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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deeer

Draven - Th.. Wait where did his hp go? // UPDATING!!

Deeer Last updated on June 17, 2012
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Hey Everyone! Welcome to my first guide in Mobafire!Draven is Ad carry Champion who is new to League of Legends.There are not many guides so I decided to put my guide in it here in hope to help the players who use Draven!

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Why no Magic resist? Well i dont think draven need it he have enough hp with the , so he dont need magic resist.By the way you get a little bit resistance from .Why so much attack runes? Spinning Axe adds 45% of your damage to your Attack that means if you have 80 attack with level 3 (as example, this doesnt have to be real.)you get 44 damage from your Q-Skill you deal about 150 each hit (with passive). That's really much damage early game it and damage runes are perfect for this.

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Pros / Cons


+ Great Champion in Early/Mid/Late Game!
+ Passive is a mini ignite
+ is funny to play with no other Champion has it
+ Globe Ultimate
+ Deals tons of Damage Late Game
+ Fantastic Chaser


- Extremly Squishy
- CC will destroy you
- Have to learn how to play with the
- Hard to keep in Team fights
- Expensive Items

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Skill Sequence

Deadly combination with + Critical hit your enemy will die after a few seconds!

Just max this as fast as you can.Without this Skill Draven is just a nothing.Will deal much damage late game.Cooldown reset after catching.Only good things about that skill.

Second skill that you do level 5. Great Combination with if you catch it. Your enemy can't escape from you!

Great Slowing Skill.Too long cooldown.Good damage at level 5.No reset and costs too much Mp.I dont use it often, I think just to open the fight or escaping.Not a good skill,but it's not that bad.

Enemy: Escaped that damn Draven he can't get me behind 2 turrets now I'm going to base.But dafuq is coming there?! Enemy dies. That's what happen, if the think he is safe at a turret with low Hp.But he won't escape that skill.It's just a fantastic ultimate with great damage.You can use it in a hard 1vs1 too.Just press R 2 times in a 1vs1 and he will lost 25% of his health.It's not true damage but it have a ******* great range.

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I dont think I need to say something about it.
Just use them.

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You start with not with boots.

Why no i cant throw 2 axe's at once ??

You dont need it just only throw 1 and catch it always you need the 10 Attackdamage and the 80+ Healpoints are great for Draven.

After making you need . If you had a bad early game with no kills or you get killed too much get first (if you don't have enough money for ).

is just a perfect item for Draven the best thing about is, that it can Critical Hit!! I think he is the only Champion with GP, who can critical hit with their skills.

Now you need some Attack speed and you dont have enough critical chance yet.It's time to get .This is the best item after .You get enough Run- & Attackspeed for 2x . Your Critical Chance is about 50% you will F*** up the enemy's life!

Now it's time to get some Lifesteal.Just buy and turn it later to a .With that attack speed you will always have almost full Hp.So it's a good choice to buy that as third item.

You have not enough hp?

It's time to buy .I don't buy it as the last item you will need Hp or youre just too squishy and the passive is just hilarious.You will not die after this item!

Time for the last item!! Just sell your .If you have no problems with killing or getting killed just buy .Now you kill even faster then before!!

If your enemy uses against you just buy as last item . It's the best conter against it.

The enemy have only ad Champion's? Buy .You can buy this instead of and then buy as last item .

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Summoner Spells

Great damage with passive.But you don't need it really.

Fantastic to escape or don't letting escaping.I think one of the best summoner spells for Draven.

Don't let him hurt you and keep distance with that spell and he cant escape.

I don't like the other spells for Draven just only use these.But it's only my opinion.

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My Games

Those are my last games.I will post more! Just give me some more time!

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Fan Games

Just message me, upload your games.I will take them here !

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Last Words

This is my first guide ever.Please give me a chance and only vote if you tried it.I would be happy about a comment how you think about this guide.