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Vayne Build Guide by i eat ur nom

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League of Legends Build Guide Author i eat ur nom

destroying noobs in the dark

i eat ur nom Last updated on August 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello and welcome, this is my third guide and it is for the character Vayne. Vayne is an ad carry that does insane amounts of damage but needs one of the best positioning for a ad carry. Vanyne exxels at being an ad carry due to her w Silver Bolts and her ultimate, Final Hour. Her other abilities give her utility to jump in and out of battles and escape in sticky situations.

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For runes i took attack damage reds for the damage in early game for you will lack damage if you do not proc your silver bolts constantly.
For blues i take attack speed blues due to her lack of attack speed. Some people may not know this but vayne is a champion that needs major attack speed. Reason being is for to proc her w as much as you can. (will be expained later on)
For Yellows i took armor, this maybe different to some of you, but with all ad carries i take this because unless the meta changes, you will be going against another ad carry and when there is a 1v1 between you two you may be the one to come out because of this.
For the last, i take armor pen. quints. Reason for this is early - mid game this will help a lot. shreding through all their early and base armor they get. Also late game this with Last Whisper will usually help a lot through tanks not even including your w sliver bolts.

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For masteries, i go 24/6/0. Reason i go all 24 instead of 21 is so you get the damage increase per level Deadliness with the damage dealt increase Havoc . Also just having the masteries in offense gives you more of a reason to be the ad carry. The rest of the 6 goes to defense, where they give u armor and magic resist. This may seem useless, but every single bit counts.

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For items i take the standard ad carry build. I first get a dorans blade. Then if your lane partner and you didnt die nor you guys got a kill and you just farmed, you may be able to go b and get another dorans blade. Dorans may have gotten nerfed, but it still gives good sustain power and damage. If you didnt go b for a while when you get the dorans you maybe able to get level 1 Boots of Speed, but if you have gotten more gold, then go for full boots beserker greaves. This will be your early game core. The next item you need to get is vampiric sceptor,This item gives you lifesteal and only that, but it will help you during the change from early to mid and mid to late game. The next item and major item is the Infinity Edge. This item is very important. Usually all ad carries get this item. This item give you insane damage + 25% crit chance and the best part is it gives you 50% more damage to your critical strikes. This item you must get. Save your gold if you cant get it throughout the game, make sure you get this item. The also next major item would be Phantom Dancer. This item gives you more crit (double damage pretty much), attack speed (helps you proc your w more), and movement speed (for mobility and positioning). This item is just great for an ad carry. Some people think nows a good time to finish The Bloodthirster but now is the time where it starts to become late game. People start noticing you do crazy amounts of damage and you kill everyone. So people will either try to kill you or stack aromor. This is when you get the item Last Whisper. It gives you decent damage and 40% armor penetration. so pretty much your damage is going through 40% of their armor. This will help a lot in the late game.
Then you get your The Bloodthirster and finish your build with a guardians angel.
With this build you will do insane damage while being able to sustain yourself.

Another choice you can make is to sell your boots and buy another Phantom Dancer. Or not get a guardians angel and get the black cleaver]].
^ these are builds that i have tried and worked, but i do not think the ms for the boots is worth giving up until atleast an hour into the game. These boots help you a lot with the ms which once again allows you to reposition and kill. Again i would trade the phantom for boots if atleast an hour into the game.
The other one where i trade g.a. for The Black Cleaver is not worth it due to your survivability. You will be focused down first as a main target and be killed in teamfights if not careful, a G.A. gives you one more chance to rip them up. So i would say G.A. is better off.

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence is pretty simple. Your max out your w Silver Bolts for your true damage along with the extra damage proc. Then you max out Condemn for the damage and stun it gives you.
Then you max Tumble last. Also be sure to take a point in Tumble early for it gives you early game damage and utility to dash a small space. Your ult Final Hour will be maxed whenever it can be. This is because you get a damage steroid, make it so that when you Tumble you become stealthed for a VERY short period of time (great for juking), and TRIPLES your passive Night Hunter.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells i take the standard ad carry spells, Heal and Flash.

Heal : when your dying and getting focused down use it and kill all. (helps baiting enemy team).
Flash : can get away from sticky situations very easily
Exhaust : take this if your support is dumb and dont take it or if they have a heal.
Ignite : does the extra damage and can be replaced if the support has exhaust with a heal.
Cleanse : either you take this when they have a GG YOU GOT CCED team or else just take heal.
Ghost : vayne is one of the ad carries that work well with ghost due to the speed bonus on her passive Night Hunter. you can take it but it should be a last resort. (from whats above)
Teleport : not worth it in a serious game but can be used for vayne top <-- yes it works.
Clairvoyance : NO
Clarity : NO
Surge : NO
Smite : jungle vayne? or fail csing which one?
Promote : ^
Fortify : R.I.P.
Rally : R.I.P.
Garrison : **** DOMINION

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Vayne is an ad ranged with a short range but deals massive ammounts of damage. She maybe bad in the early game but she is the late game queen. If you have a Vayne on your team, protect her and you will get a free win. As Vayne play as a normal ad carry would, farm up get gold buy items and kill everyone. Do not go in fights alone and do not go in first. Ask your jungler for red buff for it will help you a lot. Their ad carry will start doing massive damage too, as Vayne you can be very sneaky and pick out the main targets you wish to kill and make pretty fast work of them. If playing against Vayne, shut her down early game, zone her out so she cant get any farm nor kill. Also late game SHUT HER DOWN FIRST no matter what the cost is. If all is done correctly, by now, you should be killing whoever stands in your way to the enemy nexus.

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Pros / Cons

pros> 1. True damage proc
2. tumble for getting in and out of battle (repositioning)
3. ult can make you invisible
4. push back people
5. one of two ad carry with a stun (other one being ashe with her enchanted crystal arrow
6. your passive is great for chasing champions
7. ultimate + passive = your ulting as yi when chasing

cons> 1. no real get away like Corki , Graves , or Ezreal
2. has almost the least health pool in the game
3. gets focused down real fast
4. need to wait for the third shot when procing her w Silver Bolts
5. tumble can't go through walls
6. her stealth duration is way to short
7. short range

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Team Work

I've been noticing some league of legends players lately.. THAT DONT PROTECT THEIR AD CARRY, GUYS if your not the ad carry PROTECT HIM and you get a free win. please, and if you are the ad carry tell your team to protect you at all cost and rip the enemy up by right-clicking all day.
ALSO do not go like this : IM THE AD CARRY I CAN GET A PENTA KILL IN A 5V1 <--- you will die.

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Unique Skills

I think her most unique skill would be her w Silver Bolts. Shes one of the only ad ranged that has true damage from the enemies maximum health besides Kog'Maw and Varus. Shes also the only ad carry that can be stealthed for a short time besides Twitch. Her kit just makes her a crazy damage dealer while being very sneeky picking up her targets.

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If everything was done right and you followed my guide, you can do this :

This was my vayne guide, hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading :D

happy hunting! (for teemos) :D