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Tryndamere Build Guide by EvilSquirelKing

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilSquirelKing

Comprehensive Tryndy- murdering the rift

EvilSquirelKing Last updated on December 2, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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*tryndy news*

This guide is brand new, and has been updated as of preseason 4, 12/2/13. This build will be updated often.

Most recent change to Tryndamere:

Spinning Slash
Cooldown refund upon critically striking minions/monsters reduced to 1 second from 2 (refund upon striking champions unchanged)

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Welcome Summoner!

to the evilsquirrelking's tryndamere top and jungle build for summoner's rift

Tryndamere, in all honesty, is a very simple, yet very fun champion to play. Recommended for anyone from beginner to pro, played correctly (which really isn't that difficult) makes for a smashing good time!

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Pros / Cons


- + = easy escape!
- and some lifesteal makes for great sustainability in lane or in jungle!
- is great for chasing and gap closing!
- gives you those few extra seconds in a team fight, when escaping, or when turret diving that you need!


-squishy early game
-countered in lane easily by the likes of tankier cc champs such as , and ; making it very necessary to play carefully.
-really not effective without crit. chance
-ganked easily early game

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Top lane mastery choices:

numero uno most important mastery on your is frenzy
with just your core build, you will reach the 15% attack speed very easily.

I put 9 in for juggernaut because it helps to cure tryndamere's tendency to be squishy.

jungle mastery choices:

feast and bladed armor work well with jungle tryndamere because they are jungle masteries, just like smite is good for any jungle.

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Top runes:

Tryndamere relies heavily upon crit. chance for damage. this simply helps to bolster it. It is effective in every part of the game.
these are to help you when laning in the early game against ad champs.
counterpart of seal of armor, helps when laning against ap champs.
same reason as mark of critical chance, these just help to bolster it even more.

jungle runes

this helps immensely with sustainability in jungle and helps in team fights later on. highly recommended.

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Summoner Spells

recommended spells:

flash is for gap closing or escaping, and ignite is for finishing. fairly simple. smite is for when jungling.

other viable options:

Some people prefer ghost as opposed to flash. The argument for this is that already has a built in flash and doesn't need another. if you were to take ghost, you would replace it with flash.

Exhaust is preferred by some tryn players because it works as a steroid on their gap closing ability. However this is not needed, in my opinion, because tryn already has a built in exhaust

Barrier is viable on tryndamere because it works well after ult is finished and you are trying to escape. however, I do not find it necessary.

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The more fury you have, the stronger Tryndamere is. while in lane, try to basic attack at least once every 4 seconds or so to keep fury up, as staying out of combat for long periods of time drains it. While jungling, I hate to break it to you but your fury stacks aren't going to make it from one camp to the next. I recommend that after a camp is cleared, bloodlust is activated so you can get your health.

bloodlust is tryndamere's source of power. fully stacked, this ability give you 35% crit chance and fully leveled gives you 25 attack damage. If you know your probably not going to be in combat again for awhile, go ahead and activate bloodlust, as failure to do so will make the stacks go to waste.

mocking shout is, along with Spinning Slash the brute of tryndamere's great gap closing power. learing to time it so that it is cast when an enemy is facing AWAY from tryndamere is crucial to to playing tryn correctly.

whether its escaping, turret diving, ganking, chasing, or minion wave clearing, spinning slash is what makes tryndamere tryndamere.

**remember that spinning slash can be used to got through walls, just like flash!**

***5 SECONDS***

That's the magic time slot when playing tryn. I don't care how you remember. Count it in your head. Watch the icon on your HUD. just remember. this is how long you have for fight or flight. whatever the situation may be.

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my personal favorite item on Tryndamere is Maw of Malmortius. First off, it should only be used if the enemy team has a fair amount of ap damage. why I like this item so much though is because the lower the health the more ad you get, so at 1 health (what happens with Undying Rage) you get a whopping 110 ad, more than any other one item can give you in LoL.

core top: Phantom Dancer, Ravenous Hydra, Infinity Edge
I believe that these three items are very necessary to being successful as tryn. they combine together very well for his play style, giving you (altogether) 145 ad, 12% lifesteal, 50% as, movement speed bonus, and 55 crit chance. Not to mention some very useful UNIQUE: passives.

core jungle: Wriggle's Lantern, Boots of Mobility, Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge
wriggler's lantern and boots of mobility because you're a junlger, phantom dancer and infinity edge because you are tryndamere.

starting items:
jungle start should be self explanatory. lane starts stack well with my selected runes and will most likely result in early game success. offensive start should ONLY be used if your with a team of people you trust and you know what your doing as Tryndamere.

a brief explanation on other late game options:
Statikk Shiv: for the full glass cannon approach.
Frozen Mallet: best for overall team fight survivability.
Randuin's Omen: if other team has a LOT of ad, id take this.
Last Whisper: if enemy team is surprisingly tanky, i'd recommend grabbing this.

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Tryndamere is easy to learn and loads of fun. play him correctly, and you can dominate any game as the barbarian king. so just remember,
****KEEP CALM****