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Poppy Build Guide by brocktopus

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author brocktopus

Epic AD Jungle Poppy

brocktopus Last updated on April 13, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 19

Honor Guard

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Utility: 10

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Have you become tired of all those jungler’s randomly ganking you. Do you want to gank hard and efficient and not die often. Does laning and not getting farmed get you down. Then poppy jungle is the character for you. Poppy is an epic AP carry but lacks late game finesse. With AD you can jump in, slam against walls, and beat them to death with a mallet before the stun ends then Trolololol away like nothing ever happened:D

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Pros / Cons

    Heavy damage dealer
    Almost invulnerable with ULT
    Quick Dive and escape
    Passive makes you very tanky

    Charge stun not always available
    Bad positioning is punishment
    Needs attack speed for effectiveness
    Stuns and taunt before procing ult
    If holding a lane fewer farms acquired

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Summoner Spells

Viable Spells
- Needed for jungling, Without smite you will have a slow jungling experience and get under leveled and under farmed.

- I don’t use because of Trinity Force slow. It can be used to make sure enemy does not escape.

- I use while playing draft if they have a lot of heals and lifesteals.

- I use this because of Trinity forces slow and the speed it gives makes sure your opponent will never escape. Ghost+Items+abilitys makes you get from bot to top lane in a matter of seconds and can make or break a game.

- This helps with jungling but will become a burden late game. With the bonus attack speed and ability power you can jungle fast and beat champions faster while gaining damage on all your abilities.

- Heal can be a life saver in jungle and while ganking and can also help teammates out. If opposing team has a lot of burst magicians then I might use heal instead of ghost.

- Teleport can help save a tower, set up a gank, keep you in the jungling and laning longer if you use it get back in fast. I don’t use because of items speed boost.

Not Viable Spells

- This spell isn’t useless while jungling but you can have plenty of better spells. Poppy isn’t the best counter jungler so if you plan on countering then by all means use it.

- Not a good spell at all, Crazy 5 minute cooldown and a little speed boost that you don’t need because of your items.

- Do not need this spell because of blue buff and auto attacks do enough damage.

- Not the best spell for jungling, it can be used if pushing but will just become a useless spell late game.

- Not the worst spell for jungling if you want an early dragon. Late game spell becomes useless.

You must always have smite, it is the one spell meant for jungling for a reason. Your secondary spell should be whatever makes you comfortable. Whether you want to rush into lanes faster with ghost or be a protector of towers and a master ganker with teleport. It is always up to the summoner and what they are comfortable with.

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With masteries I prefer 19/1/10. The reason for this weird mastery set up is because you’re not going to need any defense page. This could be bad if you’re counter jungled or ganked a lot in the jungle. This mastery page maximizes damage while giving you the most out of jungle buffs. This also gives you better mana regeneration when golems are down and you don’t have a blue buff on your persons.

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Greater mark of Desolation
Using armor penetration marks makes for more damage but has a chance of slowing you down. I like to use attack speed marks to make jungling faster and when your Heroic Charge stuns them makes for an extra attack in which could be life or death.


Armor seals are the best bet with whoever you plan on jungling with. Adds a little bit of survivability and lets you last in jungle a little bit longer.


Using attack speed glyphs gives you the same perks as marks give. If you’re scared of the opposite team and don’t want to become a glass cannon to much then use magic resist glyphs to ensure that little bit of survivability.


Life steal Quints makes for more survivability and length in jungle and any lifesteal in jungle is better than no lifesteal at all.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
With your skills I find it faster to jungle with maxing your Paragon of Demacia. This gives armor, damage, and move speed so you quickly mob through jungle and beat the minions senseless. Maxing Devastating Blow second makes minions die a little faster inevitably giving you a faster jungle. Max Heroic Charge last because it does enough damage at level 1 and if maxed earlier will give you lower damage overall. Diplomatic Immunity is the key to the PENTAKILL.

With this setup you can rush into lanes with your Paragon of Demacia and use your Heroic Charge to slam a champion against the wall and hit them with Devastating Blow. Easy kills Easy win.
In team fights the easy way for the pentakill is to use your Diplomatic Immunity on the weakest and most squishy champion. Then run through their champs beating them. The order I usually kill
in is Ranged AD first, then Burst Mage, Then melee AD, Then Tank, Then the squishy one that you used your ult on.

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Berserker’s Greaves Trinity Force Phantom Dancer The Bloodthirster or The Black Cleaver Warmog’s Armor Atma’s Impailer or Maw of Malmortius
Starter Items
I usually start with Cloth Armor and Health PotionX5, This gives you armor and healing and with your Paragon of Demacia you get more armor out of it which makes for better survivability and longer jungle before going back.

The way I build items is a bit different. I have a few ways of doing it and mixed with ganks you should be fed. Try not to go back until you can get a wriggles lantern and Boots of Speed. This will make jungling more effective and ganking will be easier. Next get your berserker greaves and a Vampiric Scepter, this means you have a lot of life steal attack speed armor and damage. Then with any poppy build RUSH A Trinity Force. This is imperative for your damage. Then it all depends on how badly you’re beating them. If your becoming too much of a glass cannon and dying in ganks after getting kills then I would get a the Bloodhirster for survivability. If you’re surviving and just want epic damage rush a the black clever. Then after that get a Phantom Dancer to give move speed and attack speed. Now it is time to get a little tanky, Build a Warmog’s armor and depending on whether they are doing damage with AP or AD then build a atmas impailer or a Maw of Malmortius.

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With this build you should be able to jungle quick, gank a lot, and hopefully if played right get plenty of PENTAKILLS. Ulting the weak and destroying the strong is the best way to maximize this build. Add me in game and ask for advice. Summoner name is megachester and if you want, ask me for my TeamSpeak 3 info and come join me and my buddys for some fun.

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Megachester - creator
jhoijhoi- Coding