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Gangplank Build Guide by Rusaki

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rusaki

Crit-Gangplank - The flying Dutchman

Rusaki Last updated on December 7, 2013
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Hey Guys. This is my second Guide. This time I want to show you, how you can strike your enemies with Gangplank, The flying Dutchman. Gangplank is a Melee-Champion that also have some ranged Skills to kill the enemy even if he is running away.

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Runes and Masteries

For Runes, take Scaling Health-Regen-Seals, Critical Damage-Marks, Critical Chance-Glyphs and Attack Speed-Quints to max your damage output. With the really offensive Masteries (24/0/6) and the Runes are you nearly unstoppable. And if they get you, you got Ghost

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Crit-Gangplank benefits from Attack Speed and Critical Chance. For this, buy Zeal first. After that, farm until you can get the Statikk Shiv. Now are you able to farm better. So collect money to buy the Infinity Edge. With this item, youre able to strike down enemies like no one. Now you should buy the 2 Life Steal-Items to life longer in fights and after that, concentrate on Youmuu's Ghostblade and Phantom Dancer. With this Item Build, you will have no problem to kill your enemies in very short time.

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Gangplanks Skills are very good to kill enemies and heal yourself. Its important to max the Q first, because the Q can make Crits and is ranged. It also can trigger the passive of Statikks that is really awesome. Then you have to max the W. The W heals you and that can be very important in fights with more champions in a row. Your E can stay at 1 from Level 3 to 13.

The Q is really the best Skill to take down your enemies when they run away. Run after them with Ghost, hit em with your Q and if more enemies come, run away.

Your W does a really good Job. Only problem: It benefits from AP. Bad for the Crit-Build, but better a weak heal than no heal at all.

Your E is the boss in Teamfights. Buff your Teammates and get Assists for every kill.

Your R will be the most funny thing ever. Help the top-lane while youre mid. Jungle without being in the Jungle or just slow your enemy down to shoot in his face.

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Summoner Spells

I take Ignite and Ghost for Summoner Spells. Ignite is a clear thing. Even if Ghost isnt enough to get to the enemy, or your enemy is about to flash over the wall into the base, your Ignite will give you a kill. Ghost will bring you closer to the enemy or create distance. Whatever you need. For Gangplank, Ghost is better than Flash.

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Team Work/Teamfights

Help your Team out from anywhere with your R, when they get attacked by too many or too strong enemies or when they chase after enemies to kill em. The R slows the enemies and deals magical (!) damage. You will get many Assists with your R and your Team will celebrate you.

In Teamfights, it is really important to use your E when everyone is in range. After using your E, you are able too take down the hole enemy team (in normal terms). If someone wants to flee, take your R or Ghost to chase after him and shoot in his face to get a kill.