
Not big threat, but HE CAN PRISON YOU! As a Mundo you have no way to escape from his so be very carefull.
Renekton have good sustain and can you harass with his well-known combo, but still cant sustain like you and cant harass with ranged attacks like you. Dont forget on his massive heal from
Riven can be big bully during laning phase. Dont try to duel with her at low levels. Needs to be harassed from safe range (no problem with well aimed ).
Very annoying guy. Cant be countered if he gets well, so ask your jungler to prevent his heavy-farming as much as possible.
Katarina on top? wtf? Yes even that's possible and be very careful if you'll meet one. Shes good counter on you since she can use to crush your healing and you cant interrupt her . Try to synergy with your jungler, attract her to waste her on you, then pop your own ultimate and destroy her with help of teammate.
Last guy I will describe here. Never get to contact with his purple smoke, never come close to him when he's near his turret, harass him well. Its done.

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Trololo Tricks

- Scout brushes with you . When you will hear that sound theres somebody :3
- Dont play on hero with your on cooldown.
- Feel free to farm far from your turret mid-late game, until you see no enemy on the map.
- Use your taunt (write "/t" to chatbar) to frustrate your enemy. He can even suicide if you will shout this quote 200-300 times!
- In 20th minute, come to Baron Nashor, hit him with . Wait until you die, then write to "all chat": "Mundo dies when he pleases!"

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The End

Thank you for attention and feel free to leave me here comment down bellow ^_^
Maybe I made some mistakes of forgot some important things, write me about in comment. thx
. .
Thanks to/for:
- Riot games inc.
- Mobafire
- Wikia
- Google
- TinyPic
- Youtube (and TheRawter160)
- Corporate Mundo to give me his advices
- Each comment and +1