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Vladimir Build Guide by MrNergles

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrNergles

Crimson Tide; Vampire Pride

MrNergles Last updated on June 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my build. I have been playing Vlad since I started and just fell in love with his kit and fun play style. I never have done a guide for a champion before so please bare with me here. My main lanes are Mid and Top, so hopefully I will be doing more guides soon if this turns out okay. My mains besides Vlad are Akali/Jax/Draven/Teemo/Talon, if you want to talk about the champions or talk hints and tricks I'd love to just send me a friend request on LoL.

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Pros / Cons

This champion is a little tricky but you can pull some nice moves if done properly!


Health as Mana, now I know this is a scrubby thing to say but lets be honest for a second a never ending Mana champ (unless you're dead) is very nice; play Graves then come back to Vlad it seriously feels nice.

He does amazing early game and sustains all the way through to late game becoming a huge power house.

Great initiator for team fights or small 2v2/3v3 scrimmages on the map.

He has a nice amount of burst damage from his E mid-game and great general damage from his Q

Simple to play but challenging enough for you to keep coming back.


Doesn't do well against burst damage champions like Kat or Akali.

Health as Mana is not a walk in the park if you tend to be caught in a hard spot early game.

His W is amazing but you should only activate it when your getting low on health due to the fact that the more health you have (full bar) the more health it will cost to use.

He is a little squishy early game.

Champions that have a long period silences or stuns like Xerath/Kass will be very upsetting to you.

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Farming is interesting with Vlad. I suggest that every game you use him in depends on the champion your versing and their play style. I for one like to idle farm; basically last hit minions only do not push lane until necessary or you killed your opponent off. You kind of sit there and Q the enemy champion to stave them off from minion EXP while you are gaining your own and tenderly slapping minions only for the gold at the last second they are alive. Once you get your E, LVL 4, your play style should change. You can become more aggressive but only focus the champion with your Q and E hard for minion waves. This aggressive lane style will continue for the rest of the match and same goes for your farming technique; but be careful do not get to aggressive because once Vlad over extends it's a little challenging to bring things back unless your over extend in an empty lane which is cool. Late game, you should have plenty of nice items to help you push waves back or even back door!

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Invest and you shall get your interest back in full. You passive stacks off you defense tree and your passive stacks off you offense tree and it's a beast start. Trust me and SKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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I know this looks pricey as Hell; but trust me its easy to pull off. Once you figure out your laneing style or use my passive-aggressive style gold will shower you than R. Kelly could! Death Cap as soon as you get you Revolver; I can not stress that enough! After that Rylai's and complete that Spectral Wraith. The final boot touches/Death Grasp/Lich Bane/Hour Glass can be in any order really I just prefer the order the guide is shown!

You can substitute the DeathGrasp or Boots for the Hour Glass. It all depends on the enemy team comp, your team comp and your specific play style. If you are more aggressive go for Grasp/KeepYourBoots but if you want to do more damage, have armor, be aggressive but move like a tortiose go for Hour Glass and ditch boots late game (I personally love doing that, people can't say no to 790+ AP and a LichBane for large basic attacks!)

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Ranked Play

I don't play much ranked but out of the games I have played with Vlad he works quite well! I mean with this build I went 22/9/12, had a full build and we won the match. Over all he is a nice Champion and I feel like he is quite Ranked worthy. While playing him ranked I suggest Passive-Aggressive lane techniques and turret hugging when needed; there is no shame in Laser Protection once in a while, but if you got that enemy in a spot for death secure that kill soldier. Also turret dive, kill and W to not die feels nice in ranked.