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Draven Build Guide by macdog1

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author macdog1

Draven: CRITically Acclaimed Executioner

macdog1 Last updated on September 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is NOT a full guide. It is a mini guide explaining some of the items I like to use on Mr. Draven.

In this guide you will NOT find the following: tips on using skills, laning tips (unless specific to my items), last hitting tips, description of Draven's role in a team/teamfight, tips on warding, Draven's lore, as well as other useless information to the more advanced LoL player.

However, you WILL find: Humor (fact), Interesting (opinion) Ideas on mixing up the Riot Recommended build.

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Why Executioner's Calling?

Seriously? No one uses this item.

Well they should.

Queue the music, cause I'm about to break it down for you.

This item is TRULY AMAZING for the meager cost. It provides one of the highest lifesteal stats (only fully stacked The Bloodthirster is better in that sense).

But wait, there's more!! You get an additional 15% crit chance AND a passive that synergizes with Wicked Blades And if you call in the next 20 minutes, you will receive an active that reduces healing by 50% for 8 seconds absolutely free (and only a 20 second cooldown)!! All this can be yours for the mere cost of 1350 gold!!

Convinced yet? I thought so.

Notes on Executioner's Calling:

The passive does NOT stack, only refreshes on the next hit.

The passive will effectively prohibit recalling for 8 seconds after your last auto attack.

It will prohibit abilities like Teemo's Camouflage and Malphite's** Granite Shield from refreshing during the 8 sec duration.

Now, all that being said, this is definitely NOT a late game item. Once you buy everything else, you should sell it when you have enought to buy The Bloodthirster.

Now, THAT being said, this item hard counter's champions' skills' that rely on healing, like Volibear's Chosen of the Storm, Mundo's Sadism, Swain's Ravenous Flock, Yi's Meditate, Sion's Cannibalism etc, etc, so think twice about selling it if your team doesn't have enough ignites.

**This can effectively shut down Malphite in lane. He uses his passive to soak up damage in lane, and only goes in to harass when his shield is up. Well his shield refreshes after ten seconds of not taking damage. The passive deals damage for 8 seconds after your last auto attack. That is 18 seconds he needs to wait to refresh his shield. You will be ready for another round after 8.

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Draven's Avarice (Some Light Math)

Draven loves attention, he also loves gold per 10 and crit chance. Avarice blade makes Draven happy, and by extension, it will make you happy too.

Avarice Blade costs 750 gold and sells for 375 gold. It provides 0.5 gold per second. That means that after 12.5 minutes, it pays for itself. any time that you keep it longer than that, you earn free gold, and get some stats in the mean time.

The shop owner basically pays you to temporarily take an item off his hands.

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Trinity Force (Warning: Major Math Ahead)

Trinity Force is, like, so good on Draven, dude. He has, like, low cooldowns, and can like perma-proc TF, man.

True, but lets look at the damage. The Trinity Force proc scales on BASE AD. At lvl 18, Draven has 110 Base AD. That's an additional 165 damage every 2 seconds (best case scenario, most likely you will hit all your abilities at the same time and have to wait until you catch a spinning axe or your cooldowns refresh) . That sounds good, but let's look at it a different way:

A fully built Draven will have 250 AD (without The Bloodthirster and without AD runes), and an attack speed equal to 0.679 Base AS*(1+(18*2.6%AS/lvl)+81% from items) = 1.55 attacks/sec (Not including Blood Rush.

Now we can add in the extra damage: 1 Spinning Axe proc: 250*(.085) = 213 damage (not including DoT)
Plus your Blood Rush brings your AS up to 1.81 Attacks/sec = 909 damage in two seconds.
If we factor in criticals, 3.6 attacks * .7 crit chance*250 AD*1.6 Crit Damage= 1018 ADDITIONAL damage.

So in two seconds you can expect to do 213+909+1018 = 2140 damage before armor mitigation. That's more than a TON of damage (1 damage = 1 lb, duh).

So, that TF proc really doesn't add much. Plus you lose out on some movespeed, a lot of health, and you can't perma-slow the enemies "a la Ashe".

Now, TF takes up only ONE item slot, which you can use the extra one to build Guardian Angel, so when you're losing (it happens to everyone sometimes) that could be the better choice.