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Elise Build Guide by Nico449c

Jungle Elise Diamond OTP Build And Guide Slows For Days, Jungle

Jungle Elise Diamond OTP Build And Guide Slows For Days, Jungle

Updated on April 18, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nico449c Build Guide By Nico449c 10 2 21,411 Views 5 Comments
10 2 21,411 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Nico449c Elise Build Guide By Nico449c Updated on April 18, 2020
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Runes: the one and only

Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Absolute Focus

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Elise Diamond OTP Build And Guide Slows For Days, Jungle

By Nico449c
Im a diamond 4 one trick Elise player with 610k points named EliseSpiderQueen i love the playstyle of Elise early game snowball potential and that you basically decides how the game is gonna go most of the time. The most fun about her is that she can punish about everything in the game and if played right and positioned the right way she can be viable in every rank in about all metas..
Great early game
amazing countergank potential
amazing early-mid game duelist
best tower dives in the game
long stun
high burst damage and sustain
wins most early game matchups
1 of the best ganks in the game

high skill cap
skillshot based e its really important to hit
easy punishable
weak late game
requires good game knowledge and matchup knowledge
requires good positioning


Elise Shoots a projectile that deals % maximum health. Its best use is as the second ability in your main combo and at the start of any camp/champ. some abilities like Yasuos will block it and you can play around it with and in most situations bait out hes .

volatile spiderling

Volatile Spiderling
Elise You send forward a exploding spider that deals magic damage on impact if you use your spider form in the spider form it will jump to the target and explode this also scales with ability power.


Is what that determines a good from a bad Elise player if you can hit it properly since it can guarantee so many kills early that you can win the game from that. Its one of the better ways to gank. When you gank with it you can go into the lane and shoot it if your confident hitting it otherwise you can bait out a flash sometimes by using or and then them.

Spider form

Spider Form
You switch to your spider form getting a new set of abilities that i will explain in the next page and awaken your dormant spiderlings she also becomes melee.

human form

Human Form
Elise switches to human form making her spiders go dormant and her auto attacks become ranged. She gains a spiderling for each spell used in human form with a cap of 5 scaling on the ability level. Elise also got another passive in spiderform on top of the other one she gains health each auto attack on top of doing ekstra magic damage that scales with ability power.

Venomous bite

Venomous Bite
Elise You Lunge at your enemy dealing % of missing health damage so the less health they have the more damage you do. your from human form will jump on the target exploding dealing magic damage.

skittering frenzy

Skittering Frenzy
Elise gains attack speed when used scaling on the ability level and her spiderlings gains passive attack speed.


You switch to your spider form getting a new set of abilities that i will explain in the next page and awaken your dormant spiderlings she also becomes melee.
You build this item since all her abilities scale on ability power and none of them scales on ad and its always a 2nd item on Elise.

Its always a full item rush if possible for the early game penetration and movement speed to get around the map and burst down squishy champs even faster.

Its my 3rd item always its extremely cheap for giving 90 ability power and 300 health it also gives Elise and her spiderlings slow so about nobody can escape from you.

This 2nd core item is amazing on Elise since the burn damage triggers both on her and the spiderlings aa and when you got the it will do even more damage.

Its an amazing item in some situations is good to build it gives you and your allies more dmg. It also gives you more tanky stats like health and mr you should usually build it as the only mr item if they have 2 ap champs if its full ap enemy team or 4 you should get another on with this.

adaptive helmet This is one of the best items if your against an enemy like Teemo since it reduces hes poison damage you would only take this over in those few matchups were they have a lot of burn damage. But if they are 4-5 ap i would either get this or spirits visage maybe even all 3.

Its one of my buys i usually buy because of the effect and the nice armor you get the active can be used if someone catches you so your team might be their in team. You can also bait the enemy into jumping on you they will use a lot of things and you got and .

Its a nice utility item its a dash for Elise while she does not have one. Its also some ekstra health and cdr.

Its a good item if you have to peel for an carry like Kai'Sa or Vayne would usually only happend if you really hit late game and they need a bit ekstra peel/protection.

[Icon=banshee's veil Size=50} You get this if they for example have a Morgana so if she actually hits you with [Icon=dark binding size=20}. Its for safety reason.

Is one of those items you rarely build because of you usually dont need more pen but in those few last case times you dont have enough penetration get this.

Its one of those late game items if you feel like you need more damage its good if you poke with but usually your better off with tanky items.

