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Fiora Build Guide by Vicktorique

Top ~=[Diamond 1.2Mill Fiora OTP] Vic's IceBlue Build

Top ~=[Diamond 1.2Mill Fiora OTP] Vic's IceBlue Build

Updated on April 29, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vicktorique Build Guide By Vicktorique 3,807 Views 0 Comments
3,807 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Vicktorique Fiora Build Guide By Vicktorique Updated on April 29, 2023
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Runes: -[Best Rune Page For This Build]-

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Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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< Go-To Summs >
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



= > First/Second Backs < = (Prioritise Damage Item Before Tear)
= > First Back 01: (Bad/Early Base)
= > First Back 02: (Decent Base)
= > First Back 03: (Best Base)
= > Core Three Item Builds < =
= > Final Two Items < =
= > Final Two Items AD [Notes]
= > Final Two Items AP [Notes]
= > Final Two Items MixedDMG [Notes]

Ability Order =- Really Nothing Better -=

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

~=[Diamond 1.2Mill Fiora OTP] Vic's IceBlue Build

By Vicktorique
= > What Makes This Build Better < =
= > So Why Should I Use This Build?
From; 70%-90% Tenacity/Slow Resist, Holy Trinity Of Damage [Shock/SpellBlade/Mist's Edge], Top Tier Teamfighting, unstoppable Split Pushing, Powerful Early Game, Insane Late Game, Stomping On Fed ADC's and Squashing ROA-Tank Mages, this build does it all, and here's a breakdown of how each item works.

Gold Is For Important's Allowing For Skim Reading.
Pink Is a summeraisation of the topic above. For best results I recommend really understanding why we build such items, so I suggest reading Gold.

= > IceBorn Gauntlet
This Item is the core piece to this build, let's first talk about it and then we will compare it to other mythics.
Firstly, 50 Armour feels great early on; 1v1ing enemy top, vs assassins mid, or AD junglers, with early skirmishes, especially at drake fights. Even if your bot feeds and fed ADC doesn't have the items to deal with 50 Armour and 400HP champion, so you can garunte drake fights with this item alone.

Now the biggest benefit: SPELLBLADE 100% Base AD damage, is nice damage on a tank item that scales with level as that's when you gain more base AD. A LARGE AOE Slow Field, is basically a Stronger Stridebreaker Effect as its every 1.5s cooldown, then the slow is increased on the intended target, so now, you have insane stick on an ADC and any enemy champion but this is especially good against range champions who try to kite you, one Q and they can't rely on kiting anymore, not even flash is enough. This is incredibly good in the meta where ADC is strongest it's been for a long time and Drakes literally determine the majority of games. Amazing for kiting fights as well, like 1v1ing Tryndamere, Riven, Camille, Darius, etc.

10% DAMAGE REDUCTION... As you can see as a stat on the item during the game, it shows you how much you reduce, this really stacks up alot, great against carry champions and again, adc's who have the highest DPS you are now reducing an ADC's effectiveness against you by 10% with damage reduction It's even good against fed AP mages, especially burst mages, like Syndra, now can't burst you down as easily, and you don't even have magic resistance yet. So what chance do AD champions have if AP champions can't burst you, when you also have 50 armour.

Mythic Passive 5% slow resist and Tenacity along with 50HP This makes your teamfight insane when paired with unflinching and legend tenacity and mercs, you can easily stack up to 70%-80% tenacity, which reduces Fiora's biggest teamfighting weakness to NULL Her weakness has always been, one CC and you get bursted, now, CC does nothing to you, so just walk through it like a tank and one shot the opponent.

This item makes you very tanky, reduce incoming damage of a specific target by 10%, slows your target indefinitely, so they can never escape or kite you, gives you spell blade procs every 1.5s and gives you a immortality to Fiora's biggest weakness being CC.

= > Ravenous Hydra: A well-known item on Fiora and is usually bought first or second, because it provides all the stats Fiora needs and solves her largest weakness being her wave clear. This plays the same role here as in all other builds, it provides you with all your wave clear needs, along with lifesteal, high AD and haste.

Solves the wave clear problem, gives healing and very high AD especially after becoming AD Mejai.

= > Muramana:
This item hasn't been used by Fiora players frequently since before the item rework, because it takes too long to obtain and by the time its stacked, the game is over. Let me explain why in this build, it's perfect.

Firstly, an early Tear prevents the need for prescence or manaflow, so instantly you can take a more fighting or lane focused rune. NEVER complete Manamune 1-2 item, the chances of having it stacked is incredibly minimal, and you don't need more damage 2nd item with this build, you have Hydra/Conq they can provide all the AD by themselves. Even if you get 250-300 stacks on tear, finish your Gauntlet first ALWAYS. So, now you have your tank mythic, that doesn't provide AD, so finishing Manamune will give you an amazing spike for your damage, both early on and late game, this item's damage is off the charts.

With both Hydra(85) and Muramana(90) you will get about 175 AD from these items, plus a tone more damage from Shock passive, so you have basically same AD as you would building, Hydra(85)/Divine(40)/DeathsDance(55) = 180AD. Muramana makes up the same damage of building two damage items.

