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Miss Fortune Build Guide by MTaur

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MTaur

Endless Rain

MTaur Last updated on September 5, 2011
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Utility: 21

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I'm not sure why I don't see CDR or MP5 on MF builds.

Sure, AP MF doesn't work because they gave her lousy AP scaling for the lulz and haven't rebalanced it since.

But what if there were an item that gave you MP5 but no AP, costing you only 890 gold? What if it gave you a *ton* of MP5? What if it also gave you survivability? Would this not be a... dare I say it... recommended item?

Get the chalice, level up E, spam it. Profit. Farm like crazy. Harass.

Q and W synergize with AD and AS and all that good stuff, and R scales with AD as well. So of course that's what we focus on for the rest of the build. But in the mean time, you can spam long-distance AOE slows better than anyone.

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Crazy MP5. Not literally impossible to go OOM, but you won't have to wait long when you're out, either. Not much MRes in the default build, but you might as well get it early. Health Potions are much better than 3% lifesteal, and Meki Pendant leaves you with enough gold for two of them. Neat!

Possible substitute:

There isn't really any other MR in this build, but if you think you want to risk it, Manamune is a nice AD boost once your tear has a decent number of charges. You can still spam a fair amount with the MP5 in this case, but not as much. However, Manamune is a bigger investment, and falls behind late-game, making it harder to sell for something better. Still might be sort of reasonable, idk.
Taken three times for 9% lifesteal and early health. Won't really be missing the item space for a long time. (You don't have to take all three before boots, but the build editor won't sell them unless I put it in that way)
Other boots are tempting, but CDR is nice and underrated.
Q and W should be getting leveled some by now.
Needs no introduction. PD+IE, wrecking faces.
Definitely need some lifesteal to replace those Doran's Blades. Other options exist, but this one stands out. It's trivial to farm back the minion stacks if you die.

The rest can be situational, but I like these generically:
Get back health from the sold Doran's Blades. Also, get some crazy CC on top of Make it Rain; Double Up for additional madness. Unsquishy item with great CC. A welcome addition.
Good if you're good at getting in auto-attacks, which can be risky. If you just want to be a slow-and-ult bot, another The Bloodthirster is better for ult damage, not to mention the additional lifesteal. If they're going Thornmail on you, Madred's Bloodrazor can help mix it up. If you think you'll miss the lost MR or you just want uninterrupted ults, Banshee's Veil is a good late-game replacement for Chalice of Harmony.

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9/0/21 for cooldown. Magic penetration mastery because it helps more than the Ignite 10 AP.

Runes: Magic penetration marks and armor/level seals, and then a couple options:

* CDR/level for glyphs and quints, so you won't need the blue buff.
* Other option: MR/level glyphs and move quints. This makes you more balanced overall, but you'll need the blue buff to max CDR.

Option 1 is better if you would rather have someone else get the blue buff, and Option 2 is a more defensive option good for hard carrying if you can get the buff.

Quints are sort of flexible. Some other options look good too.

In either case, the red buff is helpful. Just don't go with Option 1 and then get blue anyway, because that's just wrong: chalice + runes + ionians + masteries = innate blue buff.