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Cassiopeia Build Guide by MTaur

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MTaur

Harassiopeia 3.0

MTaur Last updated on December 6, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 4


Utility: 5

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Pros / Cons

* Does true damage or close to true damage to most enemies
* Troll shield available mid-game and beyond
* Somewhat decent kiting ability
* Good early sustain thanks to itemization changes
* Still does significant damage if underfarmed
* A good ult can easily lead to an ace, even if you are underfarmed

* Damage lags a bit until either Liandry's or AAS is built
* No strong escapes
* Make-or-break ultimate can be devastating to the player when misfired
* Needs to be protected by tanks or bruisers

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Harassiopeia 3.0

Season 3 has made Harassiopeia scarier than ever before. Spam Q, charge a tear, shred MR, wreck all the things.

Sight Ward
Crystalline Flask is a nice item that will really help Harassiopeia farm, especially since it leaves enough spare gold for a Faerie Charm and a ward. Faerie Charm now builds into Tear of the Goddess! Score! Unless things go very badly, you should be able to buy a tear on first recall, and maybe some boots too.

Note that the other MP5 options are lackluster: Cass doesn't need CDR, which rules out just about everything else in the end.

This will not be hard to charge up if you spam Q every time it comes up (don't lose your Deadly Cadence, and use W and E sparingly. Last hit with basic attacks when possible, but you can use E if you must. If you lose Deadly Cadence, then your spells cost more, *and* you've been slacking on your tear-building.

These will stack well with the rest of the MPen.

This new item is scary and really puts the harass in Harassiopeia. Cass has slows on W and R, so the strong proc is quite possible, and E can re-apply the full duration version. If you can rush this before you charge the tear, then you're farming pretty well. You can opt to stop at Haunting Guise and work on your Archangel's Staff instead.

If you build tear, Liandry's, and then AAS, then you should already have Seraph's.

or Abyssal Mask
%MPen is now applied first, so this now has strong synergy with flat MPen. You don't necessarily have to rush Void Staff, though, and it's acceptable to get Abyssal Mask instead. It's not quite as good to get both, since MR *reduction* is applied before all forms of MPen. But if you build both, the Scepter still effectively negates 13 MR on top of the rest, and helps allies while making you tanky.

The good news is that either of these items works well with flat MPen on its own. They just don't work quite as well with each other.

From there, you can either go tanky or full damage. Your call. Hover over the items to see comments.

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Skill order

R > E > W > Q

Q is for charging the tear and keeping your passive up. We don't want it to cost mana.
W is nice, but doesn't need to be leveled first
E does the most damage if you can land it twice (you have two tries to land poison on them). It is also good for last-hitting if you watch your mana
R is devastating. Level every time possible.

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Q + E is cheapest, and should be used the most in lane. If Q is going to miss, just run, and don't E, generally. You can just Q and run in any case, if you're worried about mana.

W is better used defensively, or if you think you can get a kill, or if you have blue buff. However, you might not want to waste it in any case, unless you know for sure that you won't get ganked soon.

If you want to DPS hard, then WEQE, if you're lucky to have them sit still for so long. This lets you get as many E's out as possible for optimum DPS. Prioritize casting E>W>Q from there, but usually save your E if you don't have poison on them, unless it is a life-or-death difference.

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Ult like a boss

The combo is RWEQE. You should be able to do at least that much with a stun. With Liandry's Torment, you should be well on the way to winning the teamfight even if you're underfed a bit.

Generally, you shouldn't be itching for an ult. You should instinctively ult when it becomes an obviously very good time to do so. Forcing the ult leads to missing it altogether.

There are a few common optimal times to ult


Their team facechecks a bush for your team. Insta-win teamfight. RWEQE.

You can also sometimes ult from behind a wall or from around a corner if they have no vision of you. Tons of damage even if you don't necessarily get the stun.

Get them to commit

If you can get them to dive you or your team, then often you can ult two or more enemies in the face. RWEQE.

If they're good, they might dash right behind you with a gap closer or Flash, which will ruin your day and make you either hit fewer targets or totally miss altogether. Bad times. The better the enemy is, the more you'll need to watch for this, and likely, the longer you'll have to wait for a good time to ult.

Chain ult

If an Amumu or Sejuani or Malphite or someone like that lands a good ult, then a follow-up ult should win that teamfight. If you have to Flash to chain the CCs in time, it's probably worth it to do so.

Flash-ult initiation

This is risky business, but can sometimes pay off. They have just enough time to turn their backs on you or maybe Flash out themselves, but if the positioning is appropriate, this is still ok sometimes. If you have to Flash to ult three people and you have even numbers, then it could be worth it. But you could get focused hard in this case. If your team can chain some hard CC on top, all the better. Use this sparingly... I find my success rate with this technique a little over 50%, while getting them to commit on you is a bit more reliable.

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There's no real reason not to build offense tree for the MPen. Perseverence is great in lane, and Spellsword is a fun one-point wonder.

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MPen marks (the more MPen the better)
Armor/lvl seals (catches up at 9, and the meta is currently AP vs AP mid. Flat armor vs Talon or Zed, though.)
MR/lvl glyphs (no other good options)
MPen or movement quints (I prefer move speed)

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Wreck things. Spam /laugh.