So being third item, really helps round out your build path, so you're never lacking damage, and you spike incredibly hard at three items, whilst also having a cheaper build path than most other champions.

Removes Fiora's mana weakness, giving her insane AD for scaling, very powerful 3 item spike and very cheap.

= > Blade Of The Ruined King [BORK]
I highly recommend this, pairs so well with Fiora's abilities, gives more healing, which applies on shock/spellblade/mist's Edge. Attack Speed feels great, great damage based on current health, makes you unbeatable in a side lane and essentially any 1v1, slaps AP mages now days, as each of their items gives them HP, especially if they build ROA.

When hitting an opponent with shock/spellblade/mist's Edge/vital/Q you won't even believe the damage it deals. Fiora has never been able to build all three passives before, because it always made her far too squishy and you would have to give up surviviability for damage which never works well against ranged champions.
But with this build, you're not giving up anything for damage, infact the item that gives you survivability, also gives you damage, Shock/Spellblade/Mist's Edge is truly the holy trinity of damage.

Incredible, Healing, Damage, 1v1/X potential, wonderful at dealing with all the tankier mages around these days, almost all mage items gives HP, ADC's these days have over 2.3k HP, wonderful dueling power. Provides the HOLY TRINITY OF DAMAGE with Shock/Spellblade/Mist's Edge.

= > Death's Dance
A go-to on Fiora, providing extra survivability in teamfights, which pairs incredibly well when you're building a tone of tenacity(70%-90%) for the unbeatable teamfight ability, gives especially extra bulk against AD champions, and makes you completely unpoppable, if you get 6 items including this and you don't win the teamfight, you messed up big time, at these 6 items, Fiora becomes unpunishable, with so much damage delay and reduction, along with outputting enough damage to pop any champion, tank or squishy.

Survivability and giving you the Fiora unpunishable teamfight experience.

= > Maw of Malmortius
If the opponents AP champions are getting fed, I suggest building this before BORK or DD, as you already have Armour and higher base armours than magic resist, so prioritising what you lack is usually better and forces your opponents to build Void Staff before Rabadons, limiting the damage the opponents do to people who aren't building magic resist yet, so it greatly benefits the team for you to build MR before anyone else on your team, it's also a powerful item with 65 AD a giant magic shield that gives healing, it's just wonderful and gives you so much survivability into AP, pairing this with DD makes you feel unkillable, but your damage will feel lower without BORK, bare that in mind, do you need to carry? or do you need to survive?

Great AP Survivability, lifesteal and massive shield to help you heal up, good item stats at 65AD, very cheap and has a smooth build path, the best counter item to magic damage.
= > Why Not Gore Or Divine? < =
= > My Thoughts About Fiora Mythic Items
They wanted to adjust the games diversity on changing what you build every game, this hasn't worked at all for Fiora; Trinity is useless as its Base AD and not Bonus AD, Stridebreaker has been gutted and provides far less than Goredrinker including just stats, not even including the active yet. Eclipse is simply not a good duelist item, though is described to be.

Goredrinker has been abused by so many champions, it's been gutted incredibly far, that its now not as good as Divine Sunderer, the truth is, Fiora has gone through almost all the mythic items meant for her to use, each one getting nerfed, then the next one, then the next, until we are now settling for all our items nerfed down to just Divine Sunderer and even that's been nerfed, but even after nerfs, it's still more usable than the other items, Goredrinker now a close second, for sustain, but truth is, the healing is simply not worth it compared to the healing from Divine and you need to think about when you're using it? So why would you take it?

All other Mythics Fiora has taken since item rework have been gutted down so much that Divine Sunderer is now the strongest mythic for us, no mythic really fits Fiora well anymore. So time to try something new.
= > Who Am I? < =
= > Who Am I?
I'll keep this short, simply put, I'm a EUW 1.2 million Fiora OTP, peaking at Diamond IV, I go by Vic, Broke into top 50 Fiora Players in EUW On LOG. I simply want to share an enjoyment for our favourite champion.

= > My Experience Playing LOL For Three Years
I've played League for 3 Years, starting off for only a quarter of the season I reached Silver 4, then Gold 2 by the end of the first year, then ended the next season Plat, having peaked Diamond IV. Now I sit around Diamond/Platinum, don't get as much time as I use to to climb higher. My average winrate with Fiora in solo queue is about 65%, so the ability to climb higher is there.

= > I Recongnise The Name Vic?
I did YouTube/Streaming for a while and managed to build a strong reputation amoungst the viewers for having a good mind for the game, winning games using just macro. And people did enjoy it, I managed to build a healthy following, especially when it comes to creating new builds for Fiora. I created some pretty fun builds.(Divine/BORK early into the item rework to help Fiora players counter what was at the time OP Bramble/Plated Steel Caps rush on every top laner).
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vicktorique
Vicktorique Fiora Guide
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~=[Diamond 1.2Mill Fiora OTP] Vic's IceBlue Build

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