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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by matraman

Dr. Mundo Resource - [JUNGLE]

Dr. Mundo Resource - [JUNGLE]

Updated on May 27, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author matraman Build Guide By matraman 9,529 Views 2 Comments
9,529 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author matraman Dr. Mundo Build Guide By matraman Updated on May 27, 2012
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Hello everybody, I am matraman, formerly known as vC Ranger on mobafire and on League of Legends. I'm not going to use my old vC Ranger account on mobafire any more as my vC Ranger League of Legends account has been banned and don't want to use the old name any longer. So just enjoy the build and please upvote as this is something different to most JUNGLE Dr. Mundo and on this I will be going through only one Dr. Mundo build.


Enjoy the build.
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Very good jungler.
Very quick jungler.
Does a lot of damage with all spells unleashed.
Is extremely tanky.
One of my favourite late game carries.
Probably a lot more pros.


You use health to deal damage.
Really bad skins.
Is a generally dumb champion.
People cry when you run into a 2v5 and leave with full health and a double kill.
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When I play JUNGLE I take the following runes:


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

But if you have more IP or already have Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed then your runes should look like this:


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

As you will be much faster and be stronger when ganking.
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For the masteries you should always take what is above; which is:

I take these masteries simply because the 9/21/0 is not only powerful but has a lot of health and survivability to it in the jungle and when ganking.
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The items are is what stated above but can be changed depending on the situation, the order of the items and what they can be replaced with depending on the situation are as follows:

Cloth Armor + Health Potion x5
Wriggle's Lantern
Sorcerer's Shoes or Mercury's Treads
Spirit Visage
Warmog's Armor or Atma's Impaler
Atma's Impaler or Warmog's Armor unless; quite clearly you got Atma's Impaler beforehand.
Sunfire Aegis
Force of Nature
Mercury's Treads swap your Sorcerer's Shoes for them, or just skip that if you started with Mercury's Treads.

I recommend the original build because it is what you will be getting in most situations. But here are the situations you will be wanting to get the other items.

The enemy has a lot of Crowd Control so you will be getting Mercury's Treads early game instead of Sorcerer's Shoes.

You are very tanky and the enemy can't do much damage yet you aren't really helping your team with ganks and team fight damage, then you will want Atma's Impaler before the Warmog's Armor.

And lastly at the end of the game if you didn't start with Mercury's Treads swap your Sorcerer's Shoes for the Mercury's Treads just for the extra tenacity at the end of the game seeing you won't need the extra cleaver damage at this time anyway.
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More Situational Items


Instead of Cloth Armor you get Regrowth Pendant and only one Health Potion, mind you you it will take longer to get Wriggle's Lantern but in the long run faster for Warmog's Armor.

Notice I skipped the Spirit Visage as you will be wanting Warmog's Armor as soon as possible, and it is not necessarily needed once you have these items.


Now you get your Force of Nature as quick as you can because it's ridiculously over powered and then end with a Guardian Angel, I mean, why not?
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Before I go through the skill sequence I'm going to go through the skills for Dr. Mundo in depth.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author matraman
matraman Dr. Mundo Guide
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Dr. Mundo Resource - [JUNGLE]

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