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Sivir Build Guide by MTaur

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MTaur

Trinfinity Sivir (post-rework)

MTaur Last updated on April 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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UPDATE for item changes

Maw of Malmortius is the new upgrade for Hexdrinker, which I had included in the build previously anyway.

Stark's Fervor is no more, leaving Zeke's Herald in its place. Since we valued the armor reduction for its synergy with Ricochet, we don't get what we want out of Zeke's Herald. :(

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Trinfinity Sivir is a hit-and-run style of Sivir who rushes Trinity Force for utility and kiting ability, most notably using Phage and Zeal with her passive to kite, while using Ricochet and Boomerang Blade with Sheen for chunks of burst damage. When it's safe to attack, you can ult and ramp up the DPS with Infinity Edge. As a natural born pusher, it's easy to recharge The Bloodthirster if you die. Survival and an additional DPS item round out a Trinfinity Sivir.

EDIT: Stark's Fervor, REMOVED, HAD a nice aura that synergizes with both On The Hunt and Ricochet. But that's no more.

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Core items

One or two of these to start for AD/sturdiness/sustain. Two of these plus Vampirism mastery make for decent laning.

Your call, but when in doubt, I go with these.

The reworked Ricochet finally gives Sivir a reliable way to use Sheen. The AP goes to waste, but the mana is badly needed. Phage and Zeal get put to good use with her reworked passive and increased range.

Both The Bloodthirster and Zeke's Harbinger are tempting upgrades. You can just leave it as is for now if you want.

Might as well.

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Other items

Nice item. Hard not to like it.

Could be necessary if they build too much armor.

vs No more Stark's Fervor as a lifesteal option. :( But these two are pretty standard. The lantern can be especially handy if you want to ward a gank route before you start hard pushing a tower. Of course the armor is useful in any case. However, The Bloodthirster is easy to fill up and gives boomerang damage.

Do you feel lucky?

I don't really like this item on Sivir because both Spell Shield and the veil get popped simultaneously. However, you could be careful to avoid this, and in theory, you could block two consecutive spells. But the timing would be rather delicate. Health, mana, and MR are valuable in their own right, too. The idea is to avoid spells, to use Banshee's Veil, and have Spell Shield ready as an instant backup.

Philosopher's Stone Possible options for mana management; choose 0-1 of these as a first item. I've passed on all of them for the core build, but a Meki Pendant and two Health Potions can go a long way, and Faerie Charm + Rejuvenation Bead + potions is a nice way to lane that doesn't otherwise immediately build toward anything. Regrowth Pendant + (potion) is also nice. Manamune has some extra AD that can somewhat compensate for skipping The Bloodthirster for something else, if you want. However, note that it's already somewhat easier to manage mana by relying on Ricochet much more than Boomerang Blade most of the time, and Sheen gives you six Ricochets per recall. Six!

These used to be sort of equal possible options for DPSy survival. Now the new Maw of Malmortius upgrade outshines the other two most of the time, unless you really need armor or the passive on Madred's Bloodrazor. The only reason to get Wit's End is if you really need cheap MR fast; Maw of Malmortius is worth the extra cost, while the AS from Wit's End is redundant with the core build and On The Hunt.

A lot of survival for not much gold, I would consider this if I'm feeling a bit unsafe and no one else has it; good choice for DPSy survival slot. Smart allies will want your ult anyway.

A reasonable late choice. It puts AS a bit overly high with On The Hunt, but more crit chance is needed to make the most of Infinity Edge. More movespeed can't hurt either. However, this means passing up raw AD which scales with Boomerang Blade.

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Doran's Blade can be swapped out for a Banshee's Veil, for example.

You can also try the sturdy setup:



The Black Cleaver could instead be Phantom Dancer or Last Whisper, as needed.

Manamune setup:




Maybe a survival item instead of The Black Cleaver.

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Sivir still farms well, possibly better than before. An auto-attack quickly followed by Ricochet gives Sivir two back-to-back attacks, one with extra damage (and more extra damage from Sheen if you have it). So not being able to spam Ricochet as much is compensated by being able to quickly double-strike minions for a sure shot at a last hit without having to resort to Boomerang Blade all the time.

Later on in the game, maybe Sivir doesn't push quite as quickly as before, but it's still a rather strong push. A three-second cooldown on Ricochet is short enough for most purposes.

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Skill Sequence

Ricochet is leveled more here to manage mana and to anticipate an early Sheen. Boomerang Blade is maxed next. Spell Shield is saved for last, but maybe it could be taken earlier depending on situational factors. Sometimes if I spam Ricochet a lot, I save money by not leveling the boomerang.

Don't forget to hit W *right after* your first regular attack to reset the auto-attack timer. This gives you two back-to-back attacks. The difference isn't as noticeable if you have a lot of attack speed items, but early in the game, it's important to time it right and get the extra hit in. This gives you a strong early-game harass that won't leave you OOM like Boomerang Blade does.

However, Boomerang Blade does more burst, so if you're particularly adept at managing mana and going for the final burst right when you know it's enough, you could potentially do better with Boomerang Blade. I prefer the sustainability of Ricochet, though, and I save Boomerang Blade strictly for when it gets really serious.

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Resistances and armor penetration. Nothing fancy.

Crit chance marks can help too, since the build doesn't hit 100%.

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Masteries/Summoner Spells

Offensive masteries, Flash, and a little of defense. Nothing unusual here. Ignite instead of Flash is an option, or maybe Teleport. Promote is sometimes fun, combining well with a strong lane push and an AS buff on the ult.