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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by theORIGINgamer

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author theORIGINgamer


theORIGINgamer Last updated on October 27, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
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Ferocity: 0

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 12

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

Threats to Dr. Mundo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Gragas If you See this as a support its an easy lane win. he doesnt offer much in terms of threat to you or ADC however he has a slow so be careful to not get caught out
Alistar not really any threat to you. you can just cleaver him from a distance and his heal is very minimal at best.
Galio The damage he does is strong and he can have a huge shield but hes so rarely used you dont need to worry about this guy.
Tahm Kench Doesnt really do much against you and is an easy kill since you do HP scaling damage.
Sion Hes strong against you but his Charge time is high so its very easy to escape from. Hes rarely picked so dont worry about this matchup.
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Hello i am theORIGINgamer and i play on EUW server. I am a support main and main agressive support picks Such as Mundo, Illaoi, Xerath, Galio and many others. I am unranked right now since the season is coming to a close for season 6 however im not a bad support player!

So this guide is for Dr.Mundo Support if you fancy to try him out. He can get ahead, stay ahead, and often times carry your team in ways people cannot imagine and its a much better feeling than normal since your the support role this time around!

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Pros / Cons

So the Pros and Cons of Mundo

Pros/ Can Tank Damage For Days
Damage Is Very Consistent
Aggressive play-style To suit Aggressive ADCs
Very High Health Pool and Sustainability
Good Escape Mobility
Decently Fast Wave Clear Potential
Good Poke Range
Can Roam and Solo Most Enemies
Can Peel Damage Very Nicely in Team Fights

Cons/ Doesnt Offer Much For Support Skills
Team Play Lacks Unless You Can Peel Damage
Early Game Laning can be Difficult due to a bad ADC
Can burn your hp massively during early trades
Can Easily be Caught out dead by multiple enemies
Requires Good Timing For Securing Kills

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So for the runes... there are alot of choices but these are the most straightforward for the laning phase and can help stomp early.

9 Marks of Greater Attack Damage. Gets you Early damage stacked on with your E buff.

9 Greater Seals of Armor. Flat armor is very nice for handling and body blocking enemy ADCs

9 Greater Glyphs of Magic Resist. Flat MR for handling the Supports.

3 Greater Quints of Attack Damage. More flat damage for your auto attacks and your E

you can use Health seals and CDR glyphs if you want to cast your Q more often and have a bit better sustain cause of your passive but you will lose your armor in the end of it.

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So as the Moment i write this the masteries on here are broken so i will explain them as simply as i can. you go for 0/12/18. For your keystone mastery, you can go with alot of options depending on how you play but for me i wanted tanky sustain.

I use Grasp of the Undying. this mastery is really strong in keeping you alive and bursting safe damage and sustaining mundo. Mundo passively uses his health for skills as a cost to use them so sustaining the cost is a great way to stay alive. you also deal an additional 3% damage based on your hp which can help you deal extra damage while doing what you do best. TANK.
so for the individual points, 5 points for recovery for the extra sustain, 1 point into tough skin to tank the ADCs damage, 5 points into runic armor as it buffs your passive, Q and R heal and recovery, 1 point into perseverance for the recovery once again and lastly the point into grasp of the undying. Into the cunning tree, 3 points into wanderer so you can roam faster and get back to lane faster, 1 point into secret stash for stronger potion effects, 5 points into merciless for the extra burst damage to low champions since you cant use mana and lastly a point into bandit for auto attack gold and minion kill gold.

Other masteries yo can use.

Thunderlords decree, Decent for early game burst magic damage, adds consistency to your q damage overtime but doesnt offer any sustain for you as a tank.

Ferver Of Battle. This will help your auto attacks and your E do a bit of extra damage and makes going in and killing better and easier, not like mundo has any issues with that but still helps with the damage output.

Warlords Bloodlust if your going for an AD sustain Build which is very possible since mundo is a close range fighter.

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So Itemization is pretty important in most cases but with mundo its usually the same build over and over again because its what works but there are some exceptions.

The Starting Items. When starting your match you Pick up The relic shield, 3 potions and your warding trinket.

Relic Shield is super important when starting off because of its passive. You can kill minions for your adc and get the kill gold for both you and them and keeps his CS high, as well as it heals both of you for some health and it even earns you 2 gold per 10 seconds and gives you a bit more health to pull from for your cleaver.

For your Main Core Items that will usually Be built.

