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Sion Build Guide by kubsak26

Top Dark Harvest Sion. Stacking, pokeing, sion.

Top Dark Harvest Sion. Stacking, pokeing, sion.

Updated on May 23, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author kubsak26 Build Guide By kubsak26 5 2 29,919 Views 0 Comments
5 2 29,919 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author kubsak26 Sion Build Guide By kubsak26 Updated on May 23, 2019
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Runes: Best so far

Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter


+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



Boots options (depends on matchup)
First item
Have good synegy with sion after you bulid this every killed minion gonna give you hp and dmg
Second item options
Second highest hp item in game with useful passiv effect and some ad
Good against teams with burst or when you are the only tank in the team (because of the passive) and also gives ok hp and ad
Aside of nice ad and hp it gives cdr which this bulid lacks a bit at the begining also resonable choice against enemy with armor

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Dark Harvest Sion. Stacking, pokeing, sion.

By kubsak26
About origin of the bulid
Hello everybody. Sorry for bad english but im polish. Im just made that bulid because i felt like sion have too much dmg to be a full tank and grasp of undying is not really good on a poke champ such as sion. And while i was going back home i bulid something like this and when i played this i realise that it has potential and i never really change this bulid since i made it because it just works well. I will update everything as I gonna play more with it.

Ok hello everybody. I would like to apologize for my lack of updating in the past few weeks but I was working on this bulid a bit. And i realize that i need to change a lot. So I thought that is going to be better if i gahter all the needed info by playing and do one big update instead of making small ones all the time. I think it going to be less messy and more accurate this way.
The whole strategy can be divided into two segments: lane phase and mid game. It is important to include them because the way you gonna play each of them is going to be significantly different.

Lane phase: On lane yor play style is all around poke. Your main way of poking is be doing a E&Q combo. You may ask why don't add W to this combo to pop it after hiting your Q. There are two reasons 1) W has smaller range than E and Q and often in order to hit it you will need walk near the enemy and you don't want to do that because it's needlessly dangerous and also you can just miss it which is especially bad because 2) W uses a lot of mana on the last level it uses the same amount of mana as both E and Q and mana managment is very important on sion because compared to other poke champs he don't have any mechanics to restor mana (like for example xerath passiv) and also you don't bulid any items that hlep you do that other than corrupting potion. Thats why you use only E and Q because they are relatively cheap and have the biggest probability of hiting your target from safe distance. Thats why you shouldn't be greedy doing it. You want your dmg be guaranteed rather then a bit higher. The combo may seem to be simple and yes when you using it against for example Malphite it is pretty easy because it is unlikely for him to dodge that but things get harder when your enemy has any form of movment or cc. When you are using Q you are unable to move and also if you weren't charging it for at list 1 second you not gonna knock up your target. Wich means that your enemy have a whole 1 second to get to you and negate your poke. It may seem like 1 second is not very long but for example Pantheon W let him jump to you and stun you in less than 1 second. Another thing if you get moved, stuned or knocked up while you are charging Q it will get canceled. All this means that if you didn't charged your Q for at least 1 and your enemy closed the gap between you two you probably lost the trade. Sion is not really a great close range fighter your abilitis don't benefit you in any way for being close to enemis. Also your dmg is not consistent. So in order to kill your enemy you want to poke him low from safe range then after you get health advantage you can go for all in with your ultimate. Thats why mastering your E&Q combo is so important you need to knock up your enemy before he can do something. You need to be quick cast E on minion and immediately start to charge Q if your enemy will not react just in time you get free poke. And also if don't know when you knock up someone mid jump you will iterrupt it. And thats you main goal against enemis with movement. But in order to pull it of your timing must be on point every time. Now you may think "what about cs" well if you get good you can get all wave by just doing combo on someone because thats all it gets. E and fully charged Q take all back line minions and get front line low enough to one hit them. So if you are wining you can swiftly push wave and if you are losing you can safely farm from range. You have enough dmg to get plates after wining fight or sending enemy to base. Also if you have a lead you can go to roam with your ult. Another thing is enemy jungle. Sion don't have any movement other then ult thats why you want rely on wards so don't forget to buy pink wards. But jungler can get to you either way so you need to save flash. So use it only if you need it don't engage the enemy but if you are sure that it will get you kill do it and if you below 75% of health and you don't know were is enemy jungler go back to base but if you are above 75% health you can try and fight jungler you win against many of them especially with help of your minions. Now if situation is tough and you are surrouned in order to run you need to use ult it's not a wast if it going to help you stay alive but if there is enemy in front of you you need to flash thru him and ult other wise you will hit him. But of course sometimes your flash and ult will be on cooldown and you can be attacked while extended. In this situation the best what you can do is to attack the most squishy enemy or already hurt one because even if you die you can still kill with your passive and 1 for 1 is ok. And last thing here your gole on laning phase. The main thing that you want to achieve is to get as much cs as possible in your situation is not even about gold but rather w stacks. The amount of stacks you get from laning phase will decide how useful you will be in mid and late game. And because of that it is worth to ult back on your lane to get whole wave of minions and only that.

