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Team Guide by Double Sb

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Double Sb

DoubleSb's General Ranked Ranged Ad Carry Guide

Double Sb Last updated on October 23, 2011
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Hello everyone, Double Sb here with a build after a very long time since my last builds.
I bring you the General AD Carry Builds I personally use in Ranked play. These are the most common picks I've seen and used throughout my ranked experience. I will go through each individual champion and their play style through this guide.

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For each Ranged AD Carry I will and only use AD/Armor Pen Reds, Armor Yellows, MR per Level Blues, and AD/Armor Pen Quints.

Why do I use these runes?
Depending on the enemy team, AD Runes will allow you the easy early game and last hitting with harassing.
You should only use the AD runes if the enemy team isn't Armor heavy/dependent.
If the enemy team is possibly going to stack armor, I suggest taking the Armor Pen because it will allow you to just go through their armor. So that early/mid armor pen will still help you in bot lane or in a team fight where Aegis or a Taric Armor buff would be useless.
Armor yellows will help you a lot against the AD bot, reducing that much damage keeping you in lane longer.
The MR/Lvl is for the teamfights and the support harass bot. Nothing to explain much about.

Why don't you pick up other runes?
You really don't need it. AD/Armor pen runes are a constant damage threat and the armor and mr/lvl will save you and protect you better in bot lane/teamfights rather than some mana regen, crit damage, crit chance, or other runes that people may pick up. The only other rune I would swap for the armor yellows is possibly Dodge, it may or may not help, depending on if their team is an autoattack team, but it usually is not. You don't need any different blues, mr/lvl will save you in teamfights.

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Masteries/Items/Summoner Spells

All generic 21/0/9 Taking improved exhaust and buff duration.
Nothing much to talk about, you need improved exhaust cause shutting down the enemy carry is that much more important. Improved buff duration so you can keep that red buff on you longer.

All pretty standard. Double Dorans for early lane sustain, rushing that Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer, except on Vayne, she doesn't need IE first, because of true damage, I rush a black cleaver for armor pen and attack speed to proc it faster.
The other items are Banshees Frozen Mallet, survivability items.
Any other item not really stated here is for variations, you can use whatever items you want there, but I generally like using the items I have set.

Summoner Spells-
Flash/Exhaust, nothing to explain, flash to run or get last hit, Exhaust to shut down enemy carry.

Why don't you take other spells such as Ghost/Teleport/Cleanse?
Don't need it. Ghost is optional, but flash/exhaust is better combo.

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Team Work/Cordination/Farming

Remember now, you are the AD carry, you will never initiate or be in the front. Your position is KEY in a teamfight, you are the difference between winning and losing a game. If you stay alive and pick off the enemy ad/ap carry you will win the fight. You NEVER EVER focus the tanks first. Pay attention to surroundings and pick off and kill enemy carries. When getting into a teamfight MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT GET CAUGHT.

In your laning phase make sure to get as many and as high of a creep score as possible. You will snowball up to the point you will be unstoppable. Creeps>Kills generally in the bot lane, but if you can get the kill get it. Make sure you try and zone out your opponent. You must try and deny their cs as much as possible without getting hurt to much or dying. If you manage to shut down an ad carry and deny their chance to farm or freefarm after that, you've successfully made each fight a 4v5.

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More In-depth Champion Playstyle/Mindset

I've classified and broken down each champion to two types of playstyles and mindsets that you should follow when playing the champion. I will add special notices to the bottom of a champ to show different variations and situational builds.

Disrupter- A disrupter's job is to displace their team and just ruin their positions and force a fight while they are trying to pick up their pants. Your objective, stop your enemy ad/ap from doing anything before the fight starts. Focus them down without jeopardizing yourself.

Vayne- Disrupter/Bruiser

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Not really the most Fancy and Showy Build, but it works, I'll continue to color code and add more sections as I go along. Feel free to ask questions and I'll either respond or add a section as I see fit.

Thanks for reading my build!



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