Eye of the Equinox- this is your First Built Item. It gives you the gold passive like the relic shield but you get 4 usable stealh wards. Vision is key and keeping up vision is one of the main keys of winning. The item itself gives you Health, Health Regen,tons of gold and most importantly the vision passive.

Mercury Treads- This item may not seem so important since your Burning Agony Reduces the CC effects but in some cases you cant even activate your Skill to Reduce the effects so its very helpful, plus the movement and magic resist also are good, and resisting effects more is even better.

Spirits Visage- The Main Key to your Sadism. you Recover a very large amount of HP and the passive of this to increase that amount by 25% is HUGE for mundo. The Health, Magic Resist, Health Regen and CDR also makes it worth it.

Locket of The Iron Solari- this item is very situational But never a bad buy. Adds Team MR as well as the shield active can help your team win in team fights which is pretty crucial but this item is a more of an endgame choice unless the enemy team is very heavy MR based. The health, CDR and Health regen Stats are also very nice to you. However you Wont Really rush this item often times.

Dead Mans Plate- This is a very nice useful item to mundo. you get more health, armor and a a very powerful movement speed passive buff and an extra damage burst for your masochism empowered auto attacks.

Sunfire Cape- Another very useful powerful offensive item for mundo. gives health, and armor and a magic burn passive that can do alot of damage in a short amount of time. when combines with your burning agony can deal a ton of damage in a very very short time and succeed in landing you easy kills

Situational Items.

Randuins Omen- This armor item gives the same stats as the sunfire and dead mans but with a very nice team play based passive. A very strong active enemy slow as well as attack speed reduction and reduced crit damage. this item is best used verse some fast enemy teams with fast assasins or when you want to team fight and get alot of damage done in a little bit of time.

Warmogg's Armor- This is a very selfish Tank item. it gives a ton of health and an insane regen and some CDR but rarely will you build this item. it doesnt add anything to your damage, or anything for you team to make it beneficial.

Thornmail- This is great against enemy AD compositions who poke alot with auto attacks. Great against enemy ADCs and Certain AA heavy champions such as ashe, kayle, kalista, yasuo, riven, miss fortune, jhin, lucien and others.

Guardians Angel- this Item is selfish but very good. it makes you resilient to all forms of damage and makes it a waste to try to kill you. as the main tank you will be often times peeling the damage for your carries and making it a waste to kill you is a pretty nice troll at the end of the day. Killing mundo once is hard but doing it twice? HA HA HA IN YOUR FACE!

ZZrots portal- Great for split pushing, gives you good stats some extra movement speed when close to towers. helps tank damage from tower dives and gets you out faster.

Ohmwrecker- this doesn't see much play these days but it has some nice beneficial stats for mundo and a pretty nice active for tower diving. eliminates the threat of the tower for a few seconds but probably not a necessity for you.

Now for The Damage Items. These will rarely be Built as a priority but can be pretty helpful for the sustain.

Titanic Hydra- This will be the main damage item you would ever build.
The base stats are quite nice for mundo, a bit of health and health regen and a bit of AD on top of that but the main reason for this item is the passive. dealing damage based on your health means you can go super hp tanky and make it hurt.

Ravenous Hydra- Pure life steal plus bonus damage when you use your masochism for some insane extra damage. combo both of the hydras and you will be murdering more then you can imagine.

Bloodthirster- Tons of life steal and a bonus shield, not a necessity but useful item to mundo

Trinity Force-Has amazing base stats for any champion that wants to get some damage and go full tank. 20% CDR plus the bonus passives and the amount of stats are pretty nice to have.

Deaths Dance- Another Sustain item however you can benefit from your Burning Agony Aoe Damage burns and eliminate the cost of the skill as well as get a bit more CDR

Maw Of Malmortius-Great Ap Assassin counter. Gives Extra AD and some armor pen for extra damage and has the lifeline passive to protect you from magic damage and shield you from death.

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Skill Sequence

Now for the skills. Its pretty simple and straightfoward.

The Passive-Adrenaline Rush- You Regen .3% of your Max HP every second-this can be amplified by getting a spirits visage.

Q-Infected Cleaver- You throw a cleaver that damage according to your enemies HP, this skill has a really short cooldown time and can do up to 300 average damage when maxed, it is also a decent form of health sustain for mundo if you land the skill however it is a skillshot so aim is key.

W-Burning Agony- This skill is very risky to use early on. Every second that the skill is active you spend your HP however in return you get an AOE Burn damage like the Sunfire Cape but you do get a CC time reduction.

