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Xerath Build Guide by Erek

Bottom Erek's Content Guide: Phase Rush Xerath Inspired by Erek

By Erek | Updated on January 15, 2020
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Phase Rush
Manaflow Band

Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Ranked #18 in
Support Role
Win 51%
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Table of Contents

Phase Rush Xerath in Botlane
Who is Erek?
Talk about my stream on

Start of the guide

Let's Begin
Pre Game
Why are we picking exactly these runes?

Summoner Spells

When to pick the right summoner spell.


What champions goes well with Xerath?


Talk about Xerath's Abilities


Base understanding on how to use Xeraths spells


Talk about what items to choose
Gameplay and Extras

Laning Phase

How to play botlane as Xerath

Mid/Late Game

What to do when laning phase is over.
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Hello and welcome to my Phase Rush Xerath Content Guide!
About Me
My name is Jakob, i'm born in UK and raised in Denmark and i'm a semi professional League of Legends player.
I've been playing League of Legends for about 9 years, started back in Season 1 and got to high elo in season 5, peaking challenger for the first time in season 6, and been high diamond ever since
In season 6 i peaked Rank 37 on EUNE with 799 lp, and in S9 i have peaked 100 LP Diamond 2 EUW.
I've recently started playing in the Danish Competitive Scene, and now also started my twitch career for making content in Danish/English.
I do streaming on where i try out new innovative builds, which i don't consider troll, but just very well set together in higher elo, going for grandmaster+ in season 10. (You should really come by and say hi, and be the first to try out the sleeperOP builds i create during the
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Sorcery & Domination


I have decided to pick Phase Rush because i have played Xerath for 4 years, and i have noticed that he lacks of mobility, and since the meta is so depended on being able to kite and have mobility, picking Phase Rush for Xerath gives him the mobility, he is lacking. Let's compare this to Arcane Comet & Summon Aery these spells gives on average about 2000-2500 extra damage I would consider survivability much more important, but that's just me

Next up is Manaflow Band Probaly one of the strongest minor runes in the game, if you look at the stats you get out of this rune. You get 250 extra Mana, and also permanently restore 1% of your Missing Mana Okay.. Look at Nullifying Orbthis is a minor scaling hex drinker shield you get which lategame will block about 220magical damage at max (if you have 1000ap), is that worth it, on a 60 seconds cooldown? Okay.. Nimbus Cloak is nice, but still compared to the long cooldown, and that were running Teleport we won't get much use of the 35% movement speed.

My favourite rune, in the whole entire game, i think Transcendence is such a valuable rune, since you get 10% CDR, who don't like to spend all that mana and cast spells constantly, we get 10% and then let go of having Absolute Focus since i'd rather cast more spells and then lack the 30Adaptive (AP) we get from that rune. Celerity <-- This rune.. No.. No.. NO! Just don't if you appreciate brain cells.

This is a tough choice between Scorch & Gathering Storm since they both work really really well on XerathSo okay, i've decided to go in-depth with these two runes. [Read below] Your next ability hit sets champions on fire dealing 15 − 35 (based on level) bonus magic damage after 1 second.
Cooldown 10 seconds Gain increasing Adaptive Force every 10 minutes that grants a total 0 / 4.8 / 14.4 / 28.8 / 48 / ∞ (based on minutes) bonus Attack Damage or 0 / 8 / 24 / 48 / 80 / ∞ (based on minutes) Ability Power (Adaptive).

These runes are very simple, two times in adaptive damage, and then the last i situational, since enemy can be ad heavy, or ap heavy. if so, you want to pick armour against ad heavy teams, and magic resist against ap heavy teams.I just like the extra Health it gives.
Cheap Shot Works really well with Xerath since it applies on his Eye of Destruction and Shocking Orb and keep in mind, its true damage so it gets to be a lot!
Eyeball Collection We like kills, and we are going to get a lot, this is really nice, get 10 kills/assist and you have 30 permanently Ability Power


I would say Scorch gives more value to the game in the length if i say 15-35 is gonna be a huge number by the end of the game, and it's gonna affect the laning phase since its a little extra per spell you hit on the support or the enemy ad carry. if you hit a total of 10 spells in lane it's the same amount as a Health Potion now if you put it like that, you can see the value of this minor rune compared to Gathering Storm which first will affect you with 8ap by the 10th minute, and then 16ap at 20minute mark. I would say, Gathering Storm comes to use for good at the 30minute mark, and then beyond. Myself will be putting Scorch as a much more reliable choice of rune.

