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Jinx Build Guide by nasters



Updated on October 11, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author nasters Build Guide By nasters 2,712 Views 0 Comments
2,712 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author nasters Jinx Build Guide By nasters Updated on October 11, 2013
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Not the best Intro

This is my first guide, give me feedback, i mainly play MF or EZ as an ADC and i think Jinx can be a good champion as long as you save your burst potential and escape through the use of summoner spells. Jinx is powerful but is really a champion like MF with no real escape.
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Summoner Spells

I choose flash and cleanse, since she is a champ that has no escape and along CD for the "E" snare, cleanse can help to escape any hard CC, alternatively you can run ignite if you want to secure that early game kill if the other lane has no hard CC, but cleanse can be your life saver from a jungle gank or a hard snare.
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These are pretty standard runes, with some defense but going for flat damage to get the most out of the "W"
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I chose these items for overall utility and sustain. The unique actives and passives of the items chosen give Jinx a high output of damage and the ability to survive the dive champions that will be picked against her like Renekton, Jax, or junglers like Vi and supports like leona, taric, and annie.

The items will produce a cooldown reduction including the masteries of almost max at 39% CD, this will allow you to spam the long range "W" and use it liberally.

BORK, the active will allow you to duel or get out of situations to slow with your build in E and W you should be able to walk away from most ganks. If not you can also use the cleanse and flash to create space and eliminate the CC. Bork is also great as it will have an AOE passive using the Q fish rocket, this will give you huge AOE damage output on team fights and mixed with W you should be able to stay safe but do constant damage.

ELDER LIZARD, You will want to get this for the sustain, utility, and passive. The mana regen will be most helpful at early stages to either wave clear, spam W or auto attack slow, this will give you the ability to harass and have great wave clear. with the CD in place you will be able to use W more frequently.

LUCIDITY, these boots will be a must if you are hoping to land the W and spam from long distance, the distance on the W is crazy and if you land 1-2 early game the enemy will be around 50% health against standard bot lane opponents. since the distance is so great you can easily poke enemies under tower and harass from safety at dragon or any neutral camp.

Black Cleaver, this is to add some tankyness and add the passive CD. This items works well on Jinx from her "Q" passive to raise auto attack, mix with the Bork active you should be able to build stacks fast and shred through armor. This also gives you a good size of damage while helping to give you that added beefyness.

BLOOD THIRSTER, a really good item on Jinx, depending on situation you can build this before cleaver, you can build the 30 stacks fast with the rocket wave clear and have that added damage. the "W" also has a crazy AD scale so the flat physical damage done from landing a W will be massive.

MERCURIAL SCIMITAR, this item works well with Jinx to allow for some extra flat damage and escape, in the end game you will be targeted like any other adc, lacking the summoner spell cleanse this can provide that extra cleanse to get away. if you have everything it will be very hard to lock down jinx making her an escape artist, the BORK can slow, E snare, W slow, auto attack slow from Elder Lizard, Flash and Cleanse summoner spells. If used correctly and managing an assist or kill will make you virtually "uncatchable."
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League of Legends Build Guide Author nasters
nasters Jinx Guide
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