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Udyr Build Guide by CGS Digimate45

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CGS Digimate45

Deleted and Old Build

CGS Digimate45 Last updated on January 20, 2012
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This is my first build so I hope you enjoy it. Leave any criticism on what I did wrong if you have any of it (even if its grammar mistakes), this build works for both 5v5, and 3v3. And thanks to you for checking out my build, "Udyr, the Demented Beast". This guide should teach you the steps and techniques to play an offensive Udyr. But remember, Udyr has more than one build, so experiment a little.
WARNING: This build is not recomended for people who are new to LoL, don't like right clicking a lot, do not have a mouse, are against tigers in every way possible, and don't like to see lots of miniture pictures. :)

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Pros / Cons

• Strong melee AD
• Great chaser
• With Ghost+Bear Stance, you're almost uncatchable
• Great ganker
• A great stun every 6 seconds, Bear Stance
• Lifesteal and manasteal with Turtle Stance!
• CC can get Udyr killed 40% of the time
• Right click champion, meaning way different play style and no range on abilities
• A Udyr with a bad EG can throw off his game
• You have no use playing if your team can't initiate correctly

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Why Laning?

Simply, why not? If you want to jungle, play Fiddlesticks or Warwick. Udyr is better off laning since he can do best by having the upperhand in lane dominance, getting more kills in early game means he can dominate even faster than before (not that he doesn't dominate already:).

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For masteries, I run a 21/0/9 build with a point in For the extra 7% movement speed so I can get in and get out with ease. The 21 points in Offense all contribute to Udyr (except maybe the point in AP/lvl). Why didn't you get the MR and dodge in Defense? Because, 15% longer red and blue buffs means longer time you can slow them down, more mana per second so you can stance dance longer, and more CDR so you can stance dance even faster, is better than 6 MR and 2% dodge chance (he already gets a free 9% anyway).

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First you start out with Boots of Speed, 2 Health Potions, and a Mana Potion. Then when you have about 1250 gold, go back to the base and grab Mercury's Treads and a Long Sword, building up to Madred's Bloodrazor so you can pretty much burn down anyone who builds tanky with HP and armor.


Grabbing a zeal first. This enables you to have to chase less, attack more, and do more, but what if you still can't chase them? Even when you pop Bear Stance and Ghost you still may not be able to catch them. BUT with Frozen Mallet, YOU CAN! This item is pure 100% beastly and awesome for udyr, 700hp, 20 damage, and a 40% slow on hit, this means that no one can get away from udyr! Even Janna! Now is where you ask yourself, can I even get more awesome? The answer is YES! You can get beafier! You can get faster!



Just build a Trinity Force, it gives you health, mana, move speed, attack speed, crit chance, PLUS bonus damage on your next attack! That means that you will be doing more damage every time you stance dance, which you should be doing. And then last but not least, you need a Stark's Fervor so you can heal yourself even more and take advantage of your excelent damage, You also get attack speed, health regen, and an aura that reduces nearby champions armor by 20!

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Greater Quintessence of Desolationx3 x9 x9 x9

This rune setup makes EG easy for Udyr. You have 16 armor pen combined from the masteries and your Greater Quintessence of DesolationGreater Quintessence of Desolation, meaning that if the target is a squishy you deal 4/5ths of their HP with a Tiger Stance Burst. Then you have another 22% attack speed, so when you stance dance, you can get up to 87% attack speed at lvl 4. But, the .15/lvl Greater Glyph of Shielding is mostly used mid or late game since the flat runes give you 13 MR. Meaning that @ level 10 you surpass them with 14 and still rising.

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My Weird Skill Sequence

Now is the part where I explain to you why I have such a weird skill sequence. You don't have to follow it. I just prefer to level Turtle, Bear, Turtle, Tiger, ect. It keeps you alive more from the way I look at it. At lvl 1 you will probally die if you get tiger first when you walk into a gank bush without a sheild. Then if you live, don't you need to get some health back? You're probally thinking "That's what you bought the Health Potion for" though. But if you live, you probally escape between 10 or 80 health. It will take forever to get your full health back! Turtle stance is the answer, LIFE STEAL and A SHEILD!
So theres my explination on why I have such a weird skill sequence.

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The Summoner Spells

Great Summoner Spells

Cleanse- The greatest spell for Udyr to have. His number one enemy is CC, so why not get rid of it? *Im chasing you, I'm chasing yo- wait, big arrow, BOOM, swirly thing, where'd you go?!?* Chasing a super fast champion is hard enough, don't even mention CC.

Ghost- Are we really discussing this? Every champion needs a way to get the kill or get out before becoming the kill.

Flash- I don't recomend this over Ghost or Cleanse but everyone has their prefrencess, I would think to just use it to initiate or get someone that just flashed into or from Baron/Dragon.

Okay Summoner Spells

Exhaust- This is basically only useful against tanks or people who can run away from you, it would be in the Great Summoners Spells, but Cleanse, Ghost, and Flash are much better for udyr than Exhaust.

Clarity- Swap this only if you have mana issues, but its only going to be used the first 5 or 6 minutes into the game before turtle outbeats it.

Ignite- Udyr already has a dot, Tiger Stance, he doesnt really need this one over some of the greater spells. But it would stack well with Tiger, all it would really do is help him steal Red or Blue buff or kill them 1 or 2 seconds faster.

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More to Come

• Mercs vs Tabis
• Stark's vs Bloodthirster
• Tiger or Phoenix?
• And much much more

I have way more Ideas to publish but I have a limited time on my hands so this is all I have so far.

Last updated 7/8/11