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Evelynn Build Guide by sinjiek

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sinjiek

Evelyn, the Op assasin

sinjiek Last updated on December 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi my name is sinjiek and this is my first guide in lol with evelyn. Evelyn is a very underrated champion, who is usually banned from ranked and rarely picked in normal games. U will ask me how i came up with the idea to make this guide. First of all i have seen many friends of mine playing her and told me that evelyn is super hard to play an that she gets extremely harrased. Some monthes later i watched one friend (especially this one told me some crucial and effective items) play lol and one of his oppoments was evelyn. But Evelyn had awful item build and my friend said: " Evelyn is played ap, not ad, and these items suck( trinity force, cheap ad items) ". so , since that day , having bought and played Evelyn more than 60 times, i come to present u and unleash the mighty Evelyn, the OP assasin. I will accept any comment and ask me in case u want to know something. i would appreciate that.

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Pros / Cons

Pros :D
1) high damage output
2) nice mobility
3) nice ulti and ig shild in case u hit 5 players togother.
4) 1.5 sec cd the Q hahahahahahah
5) u have got here the catwoman, anything else?
6) doesnt need mana, she has her passive( pls dont be fool an buy archangels xD)

cons :(
1) squishy
2) cc ruins her
3) too much cd on ulty: 120 sec at start
4) weak cc
5) weak early game: needs to be feeded
6) near enemies she is visible and they recieve buff
7) not hard cc, needs rylais

We see that the cons outnumber the pros , but that doesnt mean that evelyn is useless. With some practise and trickiness she becomes super powerful an why not op?

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We put all the usual masteries for ap in the offense tree. Note that i selectes spell sword, since u will cast continously Q and at the same time u will attack. With 500 ap spellsword gives 25 bonus damage after casting Q. Later it comes useful in pushing. As for the rest points u spend them in the defence tree for survivability.

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At start we buy magin pen. marks to make our spells hurt al lot. Second we use ap glyphs and Seals for ap, as well as ap Quints. If u lont like the seals and the glyphs u can put some for armour or magic resistance. Plz dont take anything for mana , since evelyn can be invisible thanks to her passive and restore her mana. If u dont like the ap Quints u can have move speed quints or health, if u think u are too squishy.

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These are the items that are shown above. U can change the order u buy them, depending on how well u went in your lane or replace some of them eg rabaddons with ambyssal for magic resistance.

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The Flash and Ghost are ur main spells . Use them for escape and chasing, if ur oppoment blinks. also i chose them because ur W is not enough leveled. However u can have other spells stated below.

Ignite: Some more damage? Wanna slay Mundo? useful for ap carries and to prevent regeneration counter health beasts eg Mundo.

Exhaust: to gank or shut down ad carries eg ganaplank.

teleport: to go from lane to lane and farm and finnaly get more feeded!

Bad spells:
heal: many take it but its better to be taken by a spport or tank.
Clairvoyance? : this is taken by a support. take plz something else
Clarity: dont tell me u want mana? u wont need this. U have ur passive for mp and ur lichbane. and in case u want mp sit 1 min without attacking and voila! u have full mp!

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Skill Sequence

This is the classical skill build for ap evelyn. We use hate strike at start for farming , poking and harass.Ravage is powerful, but , because of its cd we level it second. We level dark frenzy last and the ulti whenever its available. The w is not so nessecary, because we have rylais with is constant slow and in case it fails remember ur summoner spells :) .

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Purchase order and situational items

At start u buy the simple boots and 3 portions. then u buy ur hextech revolver and ur will of the ancients.then buy the rylais followed by ionian boots . Then purchase sheen and the lich bane. At the end take rabbadons and every situational item u want.

Items for heavy ad team:
Zhonyas horglass, thorn mail, sunfire cape: good armour and the first with he freeze passive. The last two are not so popular choices for ap, but they are good alternatives( i have played swain with thonmail xD xD i had 3 ad carries in my team lol!)

Items to counter ap carries:
Ambyssal scepter, wilts end, athenes onholy grail: they give mr and ap. On the whole good choices. Wilts end doesnt give ap but u deal magic damage with each attack u decide.

Items to counter fleshy tanks:
deathfire grasp, morellos evil tome: the first removes life abd amplifies magic damage, while the second one reduces regeneration. Both good choices. U decide.

Other solutions:
rylais, liandrys torment: both deal with ur squishiness and give u ap.

void staff: nice item with good ap. Use it to cut the enemies with high magic resistance.

Mejas Soulstealer: a great item that with full stacks has more ap than this only when u are killing a lot and u have double or trippli kills( why not and more?). In case u dont go well in ur game dont buy it.

In conclusion but every item with armor, health or magic resistence only if it has ap :) .

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1) At start when farming, cast w and when u are in a good distance cast Q an quickly return behind ur minions. By this way u harass a lot and brake the enemie`s nerves.
2) when u are being chased cast Q to harass the enemy so that the teamate helps u and secure likely kills!
3) Search always for squishy heroes and coorperate with a player who loves ganking. With this way u will offer an advantage to ur team.

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With Evelyn farming is easy . Just spam Q. Only see if enemies are ganking u and always take seriously if ur teamates ss on u to go away. U are always a good meal for the enemy xD.

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Team Work

Always go with ur team !! ure too squishy to go alone. Whats more u will attack as soon as the clash begins. Then u will ulti and spam Q and E. At the end chase the rest enemies with W. Moreover when ur team ganks one enemy dont cast ulti. u will need it in a team fight. Oh and dont ks with ulti nor follow an enemy with low hp , since it is , most times, a trap.

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Evelyn is an underestimated heroe but with devastating capabilities. By practice u can easily master her and learn all of her tricks!