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Darius Build Guide by Soa Malibu

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soa Malibu

Darius Support: 5 man grab ggwp kthnxbye

Soa Malibu Last updated on March 7, 2015
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Darius Build

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Hiya summoners,

I am Soa Malibu. A dedicated, veteran, bronze 5 player that mains support. Let's face it, bronze league is the hardest league to play in. It is filled with the lowest and most gruesome scum. 'Feeder' is a standard role in a bronze team, there are usually even several people that play this vital bronze role. Dont forget the terrible flaming going on in this division. Bronze flamers are known for making people suicidal and the flaming is similar to getting humiliated constantly by a drill sergeant during boot camp. It is the most gruesome place on the planet and you need to be the best and hardest to survive the bronze ghetto. Don't worry. I am a veteran and I have got this awesome build that will allow you to be the bronze support king.

These days, tournaments and higher divisions show that supports are popular that are tanky and can engage well. 'Awesome' supports like Blitzcrank, Leona and Thresh are the most popular ones but they are not going to do a thing in bronze. They require too much skill and do not really get the whole CC-job done. I have found an amazing CC-monster that is going to allow you to rek bronzies. Darius support!!

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Pros / Cons

* Very tanky stats
* Has an easy to land grab
* Can grab up to 5 enemy champions
* An ability that slows an enemy champion
* Has a laugh that can be spammed easily allowing you to harass the enemy team with sound making them go AFK (supporting on a whole new level yall)
* Enemy players get really confused and scared because a Darius shows up bot. They do not know how to react and miss their last hits/poke/grabs. This gives your team the gold advantage and lets your team use Psychological warfare against the opponent.

* No cons really
* His Q, R and passive are not that suitable for a support but the Pros i mentioned make Darius a support god, nuff said.

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Starting Items:
Make sure you get that stealth ward. Your botlane is really scary with a Darius support so they are going to gank the crrap out of you. Get Relic Shield to sustain your ADC, get more health and outlevel your opponent

Early Game:
Switch ward trinket for scanner to deward like a true support. Get Sightstone and vision ward ASAP to ward like Madlife. Face of the Mountain first after that to shield yourself during insane engages for 5 man grabs or saving your ADC from that fatal blow. Boots of Mobility to be quick for warding and sick suprise engages.

Late Game:
Glory for a speedboost for your entire team to land that hook while having your team close by. Solari so that enemy AP champs just tickle you and your bros. Iceborn if you are frisky for more CC. Crucible: You want to stun my friend? Nope, don't think so, Crucible, not gonna do a thing, Darius support, enemy team just surrender already.
Rest of the items to get even more tanky than Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Omen, Sunfire, etc.)

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Skill Sequence

First of all, the grabs, hooks, fetches, whatever you want to call of the three precious supports I just mentioned require too much skill. You are going to miss these skill shots all the time as a bronze player. Furthermore, you can only get one champion if you manage to land your hook once every now and then. By using Darius his E, it is possible to grab five enemy champions! Now that ladies and gentlemen is CC right there! Moreover, Darius his hook ignores minions. Thresh and Blitzcrank constantly get ****blocked by those pesky minions and Leona can only grab one enemy champ. Finally, the arc of Darius his pull is very large so that even blind bronze players can land their grabs with Darius. That's right my fellow bronzies, I have found a match made in heaven. Do you want a support that is tanky, does not require any skill whatsoever but can pull frickin 5 champions, max your E first to decrease the cooldown and allow you to make these game changing grabs constantly.

After that, you should max your W to slow their enemy champions (yes more CC, i know, awesome). You could max your ult and Q last. The extra damage can help but remember to never steal kills bro. You are a support Darius remember? I usually just try to click on E a lot and hope it somehow decreases it's cooldown and increases the arc even more!

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Get Exhaust to weaken their ADC during teamfights making the already easy life of your ADC with a Darius support, even more easy.

Get Flash for dem insane 5 man hooks. Your honors will be going through the roof!

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Nah does not really matter dude. Check the rest of the guide. This build is incredible. You have to give your opponent some kind of chance otherwise they are just going to get their behinds whooped. If you really wanna be a tryharder, just put most of the points in Defense to become even more tanky. Never really died though while using Darius support or had any real problems whatsoever.

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Same as masteries i guess. Just slam some armor/health stuff in there.

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Counters!? Hah that's cute!! Darius support has no counters people.

Nami: Nice bubble...HOW ABOUT MY GRAB!? Easy hook, easy kill for ADC. Sorry to WATER down your party Nami!

Blitzcrank: He missed his hard to land grab again! No fear, Darius is here. Grab em and let your ADC tag him. So easy, it feels like you are playing against a BOT!!!1111

Sona: Pfff poke. I cannot feel a thing. Get over here and play a tune for me. Boom. Dead Sona and fed friendly ADC. Seems like you did not PLAY that well Sona

Braum: Nice moustache. HOW BOUT I CUT IT OFF WITH MY AXE BRAH!? Grabbed. Killed. GG WP. Mother always said: Get rekt by Darius support.

And the list goes on and on baby!

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Ranked Play

Darius support is going to get really popular once people start using this guide. Expect many Darius bans. If he is not banned first pick him ASAP!!! If you are not first pick let the person that has first pick, pick Darius. Just pick a champ then, whatever, does not matter, and switch it with the person that has Darius. You now have Darius support. GG WP. If the enemy team first picks Darius support (Gonna happen a lot, sorry man) let someone back out, otherwise it is just going to end badly for your team...

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Thanks for reading my guide people. I am confident that my guide will help you to achieve greatness. You are welcome to send questions and stuff. I would be happy to help you but I expect to be busy a lot. I have a lot of lectures to do at LoL events about this amazing meta-breaking guide. Also, I have been asked by Asian teams to coach their players and teach them the ways of Darius support. I just got a call from Madlife begging me to teach him how to be a Darius support. Him and his team offered me a few million dollars, hot cosplaying-women, the pink Taric skin, you get the picture. The sky is the limit. Play Darius support, be awesome!