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Kassadin Build Guide by Barman5000

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Barman5000

DPS Kassadin Call me crazy

Barman5000 Last updated on July 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Utility: 8

Chapter 1

Hey everyone please call me crazy for trying to this and its not a joke. This build works and i was surprised. As a Kassadin player i build him AP(obviously) and he can hit hard but here is a build who that can rip faces just as good as AP.


-Its a good skill and is really great for early game and i chose it because of that. But its only for a inexperianced DPS Kassadin player. Once you get more experianced you dont need it.

- This skill saves your life so many times because since youll; be jumping in wacking faces and you have low HP its a life saver.

Other notables
- I swap this in for clarity and again its a life saver but only get it once you get the hang of DPS Kassadin.
- Great for travaling and getting into those situations where your team needs you. But i dont use it i just find heal much better.

Everything else just doesn't work well i tried cleanse and that was ok but its not needed.

I chose flat health for obvious reasons Kassadin has extremly low health but health runes will help you in surviving which is needed. I personaly dont want DPS'R runes becasue you dont need them. Ive tested this build to no end and this is what works the best.


-Kassidins greatest ***est the silence combined with exhaust a psysical champ will be useless.Awesome for harrassing and keeping your oppents at bay.

- This is your bread and butter skill. Take advantage of the bonus magic damage it gives combined with black cleaver and watch them melt away.
- Awesome for the slow and sadly since its DPS this skill has to take the fall of being last but at least you have one point in it.

- This is why Kassadin is great he can escape any situation he is put in and also pack a punch. Use it to get in the heat of the battle and escaping. Clairty does let the increasing mana cost at bay so abuse it.

Great Escaper
Really versitile
great chaser
Armor pen is out of this world

Q and E skills dont do alot of damage
has trouble in team fights

Early Game
Play it safe you are really weak and just harras with null sphere. For beginers i would recomend picking up boots and 3 health pots. For people who know how to play DPS Kasadin pick up boots 1 health pot and 1 mana pot. Farm minions and get as much gold as possible and once you have enough gold get greevs and last whisper
Mid Game
You can be more aggressive but never initiate a fight you will die a swift and painful death. Get phantom dancer and nashors tooth. Jump into the fight only when your tank is in there or more then one member is battaling. You can at this point you can 1v1 most champs because of your armor pen but dont fight them with full health because they have way more health then you do. get them at about a quarter health and you should net a kill.

Late Game
At this point you should be finished the build or close to it. This is the time DPS Kassadin really shines. You can 1vs1 almost every champ and make quick work of them too. You are still squishy because you have very little defense so always keep an eye out for ganks. You most likely wont die because you have a great blink ult to save you. Just do your thing and help your team; also dont be afraid to fight a lonely champ never underestimate your killing power

Core Build
and last ietms you should get in the build is........

Heres a list of all the items that are beneficial to DPS Kassadin. So mix and match whatever items you want and try it out. The items in the item sequence above are the items i like to use because its fast and consistent. SO GO FOR GOLD!!
- is also good for the bonus damage
- is good for taking down tanks a little easier but its kinda pricey so not the best option. but in certain situations its great
- Ultimately i opted to take this out of the build because its too pricey and slows you down. Sure the damage is awesome and the crit Chance but for the amount of gold your forking out theres better options.
- I like it i really do but magic pen is not something you need but it can help.
- Its a good item it gives some nice life steal and a pretty decent amount of attack speed.
- I love this item just because Kassadin excels at being an anti caster. 42 extra damage....YES PLEASE and the magic resit is a plus.
- I love this items and this item is always in my build because its just awesome...nuff aaid
- I like this item its kinda expensive and im currently looking at other items to replace it with. I only get it for the attack speed and crit chance. Other then that its expensive and the movement speed isnt that great on Kassadin.
- I love this item it has almost everything you need except armor pen. The mana regain is great and so is the cd reduction. all and all a good item i highly recommended it.
- This is he current item im thinking of replacing Phantom Dancer with. It kinda leans more towards a hybrid build but it gives some good deamage and attack speed. This may be in the build after i conduct more tests.
- This is also another item im currently testing as a replacement for Phantom dancer. The items itself is good but the active is really what mkes the item stand out. if you do opt to get this get it after Nashors Tooth

Last Whisper and Black Cleaver

As it was pointed out to me last whisper and Black Cleaver are working against each other. This may be true but the armor pen is too good to pass up. I do suggest however once you build black cleaver your should sell last whisper. Last Whisper is kinda of an early game item for DPS Kassadin. You can keep it because black cleaver+Last Whisper= Awesome damage but you can pick up something else if you like.

Tips and Combos
Basic combo is R+W+Q+E+R( repeat when needed) Try and string up as many riftwalks as possible and get out when you have to. Always be the last one in and first one out of a fight or else your going to die. You will net kills playing smart and stratigic.
Always help your teammates as much as you can.
Sometimes you will have to die and this is needed for your team to win as a kassadin player you cant be afraid of dying and when your time comes your time comes.
I should point out that DPS Kassadin takes alot more time and effort to play and master in my eyes DPS is alot harder to play then just full AP. It takes time so if your first couple of games are bad keep trying because DPS Kass is loads of fun.

This is the most important part of DPS Kassadin. You need a stratagy because you cant just run in and chop things up it just doesnt work. You need timing because timing is everything. Everyones stratagy will be so you can make your own and find one that fits your playing style.

Rabked Games
After reciving a cooment if this build actualy works it really got me thinking if DPS Kassadin can hold its own in ranked matchs. I played a total of 9 ranked matches and these are my results
1. 5-6-14 Defeat
2. 10-4-16 Victory
3. 7-7-21 Victory
4, 3-10-19 Defeat
5 15-7-31 Victory
6. 8-4-15 Victory
7. 5-2=20 Defeat
8. 7-1-11 Victory
9. 15-8-18 Victory
It went pretty well i was kinda surprised because i was called noob like no tommorow and still managed to actualy shut people up. So the real question is DPS Kassadin viable?. I want to say yes but since its just me testing this to the extrme it cant be determined so ultimatly i need your feedback to get a clear reading.

DPS VS AP Kassadin
I took alot of time to figure a strategy to take down a AP Kassadin if you ever manged to play a match with one. To be honest its not hat hard of task. Thanks to Kassadins pitiful armor DPS can easily rip AP to shreds. But AP can out burst you so you must be careful. Thanks to the cooldown reduction in this build you have a slight advantage as you can silence faster. SO take advantage of this and go nuts

Closing thoughts
I made this build because i found nether blade was useless when i built AP Kassadin and i think RIOT wanted something like DPS/AP Hybrid thing. At first this was a joke and then when i tryed it i got a decent score.(9-9-21) I was shocked that Kassadin did that going DPS so i took alot of time and saw my score getting better.(15-10-24) Although i get called NOOB every game or comments like" why does kass have more DPS then our Xin". I still play him because ive never had more fun playing Kassadin DPS then any other character( well maybe Magewick).My goal is to get this build to an 80% and i know it will be hard due to the fact most people dont give DPS Kassadin a chance. Please try out this build before you down vote it i know there will be some people out there calling me NOOB. But i dont care like the build name says.....Call me crazy..

Thanks for everyones support!!!

Update Log
01-08-11= Changed the items around for a more consistent setup. Added more recent ranked results. Hopefully fixed the pictures..
01-09-11= Fixed the pictures finally completely revamped the items guide. fixed some grammar issues and added a new ending line to thank all you guys. You guys really are awesome
01-11-11- fixed the late game section found it to be a bit lacking in description and detail. Also cleaned up the rest of the pictures that weren't working