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Darius Build Guide by BelielD

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BelielD

Darius- Make them sh't emselves( Working )

BelielD Last updated on February 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my Build / Guide of Darius, one of the most loved and hated(by his enemies) champions of League Of Legends.

I ask you that before voting negatively, test this build and see if it works for you, and if not, what happened.

In this guide i will be presenting for you guys this build i have been using sucessfully these days.
First of all, what you need to know is that this build is extremely dependent of your gameplay, if you are accustomed to run for kills like crazy in the first seconds of the game, you will losing your time and feeding the opponent giving them their steroids.
Second, farming is as important as killing, you should play calmly , not to agressive, or you will be killed by the enemy's jungler since that Darius has no escape mechanism and some times, even flash isn't enought.

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Why should i do Darius AD, and not tank?

That answer is very simple , first: everyone uses Darius as Tank/Off-Tank, what they don't know is that his W ( Crippling Strike ) skill becomes stronger than his R ( Noxian Guillotine ) since when your critical chance gets to 55% + 250% Crit damage + 450 atk damage + 100% of damage you can do 2000 damage easialy almost 1 hit killing enemies.

Why do i use this specially itens?

- Beseker's Greaves => Get higher attack speed and movement as well
-Sword of the Occult => That's the dirty secret of his damage , when it is stacked to 20 , you get 100 damage + 15% movement speed. How can i get stacks? => 1 kill = 2 stacks, 1 assist = 1 stack , but 1 death = -2 stacks that is why you should play passively.
-Bloodthirster => 15% of 1000 = 150 healing, well that's high isn't it?
-Infinity Edge => The masterpiece of the build, it is when you finish this that you start to getting kills and assists compulsively
-Warmog's Armor => Life ( nuf said )
-Phantom Dancer => Critical chance + Attack speed( which won't make so much difference at the end of game )

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Pros / Cons

Pros :

-Absurd damage.
-Absolutely strong from midgame to end.
-Get kills very fast, becoming strong very fast.
-Has huge life even with AD build
-Make people sh't themselves as you will be almost 1 hit killing

Cons :

-Kinda weak in beggining
-No mechanism escape
-Very focussed due to his fame
-Low life until warmog's done
-Lose for tank Darius at the beggining

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Skill Sequence

What about his skill sequence?
Well first start using his Decimate (Q) making some damage to the enemy, right after your Decimate, you should use Crippling Strike (W) which will slow the enemy and keeping attacking it until you are able to use Noxian Guillotine (R) which will be properly used if you stack the opponent with 5 hemorhage. You should only use Apprehend (E) when you are starting a team fight, when your jungler is near and you are the bait and obviusly when he is trying to escape.