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Aatrox Build Guide by Jeitsu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jeitsu

Definitive Guide for Jungler Aatrox | Patch 6.16

Jeitsu Last updated on August 16, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Before starting i'm going to introduce myself, I'm Jeitsu, from the EUW server and im 22 years, I'm not a professional player, or diamond, or platinum, I'm a low gold player ... then ... Why are you doing this guide noob?
I admit that im not plat or more because I'm not too good in terms of skill, but i'm one thing that im proud of, I'm an engineer.

And what if you're an engineer?

Engineering has led me to be an objective and critical person, since this game are nothing more than math and numbers (apart of the skill and team tactics), I'm a machine of builds, runes and masteries. I have them calculated from all angles, i have calculated from the damage that a certain combo does to how much you heal after x time for the lifesteal effect, as well as basic and comparing statistics between different items in different situations and against certain generic enemies. I love it all calculated as mathematics never betray me.

I'm thrilled to share this knowledge with the community and thus make this guide to this great champion Aatrox, one of my favorites and with whom I have honestly earned my master seven. I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading.

Sorry for my bad english.

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Aatrox does not require an excessive amount of CDR because it is a champion based on auto attacks that scale well with attack speed, attack damage and impact effects.

Quintessence attack speed and no marks: If we used Quintessence attack damage and attack speed marks would obtain 15.3% of AS and 6.75 AD, while the actual configuration have 13.5% AS and 8.55 AD. On the other hand we could use marks of as and quitaessence of lifesteal.

I use to go for AS marks and Lifesteal Quints.

We do not use life per level or flat life because Q and E skills cost percentages of our present life, are not efficient. It is more efficient to use armor and magic resistance because the enemy will cost more to take away every point of life while the amount of life that we heal ourselves depends on our ad, not our maximum life.

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For the masteries we have:

Fury - Increased attack speed, which means a third core each less time.

Double-edged sword - Although we receive more damage, that 3% extra damage will make us even heal more with the lifesteal that we will buy.

Vampirism - 2% heal of all dmg dealt low the cost of his Q,E and W. Thats great on him. By the other side, the 1,35 multiplier increases all this heals. Its a better choice than 15 useless ap.

Oppressor - Since it is a champion with a hard late game, I prefer to boost a little his early game with 2.5% extra almost permanent damage, as it has slow in the E and knock up in Q.

Hammering blows - As is obvious.

Fervor Combat - Thirst of warlord can be used, but we will choose fervor combat because this additional physical damage also we will heal with the lifesteal that we will buy, as explained below, on the other hand if the enemy is smart and buy morellonomicon, you almost won't have maestrie.

Unbending - Aatrox is a champion that does not require regeneration or sustain life in jungle by his third Q and if something tank mounts, better resistance scale flat lifeless.

hard skin - will give us more resistance.

Runic Armor - Works as a multiplier of healing and lifesteal x 1,08

Perseverance - Since our W heals us the triple if we are under 50% of our lives, we are interested in that margin some extra life regeneration to hold us alive between auto attacks, total 200% regeneration of basic life to be under 25% of your life means in Aatrox a total of 151 extra life every 5 seconds is added to the regeneration given by the spirit visage, it is more than people think.

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Skill Sequence

Little to say about the skills, maximize the W and at level 4 we can face the first dragon in 1 vs 1, this is my biggest secret in jungle with Aatrox since dragons have become so important in the final outcome of a game.

No one is expect that the enemy jungle will 1v1 dragon at lvl 4, so won't be warded. We will start in golems, then red, birds and gank, after gank we take wolves and go for dragon.

Note: Make sure to start it with our life full, heal yourself with the lake bug before starting it and if your life falls fast don't not fear, tripling cures when you have less than 50% of your life. Dragons wind and water, best done at level 5.

We max W, then our E to prolong the duration of Slow and do as much damage, finally Q, this is left for the end because it still has the same value regardless of their level.

On Top we max E for poke, is not the case of jungle.

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It is at this point that I have more to say and what I've done most of my calculations, I will give a summary and will discuss the final results of calculations:

Blood Razor - That 4% of extra physical damage with 50% as do infinitely more damage than warrior, since his skills scale rather poorly with AD. As for the Skirmish it makes you one of the best duelists in the game (I have come to beat a Trundle with ult in 1 vs 1 in lategame thanks to this build).

Tabi ninja - Required, will be our only source of armor and more after the small buff who Riot gave to it. If the enemy has a lot CC keep on buying these boots and replace bloodthirster by mercurial Scimitar, but only in extreme cases, if the enemy uses the CC in you, will not have it for the adc, midlaner and others, you revives with passive and worth.

Blade of the ruined king - Is the core item for Aatrox, i have calculated that this item does more damage that bloodthirster whenever the target has more than 900 life, that is, always.

Spirit Visage - Second core item with Aatrox, we always need some life, gived us by this item, 55 magic resistance, 10% cdr and what does it core, 25% buff to healing, which involves this? together with runic armor we will have a multiplier 1,25x1,08 = 1.35 for all healing, W and lifesteal, that is, with our build will have a total of lifesteal:

(4,5+2+10+15+15)x1,35 = 62% lifesteal

Brutality, we will heal 61% of all the damage we do, without the W. With this ittem you are impossible to burst. You can replace this item by a Randuin's omen if the enemy is full ad.

Death's Dance - we could ask ourself: Why a Death's Dance and not a BloodThirster?, the answer is simple: the lifesteal isn't applied to all fisical damage, included impact effects according to the wiki, ie with Death's Dance you will heal, in addition to the damage done by your auto attacks, the damage inflicted by bloodrazor, and of course, botrk (10% of the maximum life of the target as impact effect) the damage the fervor of combat and low the Blood Price (W) cost.