This is one of the more nice items against ad you get the armor the health the passive is nice giving you movement speed and a slow when you auto attack after its stacked full.

You only wanna buy this against full ad enemy teams or if they have a lot of healing like a Vlad for example.
Here is the most efficent Elise clear.
1. You start by kitting red and letting your spiders tank while slowly moving towards the murk wolfs.
2. You attempt to let your spiders tank against the murk wolfs you should focus the small ones from red side but the big one from blue side.
3. kite blue buff and let your spiders take the hits while you move towards the gromp.
4. You let the gromp auto attack your spiders 4 times so they die and soak hes first 4 hits since they are the ones who do the most damage.
5. When you start from red side you want to ward the bush as i show before you do the scuttle for getting vision if the enemy appears.
6. You want to stun the scuttle so you lower its defense then clear it and try contest it against the enemy jungler.
7. You do the same as you did on red side if you start on blue side the only difference is where your ward is placed you should place it as i show to keep an out for the enemy jungler and in case he started top side as vision for your botlane.
You start your / for the attack speed buff and the aoe in human form. You aa it and kite it as your spiderlings tanks the hits avoid the camps bar above it making them go back and reset . You always start to the highest health minion in the camp then then you go press + . Slowly clearing the jungle camps you have to in around 2:30 min a bit more sometimes.
You will look to do the buff were your botlane is starting get a leash, then you clear grump, wolfs, other buff. Then you can contest scuttle eventually invade since your lvl 3 and you should be able to in most situations. Otherwise look for a gank in a lane if its available. Best time to back is at 1100 gold and get the .
You keep ganking and attempt snowballing if your ahead abuse the enemy jungler and keep snowballing try to end if your behind be positive and help your teammates. Attempt to get some counterganks since you win most of the because of Elises really strong earlygame. you should have your jungle item and around the 20min and a bit of the done.
In the late game you position yourself behind your team and let them engage unless they have an adc without Quicksilver slash you can try flash e them. Your other choice is to try peel for your adc with and .

mid game you try to poke them down with volatile spiderling size)20 if you wanna go in under tower you can use the usual combo + + + + + . eventually use to change tower agro or avoid tower damage/ability damage. If they engage you try counter engage with e and burst them down or peel for your team against the tank, if your team that engages either you or the tank attempt to burst the carry down be aware of the support they can quite easily punish you for going for the carry.
You should be quite tanky late and do quite a lot of damage you need to try get baron by getting an important pick on their team by them facechecking you since your one of the best champs for the enemy to facecheck. If you cant do much in this point try poke them down with volatile spiderling size)20 and peel for your carries since your is great late game to peel with it stuns them for 2 sec and that can save your carries life and the game. eventually you can bait the enemy into bad engages with your and if you bought even more and it can win you the fights.
1:You should rarely do the raptor since its hard and you will mostly get really low.
2:krugs is not a most as Elise to do since its better to gank usually
3:buffs are really easy for Elise use your spiderlings to soak 1-2 hits from the buffs
4: gromp is a slow attacking unit let your spiderlings get hit twice each so they die and then gromp will do very little damage since its the first 4 auto attacks that do a lot of damage
5:you can use your over the wall into dragon pit and rift herald pit also onto wards and plants it may be hard sometimes
6:your fast combo is + + + + +
7:flash is a great way to suprise the enemy its one of the best things to do when you gank and they have a chance of dodging or escape it will make it a lot harder for them to react in time.
8: Elise got one of the best tower dives in the game because of her e rappel you can start by using the combo + + + + + and when your about to die you can use then another person will take the aggro be aware of them bursting you tho also ekstra fact if you use rappel when the tower shot is about to hit you it wont
9:some ults like fizz and karthus wont hit you while your in they wont even damage you be aware fizz ult will still hit and follow you if you drop down from .
10:When against a Yasuo try bait out hes with your w and than aim for a stun since none experienced Yasuo players will use hes to try block it while it cant block it.
11:use your spiderlings to block camp hits
12:positiong is the most important on Elise
13:abuse wards and control wards vision is key on Elise for you abusing and winning games
14: Scuttle Crab are really important early try get at least 1 of the first 2
15:Avoid dying a lot on her it punishes her a lot due to weak late game
This is a video showing how you can in some cases gank with a little intro too.
(unknown embed type)
League of Legends Build Guide Author Nico449c
Nico449c Elise Guide
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Elise Diamond OTP Build And Guide Slows For Days, Jungle

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