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Ezreal Build Guide by Cologn3

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cologn3

Early Game AD Ezreal Ownage !!

Cologn3 Last updated on July 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First I have to say that this guide is based on Win10cent's AD Ezreal!
If you want to see him playing Ezreal check this out:
Live stream:

This guide is about heavy early game harassment which normally ends in kills and helps you out late game a lot! If you want to dominate early game you really need to play offensive, like you can see in Win10cent's videos. Otherwise this is not the best guide for you! :)

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Pros / Cons

- Great early game damage
- Spammable skills
- "Wow"-Moments with your Ultimate
- Nice escape (Arcane Shift)
- Fun to play

- Squishy!!!
- Mana issues if not used correctly
- No CC
- Vulnerable to CC
- One of the first targets

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I think there are lots of ways to go for but I think this is the best one for great early harassment:

This gives you nice damage and some resistance which is very useful if you play offensive.

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6xGreater Mark of DesolationGreater Mark of Desolation

As normal for an AD Carry you take Armor Pen Marks, but only 6!

3x Greater Mark of Strength

These 3 combined with your Quintessences end in +10 extra damage at the start. Like I said earlier: This guide is about early game harassment!

9x Greater Seal of Resilience

This gives you 13 Armor from the beginning which you really need cause you're going to take some damage while harassing.

9x Greater Glyph of Warding

Like I said for Seals: You're going to take some damage.

3x Greater Quintessence of Strength

Like I said for Marks: +10 damage from start. A must have for early game harassment!

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Armor Penetration vs Flat Damage runes

Why should you take 3 flat Damage Marks and 3 flat Damage Quints instead of Armor Penetration for Marks and Quints?

The following details are from Win10cent's Ezreal guide on Leaguecraft. They show that this rune setup gives you a lot more damage early game and only a bit less damage mid/late game!

Armor penetration Quints and Marks:
Lv1=62, Lv2=65, Lv3=68, Lv4=71, Lv5=75, Lv6=76, Lv7=76, Lv8=77, Lv9=77, Lv10=77, Lv11=78, Lv12=78, Lv13=78, Lv14=79, Lv15=79, Lv16=79, Lv17=79, Lv18=80.

Armor Penetration Marks and Damage Quints:
Lv1=72, Lv2=72, Lv3=73, Lv4=74, Lv5=75, Lv6=75, Lv7=75, Lv8=76, Lv9=76, Lv10=77, Lv11=77, Lv12=77, Lv13=78, Lv14=78, Lv15=78, Lv16=78, Lv17=79, Lv18=79.

Now you can see there are more green than red fields if you choose Armor Penetration Runes for Marks and Quints but if you look correctly you can see that the difference at late game isn't that high. But if you you choose some flat Damage Runes, the difference early game is really high. So this only works if you play offensive from the start. If you start attacking your enemies after level 4, full Armor Penetration Runes are better for you.

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Summoner Spells

I searched for THE best 2 summoner spells for getting kills early game and imo these are THE best:


1. Makes escaping for your enemy difficult
2. You take less damage from them


Gets the last bit of health out of them and stops them from healing

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Skill Sequence

You should take Mistyc Shot at level 1 and from now on level your skills like this:

Trueshot Barrage > Mystic Shot > Arcane Shift > Essence Flux

Now let's get into Ezreals skills:

Rising Spell Force(Passive):
This is Ezreal passive which gives him an additional 10% attack speed for 6 seconds if his abilities hit someone. This stacks up to 5 times.

Mystic Shot(Q):
Use this skill to harass your enemies and to get some last hits. Cause of his low mana cost you don't need Mana Regen runes to use it. You just need to get into the right use of it.

Essence Flux(W):
This is your last maxed skill which scales on your AP. You only need it late game to buff/debuff the atackspeed from your teammates/enemies. So it's also used to get stacks on your passive.

Arcane Shift(E):
This skill is awesome for chasing and escaping. If some is running away from you or flashes over a wall, just use Arcane Shift and you're next to him. But if you're going to die use Arcane Shift to flash over a wall or just jump away, if there is no wall, to get a higher distance between you and the enemie.

Trueshot Barrage(R):
Imo this skill is awesome and really fun to use. It happens often when someone is running away with quite a bit of health left and you just fire your Ultimate after them and they die. It needs some time to hit like every shot but that's Ezreal: a skillshot Champ!

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Start with a Dorans BladeDorans Blade. This gives you all you need for the start:
- 100 Health: You're able to take more damage.
- 10 Attack Damage: Nice to have for early game harassment.
- 3% Life Steal: Not that much but if you're low on health just auto attack creeps.

Your next item should be Sheen (late game -> Trinity Force), which works really well with your Q!
If you got enough gold on lane, also pick some Boots of Speed.

Your next item should be Berserker's Greaves and then start working on your Bloodthirster. Dont forget to get his passive to max. It helps a lot ;)

A very good item to get then is Infinity Edge cause it gives you great damage and the passive is also nice!

Now you should be thinking about getting a defensive item. A really good defensive item to get is Banshee's Veil. If the game isn't going your way you should think about getting this earlier.


Your last item should depend on their team:
- Lots of high HP champs: Madred's Bloodrazor
- Lots of high Armor champs: Last Whisper
- nothing like this: The Black Cleaver

If feal like you need one of theese earlier then take it!!

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Early game:

That's were you're going to do great damage. Harass your enemy/enemies with some auto attacks and your Q. But please don't forget to last hit creeps. This is one of the most important things in the game. If you got an enemy quite low when you are level 2, use E to get next to them and put Exhaust and Ignite on them. Then start with an auto attack followed by a Q and again an auto attack. Now your enemy should be dead. If not, get another Q and auto attacks on him and surely he will be dead.
If your lane is pushed or no one is on your lane go to other lanes and gank. And always be sure to buy wards to protect yourself from ganks.

Mid/Late game:

If no one else needs the red and blue buff take them. They are just awesome to have. The red slows and does a bit of damage and the blue lets you spam all your sklls without getting out of mana. This is also normally the time were teamfights start. At teamfights you should never go in first. That's what your tank should do. Otherwise you will die immediately. Just spam your skills and try to get to a great position to fire your ultimate. If you see the chance to go for their squishies do it!!

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Creeping / Jungling

If towers are pushed and there's nothing to do.. Go into YOUR jungle! I don't recommend you to go into your enemies jungle cause it is too risky to die there. If you got killed earlier your stacks from Bloodthirster are very low. Be sure to get them back to max. If some action is going on at other lanes and your team can hold it try to push a lane! That means they have to come to your lane and stop you from pushing. In this time your team, including yourself, is able to push another lane ;)

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Wards and Elixirs

Never forget to buy some Sight Wardwards to protect yourself from ganks and also don't forget to ward Dragon early game and Baron late game too. And tell your Supporter or Tank to get an Oracle to clear the enemy wards to get you full vision and them none. Some other good spots to ward are the entrances to your and your enemies jungle!

If you go back mid/late game and only have enough gold for getting an Elixir of Agility or an Elixir of Fortitude get them. They can make the difference between dying and not dying. And also buy Elixirs if you have all your items and aren't able to buy something else.

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- Harass early game
- Don't forget to last hit
- Protect yourself with wards
- Don't stay out of mana, cause your E is your only survivability
- Go back with low life and don't overextend which may and in a death

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Vote and Comment!!

Be sure to vote and comment! Tell we what you think about this build and why you voted "thumps up" or "thumps down". This helps me to get this build better and better =)

Thanks for your time. I hope you enjoyed this guide.

PS: If you find some spelling mistakes, keep them!