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Riven Build Guide by DarkyTheReal

Top Educational Darky's HIGH ELO GUIDE to Riven! [11.16]

Top Educational Darky's HIGH ELO GUIDE to Riven! [11.16]

Updated on August 15, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DarkyTheReal Build Guide By DarkyTheReal 182 7 1,929,033 Views 3 Comments
182 7 1,929,033 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DarkyTheReal Riven Build Guide By DarkyTheReal Updated on August 15, 2021
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Runes: Standart

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Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

Educational Darky's HIGH ELO GUIDE to Riven! [11.16]

By DarkyTheReal
Hey my name is Darky!
I'm 19 years old and I'm Portuguese. Currently, I'm studying at night to end 12th grade while I'm focusing in LoL (I play at Portugal 2nd Division League). I do stream when I'm not playing in splits and put some highlights on YouTube!
I started playing LoL in season 1, I used to play a lot of twisted treeline with friends until season 4 in which I started playing rankeds and got placed in silver playing Leblanc, Nasus and Ryze top, and Zilean support.
At season 5 I started learning riven and got up to gold, then season 6 Platinum, and when I was close to Diamond I got banned due to toxicity.
I took a break and came in season 8 again which I got diamond ELO on my EX E-Girlfriend account while mine was gold.
I continued to climb and on this preseason I got master tier in EUW.
Right now I'm Grandmaster.
Furthermore, I'll try to teach you guys how to climb and how to master this beautiful champ, so give your opinion in comments, so I can improve. :)

Still updating this!
Follow me on:
Twitter I do some giveaways here ^^
YouTube Some stream highlights!
Also, please support MillySenpai she helped me a lot with the guide, and she has some amazing content as well!
Milly's Twitch
Milly's Soraka Guide
Milly's Sona Guide
Milly's Lux Guide
Pros Cons
High Mobility
Outplay Potential
Snowballs with tiny lead
Strong Team Fighting
Hard to Master
Runic Blade is Riven's passive which gives your next auto attack bonus damage every time you cast an ability, stacking up to 3 auto attacks. You can abuse this by using the Broken Wings + AA + Broken Wings + AA + Broken Wings + AA.
Broken Wings is Riven's first ability in which she dashes in the direction she is facing or the target that you have your cursor in, dealing physical damage to anyone in range of the dash. This can be reactivated within the next 4 seconds.

Broken Wings 2nd cast is equal to 1st cast.

Broken Wings 3rd cast is a bit longer than the 1st and 2nd, but knocks up enemies around her and has more range. This can also be used to jump over most of the walls in the game, known as "wall hops".

Tip: Broken Wings Cooldown starts counting on first cast, which means you can cast Broken Wings, wait 3.90 seconds, cast Broken Wings and wait another 3.90 seconds, and then you can engage with your 3rd cast, and you'll have your 1st cast up again if you have at least 35% CDR.
Ki Burst is Riven's second ability in which she stuns everyone around her for 0.75 seconds, dealing damage.

Tip: You can use Ki Burst to stop abilities like Rammus Powerball or Camille Hookshot
Valor is Riven's third ability in which she dashes towards the cursor direction, getting a shield for 1.5 seconds.

Tip: Valor cancels any of Riven animations, which means it's your base ability to combo, the most common one is the double cast, which consists of Valor + AA + Ki Burst + Broken Wings.
Blade of the Exile is Riven's ultimate ability in which she empowers her sword gaining (20% AD) bonus attack damage,75 range on auto attacks and some range on Ki Burst and Broken Wings for 15 seconds. Then she activates it again to cast Wind Slash doing damage in a cone where she casts it, lower hp enemies take more damage.
Doran's Blade Is the best starting item for Riven when you are in matchups that you need to all-in or trade without getting damaged. Example: Darius Fiora Volibear
Doran's Shield Is a good start for Riven when you're laning against poke champions. Example: Quinn Teemo Gangplank
Long Sword Is the most common starting item for Riven because it provides damage and sustain. Every time you don't get Doran's Blade or Doran's Shield you buy this. Examples: Garen Urgot Sett
Caulfield's Warhammer Is the item you're looking for first because it gives you a lot of AD+CDR which is really broken for Riven. Even though you only upgrade it after getting Goredrinker or Stridebreaker.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity Pretty much you want to get this as soon as possible as well as Caulfield's Warhammer to get your CDR/mobility power spike, it gives you so much outplay potential that basically you just lose lane if you don't play correctly with this.
Stridebreaker BY FAR this is my favorite item on riven because of the outplay potential it gives.But sadly it got nerfed and Goredrinker is far better now.
Goredrinker Is the most common item on Riven at the moment because it gives you CDR, healing and damage. Its pretty good and consistent buy for Riven.
Black Cleaver Is the 3rd most common item built in Riven because it gives survivability, damage, movement speed and armor shred. I recommend taking it when you face tanks or when you're even/behind in lane.
Essence Reaver Is the item that I mostly get in Solo Queue because I get ahead in most of the matchups, this gives you a lot of burst damage and split push potential so it's better for snowballing. ONLY take this if you're ahead, otherwise take Black Cleaver.
Sterak's Gage Is a very consistent buy for Riven in the 4th place because it provides a LOT of survivability and also gives you some damage. I take Sterak's Gage almost every game, I only take Death's Dance first if the enemy laner is something like Jax or Viego that builds Blade of the Ruined King which does more damage the more HP you have.
Death's Dance is the item that you pick if you still need survivability in team fights.
Ravenous Hydra Is the item you take if you feel that you need damage against squishy targets. Also, Ravenous Hydra gives you amazing wave clear and split push potential.
Serylda's Grudge Is the item you take if you need damage against heavy armor teams.
Serpent's Fang Is the item you take if they're team to have a lot of shields like Lulu Janna Seraphine.
Chempunk Chainsword Is the item you take if they have a lot of healing AND you cannot one shot them before they heal.
There's my video with ALL the Riven Essential combos. In the future I might make a video about Prowler's Claw with some cutie combos (That are not important) as an extra. Anyways, all the combos on this video are important for you.
Goals Achieved:
25/03 - 1 Million Views! And we got 1 million views in 1 month.Guys you're amazing, i dont know how i can thank you for the support you're giving me here on the guide and on stream! Thank you so much!
23/03 - 500k Views! Okay I was just chilling making a new guide and then BAM LESS THAT 1 MONTH IT GETS VIRAL LMAOOOOOOO.Thanks guys, love you c:
22/03 - 250k Views!Imagine waking up and check guide and BAM 250k views, how insane is that? I seriously dont know how to react to this guys...
21/03 - 10K Views! Holy that was fast thank you very much guys!
18/03 - 5K Views! Thank you for visiting my guide!
5/03 - Published the guide.
To do:
- Complete Matchups
- Complete Synergies
- Add Riven combos
- Add more variation builds on Riven
- Study more about MOBAFIRE, so I can put the guide more cute ^^
League of Legends Build Guide Author DarkyTheReal
DarkyTheReal Riven Guide
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Educational Darky's HIGH ELO GUIDE to Riven! [11.16]

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