Mid game: Mid game on sion is all most the same as late game so you can treat this part as everything after laning phase but i called that mid game because mid game is the moment when your play style change fron poking farmer to front line battle tank. In this part of the game sion shines the most. Sion is very strong in team fights because all most all of his abilitis are aoe's and he have a lot of cc. But there are 3 states in which you may be after laning phase. These are losing winning and going even. If you are winning you should be the one to start the mid game be destroying enemy tower by your self or with help of your jungle. After doing that group with your teammates start taking objectives like dragons, barons and towers especially mid lane towers. By doing this you will force enemy team to leave lanes stop farming and fight in team fights which you want to fight a lot because yiur team is more likely to win because of your very existance. If you are losing though you need to wait and farm under tower and protect it until your or enemy team don't start the mid game themselves and after they do join your team. Now in even situation you need to make a choice. Even situation is when your and enemy tower are on similar health and when it's not certain wich of you to will win a all in or if he just fiercely defend his tower. And the choice here is to leave the lane as it is and help your team or stay and go for the enemy tower. Choice determines how low the enemy tower is if it is around two last plates you can try but if it's higher then go help your team and you will possibly go back for it later in the game. Now no matter how you get in mid game rest is pretty straightforward. You just want to teame fight as much as you can the reason for it is your aoe cc which is the most significant thing in teame fights cc win games and you are able to do your own cc chain (R+Q) which last 3 seconds (if done correctly) that you can do instantly on maximally 5 enemis and also you will do a good dmg to them.
Brusier sion vs tank sion
Well i think the biggest diffrence between bruiser sion and tank sion is dmg. Compared to bruiser sion tank sion deal no dmg. And of course he is harder to kill. But what you end up with is a guy that deal no dmg and can't be killed what is the purpose for enemy team to even attack you. You are not a threat to enemy team they don't need to attack you so all your tankynes is worthless they will bypass you kill your team and leave you at the end. When you play bruiser you deal good dmg and you are especially dangerous to squishys so enemis need to take you down early. But don't worry even if they manage to do so you still have your passive which combines better with dmg than armor. And also grasp of undying is weak in team fights and in team fights sion is supposed to be the strongest so yeah. On the other hand dark harvest is most effective in team fights. And the last advantage of bruiser sion is that you are no as dependent to your team as tank sion. You still can't carry but you can make a diffrence by your self unlike tank sion which is completely dependent of his team. I personaly think that sion don't have the right type of cc he would need to have mass silence or taunt to go full tank.
Pros nad cons
-ok laning phase
-easy wave clear
-good roam (ults)
-good scaling
-big inpact in team fights
-huge threat for squishies
-fun to play
-good range
-initiating potential

-low mana
-weak agains mobile targets
-hard to master
-mediocre passive
-no mobility
-no reall sustain
-hard early game
Very underrated rune. Works well with your play style. It's useful in poking and in team fighting as a tank. On lane when you get someone low you can you can treat the glow that it makes as a sign that it's time for all in. Well not always but if you have ult ready and you are at or above 75% hp you can treat it like that. And in team fights as a front line fighter it is likely that you will deal dmg all or at least most of enemies and every time you get takedown you will get a reset which will allow to use it multiple times in fight and you will do more dmg every time you do that. And maybe it's not dealing tons of dmg but it's easy to proc and it procs when most needed. It helps to secure kills in fights and enables you burst low or squishy target which is good because it makes enemies have to deal with you which is good because you are a tank you want to get enemies attention and take dmg so your team don't have to.
Buff to your poke dmg. You can easly proc it when you E&Q someone.
It's just free bonus ad. You will complete it really fast in team fights if not in lane.
Your ult is a very powerful tool so you want to have it ready as often as possible.
Gives a good amount of armor for free. And because you don't bulid as much armor as tank you want any armor you can get.
In this bulid hp equals dmg and after buffs this rune is worth playing.
League of Legends Build Guide Author kubsak26
kubsak26 Sion Guide
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Dark Harvest Sion. Stacking, pokeing, sion.

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