FLASH: This is the best summoner spell in the game, almost every champion takes it and it's completely irreplaceable. It's the best defensive summoner and the best offensive summoner all at once. The fact that you see all 10 players take this in 99% of games just goes to show how strong it is.
HEAL: comparing to teleport on the other hand, replaced Barrier when it got buffed in season 3 to give movement speed on the cast, which is the reason it's been standard over Barrier ever since, despite being affected by Ignite's Grievous Wounds. Aside from the small movement speed boost, which can be used both offensively and defensively, another reason why it's stronger than Barrier is it affects an ally, which is perfect for bot lane where you're laning with a support.
TELEPORT: Since season 4, there are almost no summoner spells in League of Legends that have a bigger impact than Teleport. Sure, Flash is a big deal and can change a team fight, but Teleport determines everything from which objectives you can take, to whether or not you can fight, to where each individual player can and should be standing on the map. Teleport gives you this safeties so you can always insure good lane control, and when to go back, because if the enemy carry has picked up Heal you will have an advantage in terms of lane control.




Ashe + Xerath Synergy

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-Skill Order-





































Spell-maxing priority

> > >
Mana Surge (Passive): Not much to say, it gives mana? Use it.. Try get some safe Autoattacks on the enemy champion, since it will give twice the Mana back.

Arcanopulse (Q): Well, your main long-range source of damage with lowest cooldown. Mandatory ability, that you should always max first. Except for that, I guess there is not much to mention here, maybe except for the fact, that if you want to know some advanced mechanics (that you will not really use 99% of time), then you should go into practice tool and look on youtube how to make either way Flash- Arcanopulse to throw it further or to possibly change angle, if you flash into side, after releasing your Q. It might be sometimes shiny to do, but since it costs you flash, you don't really want to do it too often.

Eye of Destruction (W): Another important ability, that you should rank-up second. Main purpose of this ability, except for damage is the ability to kite your opponents, due to pretty huge slow effect (especially if you hit the central spot of this ability). What is definitelly worth to mention is the fact, that you are able to use this ability to set-up opponent for your Arcanopulse. In other words, in lane you can expect your opponent to last hit, so you just send Eye of Destruction on him, because it's way harder to juke, which will slow him (more or less, depending on where you hit him) and then it will be way harder for him to juke your Arcanopulse or possibly Shocking Orb. So try to abuse this ability as much as possible, when trying to go for poke, especially in lane.

Shocking Orb (e): Great tool to pin down your opponents and peel for yourself. Be careful about the fact, that if you hit this ability on melee range, it's duration is really small, so be ready to chain this with Eye of Destruction as well, if you want to get away from someone. It might be also useful to learn how to chain Shocking Orb with Flash, to not let your opponent so much time to react on it - again you can practice this in practice tool (simply keep trying to Flash right after using Shocking Orb).

Rite of the Arcane (R): This is probably my most favorite ability, that makes you feel like a god, that has ability to decide the fate of each one of your opponents. Usually it's you should be using it for finnishing off your opponents, but sometimes you might consider using it to poke down target, that is in awkward spot, getting chased by your team, which will simply force him to decide, if he wants to juke and get caught by your teammates or eat each one of the shots (which might kill him after all, if he is squishy enough and you have enough AP).


Lane Poke 1
W Eye of Destruction > Q Arcanopulse

The slow of your W makes it easier for you to hit your Q.
General Combo
E Shocking Orb > W Eye of Destruction > Q Arcanopulse

When your E lands, just follow up with W and Q for maximum burst

No Vision?
R Rite of the Arcane or W Eye of Destruction

Both Abilities give you vision around the Ability Area!

But... Easy now, your R button has a 130/115/100 Seconds Cooldown
1st. Flash Combo
E Shocking Orb > Flash

2nd. Flash Combo
Q Arcanopulse > Flash

Both can be used to surprise your enemy. They cant react to those in time.
Just cast those Abilities and Flash directly after the cast!
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Try to focus on farming the wave with Arcanopulse and Eye of Destruction. While doing so always try to hit the enemy to proc Manaflow Band. Remember to Autoattack the enemy laner to get more mana from Mana Surge.
Always ward the river, since youre immobile and your spells make u push automatically.

Waveclear with Arcanopulse and Eye of Destruction. Poke as much as u can with your abilities before any teamfight happens, so u have an advantage in them. Try to move in river and assist your mid/jungle with Rite of the Arcane.

Stay in the backline while teamfighting! Try to hit enemy carries with your poke and wait for CC from your team to guarantee your spells to hit.
If you get fed you will 2-shot enemies with Arcanopulse. If you get people to <50% hp you can follow up with Rite of the Arcane and finish them off.

Play safe early game/ward river!
Poke enemies with Arcanopulse and Eye of Destruction!
Abuse your insane range!
Stay in the backline while teamfighting!
Try to catch people with your E > W > Q > R combos!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Erek
Erek Xerath Guide
Erek's Content Guide: Phase Rush Xerath Inspired by Erek
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