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Tryndamere Build Guide by rangekou13

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rangekou13


rangekou13 Last updated on August 25, 2013
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Hello there, this is my first guide on MOBAFIRE and why not make it about my favorite champion; Tryndamere. This guide is not going to be too in depth (maybe my guides later on will be.) but it will still hold some valuable information that can very well be useful. Tryndamere can easily dominate top with his sustain and and dueling power.

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Any news / changes to Tryndamere or to the build will be displayed here.

(08/25/2013) Added a new life steal build to top lane.

(08/25/2013) Corrected some spelling.

(08/25/2013) Added some hyperlinks.

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Pros / Cons

Tryndamere can easily zone enemies that are melee with his incredible critical damage and his sustain.

Tryndamere can deal high amounts of critical damage with this build. By late game, he can 2-5 hit a ranged ADC.

Tryndamere's Bloodlust ability gives amazing sustain all throughout the game with its healing potential and relatively short cooldown (12 seconds.)

Tryndamere's Spinning Slash is great for catching up to opponents and escaping via going through MANY walls and obstructions.

Tryndameres Mocking Shout is great for chasing down enemy champions with or with no escape, combine that with exhaust and Spinning Slash. It's a very strong item. Especially when it lowers their physical damage.

Tryndamere's ultimate Undying Rage is a very good ultimate if used right. It makes him one of the only champions that doesn't need to build tank items and still be tanky whilst dealing high amounts of damage all throughout the game.

Tryndamere's ultimate can be activated during any crowd control including stuns and silences.

Tryndamere can not be tower dived once he hits level 6. (If ultimate is used correctly with right timing...)


Tryndamere is highly vulnerable to crowd control spells.

Tryndamere is not the best laning against ranged opponents during laning phase. Especially when under level 6.

Tryndamere is highly vulnerable to burst damage.

Tryndamere is still very squishy even with his ultimate that makes him invulnerable.

Tryndamere needs to have high farm (140+ by 20 minutes) or needs to be fed with kills.

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Team Work

Team work is key when playing Tryndamere. Especially communication such as MIAs. Tryndamere's power comes from his assassination abilities after team fights, dueling and split pushing. Even when building him with critical strike, he still does a ton of damage to towers. To split push effectively, your team needs to pressure their lanes. If you are the only one pushing and everyone else is defending. Chances are that you are going to have to 1v5. If that does happen. Tell your team to get Dragon, or if you are pushing bot lane. tell them to get Baron Nasher ASAP (If possible.)

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When farming in laning phase. You have to understand how to zone out the enemy top laner as much as possible. FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW HOW TO ZONE: All you need to do is stand at their ranged minions and attack the enemy champion if they try to kill a friendly minion and DON'T PUSH! If you are zoning, it is important you do not push. If your minions get to their tower, they get free farm because you won't be able to zone as well as you could before.