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Elise Build Guide by IcyCrossbow

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IcyCrossbow

Elise - An Amazing Top Laner (Season 3)

IcyCrossbow Last updated on January 8, 2013
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Hello and welcome to my first guide featuring Elise, The Spider Queen.

This guide is my first guide ever made.
I'm so glad if I can help anyone with this guide.
Please enjoy :)

Here it goes!

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Summoner Spells

My Summoner Spells which I always use at solo top are Ignite and Teleport.
Some other good ones are Flash, Heal and Exhaust

Why Ignite and Teleport?

I use Ignite because I've got too many times the enemy team got away with just 1 hp or like that.
And Ignite is a very nice counter against Dr. Mundo.

I use Teleport because I want to miss less exp and gold as possible and with Teleport in my pocket it's secure I won't lose that much gold and exp.

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I'm using a 9/21/0 masteries.
Getting the magic Penetration in Offence and getting as much armor and hp I can get at Defence.
I'm ignoring the 5th line because it doesn't provide me anything good.


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Skill Sequence

First of all...

Elise is like a Nidalee, but so much stronger because of her mobility during team fights.
Elise can use her ultimate Spider Form / Human Form to transform into a powerfull spider.

While in Spider Form she gains spells who deals damage equal to the missing hp% of the enemy.
While in Human Form her spells do damage equal to the enemies current hp%.

Human Form

Elise deals 50/95/140/185/230 base damage plus 8% of target current health (+3% per 100 AP)
as bonus damage.

Elise releases a venom-gorged spiderling that explodes after 3 seconds or when it nears a target, dealing 75/125/175/225/275 (+80% of Ability Power) magic damage.

Elise fires a skillshot that stuns the first enemy struck for 1,5 seconds.

Spider Form

Elise lunges forwards and bites her target, dealing 50/95/140/185/230 base magic damage plus 8% of target's missing health (+3% per 100 AP) as bonus damage.

Elise and her Spiderlings passively gain 5/10/15/20/25% Attack Speed.
On activation, the Attack Speed of Elise and her Spiderlings is increased by 60/80/100/120/140% for 3 seconds and Elise is healed 4 (+2% of Ability Power) health on every attack.

On enemy cast: Elise reveals nearby enemy targets, while she and her Spiderlings lift up into the air, and then descend upon the target enemy.

On ground cast: Elise reveals nearby enemy targets while she and her Spiderlings lift up into the air, becoming untargetable for 2 seconds. During that time she can cast Cocoon / Rappel again to descend upon a nearby enemy.

Cooldown: 26/24/22/20/18 seconds.

Level up in this order:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Early Game

First Items

Here we are, at the spawn. Let's get our first items and walk to top lane:

and 3x


With Elise you can easily harass with your Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite.
In early game you shouldn't spam your skills mainly because you don't have a large mana pool, which is quite annoying.
As Elise you can just use your skills in Spider Form / Human Form (spider form) to regain your mana while using your skills to lasthit without using mana.

If the enemy champion's hp reaches critical levels you should engage using this combo:

Cocoon / Rappel -> Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite (in human form)

Followed up by:

Spider Form / Human Form -> Cocoon / Rappel
-> Volatile Spiderling / Skittering Frenzy -> Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite


The basis attack of Elise is quite difficult and requires some practise.
The reason for this is the attack animation.
The attack animation of Elise is very slow, which makes it hard to lasthit.

Also, you can farm with your Volatile Spiderling / Skittering Frenzy when it's off cooldown.


Some people will say: "Dude why do you buy wards? you aren't the support.".
Well I've got one thing to say:

Wards are the key to a victorious win!

Here are the main spots where you definitely should ward the whole game:

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Mid Game

Core Items

The game is on for like 10 - 15 minutes.
You have been farming for a while so you need to return to your base and get some great core items.

Once you've bought your Malady you WILL dominate your lane.
I choose to build Elise a little bit of attack speed because of her spiderlings.

If you have enough money for a Haunting Guise, the enemy laner will ask you for mercy.

More Harassing

Now it's time to shine in your lane, go back to top and farm more.
And again harass with your Q and W in Human Form.
Your Q: Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite does damage how more hp they have, and that will just hurt because the tanky champions will be at top lane.

Continue farming!

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Late Game / Team Fights

Team Fights

This will decide who will win.
You will have around 4k hp so you won't die easily and you will shred hp away against tanks like
Jarvan IV and Malphite.

In team fights you should not engage as first let the full tank engage first.
When there is no full tank go first instead.
In team fights you will be the one who should kill the adc ASAP because they are the one who are doing the biggest damage.


High Burst Combo (Mainly used in Team Fights):

Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite (In Human Form)
Volatile Spiderling / Skittering Frenzy (In Human Form)
Spider Form / Human Form
Cocoon / Rappel (In Spider Form)
Volatile Spiderling / Skittering Frenzy (In Spider Form)
Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite (In Spider Form)

Against weaker enemies:

Cocoon / Rappel (In Human Form)
Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite (In Human Form)
Spider Form / Human Form
Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite (In Spider Form)
Volatile Spiderling / Skittering Frenzy (In Spider Form)

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To Be Continued...

Was too tired to get this finished already xD
cya later fella's