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Ahri Humor Guide by Eterneux

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eterneux

Eterneux's Guide to Bruiser Ahri

Eterneux Last updated on December 26, 2014
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Important Notice: If you do not have Popstar Ahri your AD Ahri prowess is locked and sealed within your true potential. Leave now and come back with the ultimate bruiser skin.

Hey everyone! My name is Eterneux, I'm a Diamond 2 player and I decided to reveal the hidden potential that is AD Ahri. Not a lot of people know about this but I would like to be the one to be known as the best AD Ahri in the world. I generally play Orianna, LeBlanc (before everyone started playing her and complaining so riot ****ing removed her silence) Fiora, Sona, and of course Ahri. I do dabble in the exquisite art of AP Caitlyn but unfortunately I've lost my AP Caitlyn touch. But we're not here to talk about that, let's get started on the hidden potential that is AD Ahri.

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Pros and Cons

There are more Pros than Cons. Always have faith in the potential of bruiser ahri.


Amazing spirit rushing escapes
Incredible late game scaling
Breathtaking crowd control
Colossal impact of true damage
Damage is not false, like I said true damage
Bruiser prowess
Hybrid damage
you get to say you just died to an AD Ahri


Cannot compare to AP Caitlyn
Unfortunately your AD Ahri is not as good as mine
Lacking a better purpose for W
Has no actual AD Ratios but who cares
Not actually a bruiser :(

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Generally flash is the optimal choice for AD Ahri's ghost can be taken if you may desire. Ignite can be taken to maximize your potential for killing. Although teleport is a viable option. Barrier and heal can be taken if you have identified yourself as the marksman role.

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9 AD Marks, 9 Armor or Health Seals, 9 Magic Resist Glyphs, 3 AP Quints. It is the standard optimal rune page for Ahri's that wish to pursue the path of a bruiser. AD because you're a bruiser duh. AP for early game damage. Armor or Health your preference. Magic resist to fight the mages and fulfil your bruiser role. Generally you want the same mastery page for every role and every lane you take as Ahri. It is optimal you follow this mastery page exactly to maximize your potential.

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Build 1:

Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, and Last Whisper depends on what you want to buy first and the situation of the game. If you are having trouble against the magic because you suck you can build a Maw of Malmortius. Hexdrinker is fine you don't have to upgrade it until the game is finished.

Build 2:

If you are changing from a bruiser role into the marksman role, good news Ahri has a good kiting potential and crowd control to control the crowd with a decent amount of range for dealing damage and being your ideal marksman.

Build 3:

Rush Iceborn Gauntlet and if you need more armor buy a Thornmail instead of the spirit visage. **** Randuin's Omen. For Boots I recommend boots of swiftness being the tanky splitpusher you are you need some movement speed.

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Out of the 6 games I played with Bruiser Ahri I've won 5 and lost 1. Here are some experiences I would like to share.

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In conclusion I hope this guide will help you find your true potential as a bruiser. Not everyone is destined to be a bruiser like Ahri.

All artworked used is not mine except the images of my account games and stuff.


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