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Cassiopeia Build Guide by Flexpoint

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Flexpoint

[Diamond] A Descriptive Guide to Cassiopeia Top

Flexpoint Last updated on June 28, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Cassiopeia with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Aatrox Can be easily kited once you land your Q. Just make sure to dodge his slow. If you'd like, buy a Hextech Revolver to keep up with his sustain, but you WILL NOT finish it into Will of the Ancients. Just sell it in the mid-game. If he lands a Dark Flight on you, simply press W on top of yourself, and kite. He'll have no disengage, so you should be able to kill him.
Dr. Mundo Easy matchup, basically a free-farm lane. I would suggest Morellonomicon here, but not until AFTER your core. You can def kill him pre-6 though.
Garen Not a hard matchup if you run Flash/Ghost with Movement Speed Quints. After tear, rush Rylia's and this matchup gets VERY EASY. You actually counter Garen, but if he manages to land a Q on you, RIP.
Gnar Mini Gnar has the lowest base stats in the game making him an easy target for Cass top, but if you don't put him behind somehow, he can be devastating in team fights. The trick is to all in him every time you land a Q. His E has a long cooldown, so if he uses it, you have a pretty long window to rinse and repeat. You also counter Mega-Gnar because he's a melee.
Heimerdinger Annoying lane, but you can kill his turrets pretty quickly. You ult also stuns the turrets, so remember that. Not a hard matchup, but an annoying one. Don't let him shove you in.
Nasus Your core items and kit counter Nasus. Should be a easy lane. Just deny him as much as you can. Eventually, he'll scale, but your goal is to set him back.
Pantheon I'd say Cass can counter Pantheon if played correctly because his block is irrelevant to you. Just don't ever take free Qs. Make sure you harass him every time he Qs because your Q-E-E-E combo will easily outtrade his Q. Always stay out of W range.
Poppy She's a melee so just harass her down. Her passive is annoying, so be careful when you get in a extended fight. Stay away from walls.
Rengar He deals a lot of damage, but is squishy as well. Similar to you, you just have to make sure you stay out of range of the other. He'll probably use the bushes, but that helps you more than him because you'll always know where he'll jump to (low health minion) meaning you can spam your spells on the kitty. MAKE SURE you have a ward up because you'll have your back to the river. If he ever is able to CC you or get on you, instantly flash away.
Shen Just farm it out. You can kill him until he gets Spirit Visage. Make sure he doesn't land a taunt or you'll get chunked.
Teemo If you don't take any harass early, you can all in him at level 3. You easily outtrade him. Just make sure you land a Q before fighting.
Tryndamere Your early game is about as cheese as his. At level 6, make sure you ult first and harass him down while he is stunned so that he has to use ult during the duration. After you see him pop ult, if you have enough health, chase him, if not, run like hell.
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Hi, my name is AJ, IGN: Flexpoint, and I humbly bring forth my knowledge of one of the hardest yet most rewarding champion to play in League of Legends. Cass is an incredibly high skill cap AP champion who can put out the single most target DPS in the game. She is hard to play, play against, and even harder to master because she is highly dependent on one's ability to kite and position safely. What makes her tough to play is not only her need for perfect positioning, but also her reliability on landing skill shots. One wrong move, and your DPS goes from 100 to 0. Simply missing a skillshot and wasting your Twin Fangs can cause you 3 seconds of no damage output which in turn means your death in a teamfight.

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+ Easy to farm with Twin Fangs
+ Insane burst damage all game
+ Sustain through passive
+ Built in passive gives you Deathcap Passive
+ CC Ult
+ Mobility if Q is landed
+ Element of Surprise (Cass top not really expected)

- Low mobility
- Squishy
- Will be focused
- VERY Skill shot dependent
- High skill cap

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I prefer Flash & Teleport but please do not hesitate to take Ghost or Ignite in place of Teleport .

A must have on Cassiopeia . The utility it brings so that you can Flash Petrifying Gaze is essential.

Nice to have if you want to make plays elsewhere on the map or get an early Tear of the Goddess . DO NOT teleport to bot lane or mid lane unless you are guaranteed to get 2 kills. It's not worth to give up farm and lane dominance for 1 kill.

If against heavy sustain such as , , or I would DEFINITELY take ignite. Will greatly increase your lane dominance and can give you an early kill if used properly.

Not the best spell since I buy Rylai's Crystal Scepter but if you don't want to buy the item, I highly suggest taking the spell.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Note: I take Miasma level 4. You can take it level 3 if you like, but I wait until level 4 so that I have 2 points in Twin Fang at level 3 to maximize burst.

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In ranked play, you want to try your absolute best to get ahead of your lane opponent and group once you have finished 1-2 items + boots. Zone your opponent with Miasma and get a cs lead. Farming is simple with using Twin Fang . Remember, if you are low mana, simply use Twin Fang as a last hit mechanic to gain % of your mana back from its passive. I'd start grouping once you finish Rylia's and dominate team fights from there. With Rylia's, just by simply landing a Q, you can spam E and perma-slow your opponent and cause them to burn summoner's or get caught out.

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You can use your ultimate to engage, but if you do that, you must kite back behind your tanks, so that you can't get locked down. Cassiopeia is a tank buster, so it won't be hard to kill the enemy front line. Just make sure you do not get caught and let your tanks CC for you. It's all about positioning with Cass. Remember, Petrifying Gaze is primarily used as a defensive mechanic against champions that can dive you like , , , etc etc.

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At level 1, you can choose to level up Noxious Blast for the early zone and harass or level up Twin Fang to assist with your last hitting. I prefer the latter. Granted, it puts my passive back a bit, but I think it's worth if I can lock in CS.

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During the lane phase, you have 2 options: Kill your opponent or shove in your lane so that you can roam mid and get a kill. I tend to freeze the lane so that I can bring my laner out. I've also shoved out and roamed, but I find roams ineffective until you have a few items or a mid laner with CC. It's best to just try and harass your opponent under tower with Miasma and Noxious Blast .

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This is my 4th guide, and this one has taken the longest to make. Before anything, thank you for taking the time to view this guide. I hope that this guide helps you learn things from fundamentals to lane matchups and help you master the champion. As I have said before, Cassiopeia is INCREDIBLY hard to play and sometimes you'll feel like giving up, but don't. She's GOT THE DEEPS to carry hard even if you fall behind early.
Key points for the game:

Early game)
[*] Focus on farming. I won't say to focus entirely on stacking your passive because you may have trouble last hitting poisoned minions. Once you have Tear of the Goddess , farm EVERTHING to stack it.
[*] If you have equal or more health, spam Twin Fang after landing a Noxious Blast on your opponent to chunk them down
[*] Use Miasma to zone the enemy from farming under tower

Mid game)
[*] If you have a kill or two, start shoving the lane hard and roaming mid to make plays. Catching the enemy jungle would be great too.
[*] Ironically, waiting in bushes for your top laner to walk by or jungler is a great idea to catch enemies off guard to land Petrifying Gaze.
[*] Once team fights start, stay in the back unless you have a clear Flash + Petrifying Gaze to initiate. Let your tanks do their job.

Late game)
[*] At max stacks, your power goes OVER 9000. With a built in Rabadon's Deathcap, you'll have insane AP and high single-target damage.
[*] If the enemy team is siegeing, simply spam Miasma and Noxious Blast so that you can wave clear. With Liandry's Torment, you should be able to clear.

Again, thank you very much for reading my guide, good luck, and if you have any questions, DO NOT hesitate to ask in the comment section OR stop by my twitch at and ask there. I usually stream for 6-7 hours a day, so you can def find me.