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Jarvan IV Build Guide by zofter

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zofter

Dragon Slayer Jarvan IV

zofter Last updated on July 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Change Log

28/6/11 - After 3 months of waiting, I finally revamped this build.

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For my father, the king

Hello everyone. My first build on mobafire is for Jarvan IV -- The exampler of Demacia.
please read this guide to its end before play, comment and rate AFTER you try it ;).
It is extremely important that you use the Dragon Slayer Jarvan IV skin, it is the key to your victory.

This guide is divided to 3 builds:
icon #1: DPS jarvan IV
icon #2: off-tank Jarvan IV
icon #3: Full-tank Jarvan IV

Good luck on the fields of justice!

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Icon #1: DPS Jarvan IV


Jarvan IV is NOT meant to be a really good DPS champion like Master Yi, Nocturne etc. But if your team got 2 tanks or off-tanks already, its the best choice. Alas, I rarely play this with Jarvan IV, since the other 2 are much more useful and effective.

Runes: I use the same formation of runes on each of the 3 builds. The reason is, that this just works. You are strong from the start.
Masteries: The tree is divided 21-0-9. As we chose to build Jarvan IV as a DPS, we will need to have strong attack power and some utilities.

Items, and play style
Early game
for the start I grab Long Sword and a health potion. Jarvan IV will start with a little bit more damage then his basic. Defensive play, last-hitting is a must, no engaging unless absolutly 100% kill. Next will be Boots of Speed, Ruby Crystal, Sapphire Crystal. This items gives him a little speed, hp and mana for the rest of the laning stage, and also prepare the ground for the later items to come. If your doing good, and managed to grab 3-4 kills already, you will also buy Phage which will be extremly useful in this stage of the game.

summery so far: you are playing with caution. you are not stronger then most DPSs, but your tough to kill and very useful in teamfight. Just dont engage alone, and youll do fine.

Mid Game
Get Phage if you didnt already. At this point of the game, your not a complete DPS and your relying on your abilities. For that reason, we'll buy Tear of the Goddess, to balance the mana issues. Its even greater if you can grab the blue buff.
Our next item is Frozen Mallet. It builds from the Phage, gives you extra HP so it wont be easy to kill you, as most other DPS champions. after it we will grab Manamune. after you buy this item, your mana will almost never run out. you will deal nice damage, with balanced mana. Our next item is Berseker Greaves. There is a reason why it comes so late - the SECURITY must go first. your now got hp, mana, and enough mspeed to run away, and its getting really late.

summury so far: you've got your HP and MANA balanced, and tier 3 boots. Its time to deal some damage.

end-mid game to late game
So far your dealing nice damage, didnt died so much and got some kills. But now, you will become a monster. You will first grav Phantom Dancer - for the greater AS and movement, which will allow you to ensure NOBODY gets away from teamfights, using Dragon Strike, Demacian standart and cataclism]. Next one is The bloodthirser - which will grant you the lifesteal you need. If you are fed, this game is now ending cause your too strong. If not, and the other team got a DPS damage machine, play still with caution, you can kill him on 1v1 but ensure that he is getting focus first in team fights.
Last but not least is Infinity Edge. after you grabbed this, you are absolutly destroyer of squishies. If the enemy got tanks with Thornmail - stay away. you will kill yourself. getting the help of your team's AP caster is very rewarding.

Jungling and warding
Jarvan IV is NOT a jungler. if your playing DPS jarvan, its not your job to get wards, so leave it to the tanks.

Summoner Spells
My primary:
# Exhaust - use it to kill or run away, dont afraid to use it on the squishis, especially in later game - cause if you cant kill fast, your screwed.
# Ignite - read exhaust.

Other useful ones:
# Flash - with the combo of Dragon Strike and Demacian standart and flash, you can get so far from your pursuer that he will just give up. very useful on kiting, and getting far enemies with low-hp.
# Ghost - I dont find it nessecary, but you can take it if you do, it got nice potential of killing usage as well as kiting.

other ones just no. you will NOT find them as useful and effective like those above.