The Black Cleaver - Now we are going to prove that you can heal the same with a black cleaver and with bloodthirster as last item, even hitting a adc, Why? simply because the lifesteal is calculated to damage received by the enemy and not the damage done by you, by reducing their armor by 30% you will inflict large amounts of damage and thus steal more life even with lower % of lifesteal, Moreover, the 300 of extra life will make us more difficult to burst, so we are more likely to heal while under 50% of our maximum life. Finally im going to show you some calculations that prove this for the skeptics:

Target 1: 4000 hp armor 140
Target 2: 3000 hp armor 200
Target 3: 2000 hp 88 armor (ADC)

Build With Bloodthirster as Last Item

Maximum Life: 1983+500 = 2483
Armor: (89+9+30)x1,05 = 134
Magic Resistance: (53.4+27+55)x1,05 = 142

Attack Damage: 115+25+75+75+30 = 320
Attack Speed: 0,651x (1+0.14+0.04+0.51+0.55+0.6+0.5+0.4) = 2.45
Lifesteal: (4.5+2+10+15+20+15)x1,35 = 90%

Damage inflicted to the target 1 in 5 seconds: (320+14x8+4000x0,1) x2,45x5 = 10192 -> taking into account their armor and our 7% penetration -> 10192-10192x ((140-140x0,07) / (140 -140x0,07+100)) = 4427 Real damage to the target 1 (kill him).

Damage inflicted to the target 2 in 5 seconds: (320+14x8+3000x0,1)x2,45x5 = 8967 -> taking into account their armor and our 7% penetration -> 8967-8967x((200-200x0,07) / (200 -200x0,07+100)) = 3135 Real Damage to the target 2 (kill him).

Damage inflicted to the target 3 in 5 seconds: (320+14x8+2000x0,1)x2,45x5 = 7742 -> taking into account their armor and our 7% penetration -> 4258 Real damage to the target 3 (you kill 2 times).

Total healing for hitting the target 1 for 5 seconds: (320+4000x0,06)x2,45x5 = 6860 -> 2980x0,9 = 2682 / (14x8+4000x0,04)x2,45x5 = 3332 -> 1447x0,3x1,35 = 586 / 2682+586 = 3268 -> Adding cures W (these to less than 50% of life) -> (40+(320-115)x0,25)x3x((2,45x5)/3)x1,35 = 1509 -> 3268+1509 = 4777 total life you heal hitting the target 1 for 5 seconds (1.9 times your life bar).

The rest of heals against targets 2 and 3 are irrelevant because the objective is to demonstrate that it is more efficient in Aatrox Lord DOMINIK than the BloodThirster and heals you even more.

Build with Black Cleaver as Last Item

Maximum Life: 1983 + 500 + 300 = 2783
Armor: (89 + 9 + 30) = 134 x1,05
Magic Resistance: (53.4 + 27 + 55) = 142 x1,05

Attack Damage: 115 + 25 + 75 + 50 + 30 = 295
Attack Speed: 0,651x (1 + 0.14 + 0.04 + 0.51 + 0.55 + 0.6 + 0.5 + 0.4) = 2.45
Lifesteal: (4.5 + 2 + 10 + 15 + 15)x1,35 = 63%

Inflicted damage to target 1 in 5 seconds: (295 + 14x8 + 4000x0,1) x2,45x5 = 9886 -> Applying armor and penetration of 30% + 7% = 37%, however that would be with the 6 loads, starting from 0 would have an average penetration of (first 6 hits 15 + 7 = 22% average; 6 last hits 30 + 7 = 37% on average) so we have an average armor penetration of (22 + 37) / 2 = 30% -> 9886-9886x ((140-140x0,3) / (140-140x0,3 + 100)) = 4993 Real Damage to Objective 1 (1.25 times you kill him).

Inflicted damage to target 2 in 5 seconds: (295 + 14x8 + 3000x0,1) x2,45x5 = 8661 -> Applying armor and penetration of 30% -> 8661-8661x ((200-200x0,3) / (200-200x0 , 3 + 100)) = 3609 Real Damage to Objective 2 (which kill 1.2 times).

Damage inflicted on the target 3 in 5 seconds: (295 + 14x8 + 2000x0,1) x2,45x5 = 7436 -> Applying armor and penetration of 30% -> 7436-7436x ((88-88x0,3) / (88-88x0 , 3 + 100)) = 4602 Real Damage to Objective 3 (which kill 2.3 times).

Total healing hitting the target 1 for 5 seconds: (295 + 4000x0,06) x2,45x5 = 6554 -> 3310x0,63 = 2085 / (14x8 + 4000x0.04) x2,45x5 = 3332 -> 1683x0,3x1,35 = 682/2085 + 682 = 2767 -> Summing cures W (these to less than 50% of life) -> (40 + (295-115) x0,25) x3x ((2,45x5) / 3 ) x1,35 = 1406 -> 2767 + 1406 = 4173 total life you heal hitting the target 1 for 5 seconds (1.5 times your life bar).

We can see that we heal ourselves a total of 604 life less with a Black Cleaver than with a bloodthirster as last item in exchange for inflicting 570 additional damage to the target and have 300 extra life, so it is mathematically demonstrated the superiority of the black cleaver against any other object 75 AD in Aatrox, he scale better with armor penetration than with physical damage, penetration allows you deal greater amounts of damage, and even with less % of lifesteal, it lets you heal similar amounts of life. This can be extrapolated to the ADC.

Our build is justified, this is the end of the guide, now i let you like it or coment here down if you consider. Thank you very much and i hope you like it.