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Fiora Build Guide by Freddy Murderah

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Freddy Murderah

Diamond Fiora Guide Solo Queue

Freddy Murderah Last updated on August 15, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction To Fiora Solo Queue
Hi guys and welcome to my little guide on how to Solo queue your way to Diamond, or get yourself out of ELO hell.

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Pros / Cons

Heres a quick overview of why Fiora is BEASTMODEEEE:

[*] Can be a really powerful assassin.
[*] Will nearly always win a 1vs1 when split pushing.
[*] Can clean up and turn the tide of a fight.
[*] Can draw attention away from your mid and adc
[*] Can play a variety of roles and snowballs extremely hard

[*] Timing Timing Timing! Get the ult wrong and suffer the consequence
[*] Reliance on communication and vision is paramount, and sometimes annoying
[*] No ult = dont engage, this can be fustrating for the other members on your team, and the enemy team can exploit it.
[*] No escape when getting ganked, apart from ulting or having enemy minions to Q away to.

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No Boots?

I know A lot of you have probably noticed that I hardly ever buy boots. Now I do this so I am able to gain more early game damage, as nearly no one will be able to out damage you if you skip boots. Plus her Burst attack speed + BOTRK negates the fact you don't have boots. But feel free to try it out or buy them for yourself if you are used to that playstyle.

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Skill Sequence

Now for your rotation its "Burst of speed(E) - Lunge 2x(Q) - Parry (W) - ULT(R) (to reset parry cooldown and hopefully gain a burst of speed proc)"

Burst of Speed (E)
Lunge 2x (Q)
Parry (W)
ULT (R) (to gain life back + get dmg off + get E PROC=refresh E)

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Now for the mastery page

    Feast + Butcher for lane sustain

    Fury or Sorcery (you may chose yourself *own preference)

    Executioner + Dangerous Game = A MUST (If your ult kills = free lifegain for you)*get out of jail free card for igniters*
    Enchanted armour (late game armour/magic resist items)

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What you need to watch out for when playing as Fiora:

If you use your ultimate during a stealth animation (Eve,Twitch & Wukong), your ultimate will go on cooldown and you will stand in the last position where Fiora saw the stealthed enemy, BUT you will deal 0 damage. Be aware of this!

Your ultimate will make you untargetable similarly to Vlad's pool, so DOT's will still damage you when you are in your ultimate. This is useful for knowing if you have been ignited or if Malzahar has E'd you.

You have NO escapes! This makes it important to have good map awareness and utilize your warding trinket whenever possible during laning phase (especially top).

Prior to level 6 your focus should purely be on last hitting. Once you reach level three you can attempt an "all in poke" which is basically using a combination of Q-W-E to get some damage out on the enemy and using parry on the way out or on the enemy's empowered autoattack to negate the damage.

Fiora is a super super hard glass cannon, and the untargetability and lifesteal allow her to make super aggressive plays. By using the build suggested on this page, you can build lifesteal to a point where you can negate damage done by champions if you are close enough to autoattack. This means that hard CC and silencing are really destructive because it prevents her from using her Lunge to get close enough to lifesteal. This means you will die before getting off any serious damage. QSS doesnt really negate this either because you arent tanky enough to survive to get your ult off.

Fiora's ultimate is her main bread and butter in teamfights:
It presents an opportunity for your team to fight
It can deal ridiculous amounts of damage

It has some weird drawbacks:
If you need to assassinate an ADC or MID and they are heavily grouped with their team, then your ultimate is more likely to have a single proc on each champion, rather then the full 5 procs on one champ, which means you aren't fulfilling your job as an assassin. To counteract this, attempt to position behind the enemy team or out of sight before engaging, otherwise they will be prepared to kill you as soon as you become targetable again.
It does not have the highest level of reliability as you don't choose where the procs of your ult are hit on. It does try to average out the hits, but you will have to estimate the radius of the enemy champion you are trying to hit so it bounces in the correct fashion.

Pantheon is a hard counter because Parry does NOT block his Q. This make him an extreme lane bully, who's close range poke cannot be reciprocated.

Your Parry spell can parry empowered attacks such as Wukong's Q and will prevent damage on things like Renekton's stun, but the CC will still carry through.

Fiora can split push like a beast, but she is prone to being kited and sandwiched extremely hard without map awareness or vision, so be prepared to go hard or go home with Fiora when pushing. On a 1VS1 she can decimate anyone but as soon as the enemy team begins responding, the rest of the team need to take objectives.

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Find me on Youtube!! *For more info*

If you guys want a little more of an in-depth guide you can find me on youtube where I have my guides on how to get out of ELO hell using Fiora. :D