E-Masochism- your main source of burst damage, it scales heavily on AD and makes your auto attacks do a huge ton of damage. The more HP you have missing from your max HP the more damage this is going to do. At full Build you can do over 700 damage with your auto attacks at half health without any AD items.

R-Sadism- The main reason you can roam so much. At lv 3 you restore 75% of your max HP in 12 seconds. You also get a ton of movement speed and when combined with your boots and dead mans plate, you are uncatchable. The hea is Amplified by the Spirits Visage and Runic Armor Mastery Skill.

So How do you level your skills? what do you max out first? What do you start with first?

Well to start of the game Get your Q first. This is your main source of poke and trade damage which is very useful early on when you need to win your lane. This is also a source of health regen when you land your Cleaver on your target and if you can get a kill its even greater then what you had spent to cast it. The Damage is not so good at lv 1 but its enough to make trading effective with you and your ADCs damage output compared to most enemy laners. When you get this skill to lv 2 the damage is much stronger and way more effective to trade and deal range poke damage.

Take your E second. This is for trading when you need to bodyblock your ADC and take the damage off of them and deal some additional damage to the enemy wether its the ADC or Support.

At lv 3 Get your 2nd point into your Q for the extra poke damage for safe trades. the damage really adds up since this skill has a decently low cooldown time it stacks up very quick.

At lv 4 get your W. this will allow you to body block and move in for kills. Keep in mind you do burn your HP very fast at lv 4 so use this ONLY when your going in for a kill and your close enough to Auto Attack with your E

At lv 5 3rd point into your Q, the Damage starts to be significant and often makes trading go in your favor. Most Non Sustain bot lanes cannot handle the trades and damage at this point and will request a gank so its at this point you either go for a kill or back off and play passively.

At 6 your R. Its at this point when you are the lane bully. you can spam your cleaver and not have to worry about trades because you can at any point use this skill and run away and regen your health.

From here on out Max your Q when you can, then your E followed by your W and of course getting your R points at 11 and 16.

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For Spells its straightforward.

Flash- The Obvious main go to as it is your main escape and potential cathup spell for kills.

Heal- This is great on mundo due to the fact you use your HP for your skills, this can allow you to use your Cleaver more often and go for more close up pressure and stay safe while doing so since you have your flash to get your out of trouble.

Exhaust- Great for Diving a Target and Eliminating the Support from being able to help the ADC when you and your ADC go for a kill.

Ignite- Great against sustain kind of supports like Soraka, Kayle, Sona, ect, cuts healing effects and makes thier power alot weaker.

Teleport- Not a bad spell due to the fact you can get back to lane quicker if need be or get to another lane to push an objective, its not commonly taken by a support but it can be useful once you get stronger and get built up and can carry your team which is an often occurence.

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So as a support this really isnt an important topic to cover however we still should for the sake of late game when you may need to defend or push waves back or in.

Last hitting is pretty Easy with mundo. Just use your E to buff your auto attacks, also you can use your Q and a ranged last hit since it does alot of base damage, getting minions is pretty easy with mundo. If there is a group use your W and burn them down just beware of your HP and make sure to use your cleaver to regen your HP.

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Team Work

As Far As Team Work There isnt alot to discuss but there are some things to cover.

Trading Safely. Any time you go to poke and deal damage with your Cleaver make sure your target isnt paying you much attention or is going after a minion to get their Farm. The Damage is good and easy to get and safe to try to attempt it this way just be careful of your positioning when you do so you dont get poked back by the ADC or Support in laning phase or the Assassins in late team fight play.

Body Blocking. As a Tank and a Support it is your job to help your ADC wether its by keeping them alive or securing kills and winning lane. IF an enemy is goind in on your ADC Or teamates throw yourself in the way and Absorb the Damage. This reduces the the chances of them getting a kill greatly and keeps your adc in a position to trade back and help fight back.

Damage Peeling. This is similar to body blocking but by being a threat and making it hard to engage your ADC and Assassins you can make it easier for them to get into position for kills and picks and you can force the enemy into doing something foolish and get them caught out in a bad place.

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So in essence Dr.Mundo is a very Fun Champ to play in a support role. For one very few use him as a support and even more importantly nowadays hes not a strong pick so people often underestimate him and his abilities or dont even know what he is capable of. Most people overlook him and go in to the fight thinking they won and being overconfident and it makes them get selfish and make mistakes that cost them. I hope you guys enjoy Mundo and i will update this guide whenever i can. Also Thanks if you got this far and thanks to the ADCs who cooperated well in my games and lead us to the BIG V!