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Evelynn Build Guide by cl0udt

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cl0udt

Evelynn AP Mid - Mmm, I like it when they screeeeaaaammm

cl0udt Last updated on November 20, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Change log

- I launched my YouTube channel where I will provide some LoL games beyond the meta. My first upload is a recently played Evelynn AP mid round.

- Added new picture in topic "Ranked games tactic: Farming? No - killing!". Also, in the next few days I'll start my youtube channel with Eve mid videos (although I'm a bit rusty after 2 month no Eve mid) and some other non-meta stuff.

- Chapter "Possibilities" added.

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Yo! If you check out this guide, you are interested in playing that sweet Assassin Evelynn on mid lane. Good decision!
This guide is still in progress! I'll add more content, also some videos! Please leave some comments of what you feel is missing or if you find some mistakes. Thanks!
Lately, we see a lot of pro gamers playing Evelynn jungle. Well, as for me, I don't really like her being jungle. It works pretty well if you get kills in early game due to your insivibility. It may produce some really nice ganks, that's for sure. Anyway, if that won't work out and the enemy team got a tanky dont want to face them in a 5v5 teamfight.
Evelynn is a deadly oppenent for every mid lane champion - just try it out. Give it some time. As for most of the champions, you gotta get some practice first. Also, you need to have much patience with your teammates, especially in ranked games. They'll flame the hell out of you :).

I recently launched my YouTube channel, where I will upload videos beyond the meta, hence BeyondMeta. Check it out :). My first upload shows me playing Evelynn AP mid. Although I didn't play her for about two months, it shows the basics of my Evelynn mid style. Have fun watching.

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I'll show you whats possible with some training. My stats are from only mid (well, maybe 1-2 games I had to switch to jungle). Enough games to show that the stats are stable. Lot of kills, few deaths as possible. You'll notice the low average farm - check out Chapter "Ranked games tactic: Farming? No - killing!" to learn more about that :). If played the way I told you in this guide, you will have the highest damage on champions of at least all of your teammates, thats garuanteed. (I won't post any stats from specific games, for that will have no statistical meaning.)

Season 3:

Season 4:

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Well, why that combination of items? I'm gonna give you a short explanation here.

  • It is very important for Evelynn to be able to evade attacks. Boots of Mobility makes that much easier. Also it's much easier to charge in, farm with your Hate Spike and get out fast enough. Since the enemy apc most likely won't start with boots you will be able to hunt him down easier. Another advatage is that being faster enables you to get closer to him before he can react to you.

  • It's the combination which makes those two items so powerful. While being able to slow the enemy constantly with Rylai's Crystal Scepter you will apply twice the amount of percentual damage on enemy champions because of Liandry's Torment (that also applies to Eve's ulti of course). Also the Health provided by Rylai's Crystal Scepter is crucial.

  • There's not much to explain about those two items. They will push your AP dramatically and also Zhonya's Hourglass will provide some survivability.

  • Deathfire Grasp is an item often chosen for AP carries. Which is the only reason I listed it as last optional choice. I don't really like it. It makes Evelynn even harder to play because of its active. Being fast is important. Also it has a long cooldown and only provides 4 seconds of amplified magic damage. Most of the time you kill the enemy carry easily in a moment anyway. If it gets to champions with high amount of health, the 4 seconds wont help much since you cant burst them down as Evelynn in that short amount of time.
    With Lich Bane on the other hand, you'll deal ~400dmg every 2 seconds on basic attacks. Also you get 2/3 of the AP Deathfire Grasp.
    Anyway, don't count on those items since most of the time the game will end before you are able to reach this choice.

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Ranked games tactic: Farming? No - killing!

Why not concentrate on Farming?
As you might have guessed / experienced - farming will be hard for Evelynn. At least compared to most of the other mid champions. So what I'm doing is killing and roaming a lot. If you are skilled enough, you can keep up with the gold of the enemies mid laner easily.

Tactics Part 1: Basics
Get your start items and cover blue / red for your jungler. You don't need to assist him - let the top or bot lane handle this. Your mana is precious. Being out of mana is one of the major problems you gotta deal with. Get your jungler to give blue to you! Its crucial. You easily lose a lane against an enemy mid laner who got blue.
After covering get to your lane and creep with your Hate Spike. Place your Warding Totem on the site where you stay invisible most of the time. Yeah, right - you don't want to stay in direction to your base. You wanna stay in direction to the river. In that case you automatically evade the spells of your enemy and you are able to charge in fast to get farm with Hate Spike.

You gotta reach level 3 before you can jump into action. Avoid being hit by the enemy apc. Stay insivisble as much as possible. Your passive will recover your mana faster in that time. Also your enemy won't know if you are back in base, roaming or just behind him. This makes most of the people nervous which will produce mistakes on her side - good for us.

Tactics Part 2: Early game - early kills
After you reached level 3 you are able to get close to the enemy apc very fast. Most apc will use a lot of their mana for farming. Always, ALWAYS wait for the enemy apc to be low on mana and in the best case till he used one or more of his / her spells (especially the stunning / slowing ones). You also always charge in with your Dark Frenzy and from behind the enemy. If he runs in the direction of his tower - good, you are already in that direction. If he runs in the direction of the river - well, you are faster :).
For Dark Frenzy you need the right timing. Its important to get as close as possbile to the enemy champion and then activate Dark Frenzy. Use Ravage immediatly and then spam your Hate Spike. There is not much time for him to react and being low on mana and / or having used his spells he got no other choice than to flee to his tower - well, with your boots you will be faster. First time you do that, he should at least have to use his flash. Don't forget to apply your ignite in the right situation.

Tactics Part 3: Roaming
After you reached level 6 and you already got your Boots of Mobility it's time to roam. Best spot is bot lane. You can get up to two kills (or assists) and you got your support which usually has some stuns. Anyway, dont forget to get back to mid lane as fast as possible after your gank. You don't want to lose your tower, since it means the enemy apc can roam around as well.

Tactics Part 4: Teamfights
Evelynn is not only an Assassin - in teamfights she can easily decide the outcome. The key to success is the placing of your Agony's Embrace and the focus. Also, if possible, join the teamfight from behind. That's where you naturally gonna find apc and adc. Your job as Evelynn in teamfights is to place the ulti on as much enemies as possible. Dont charge in first. Let your team initiate. Then charge in with Dark Frenzy in the direction of apc or adc, use Agony's Embrace and try to get at least one of them under it. Ravage on the carry, some Hate Spike and he / she should be done for. Concentrate on the other carry after that.

Tactics Part 5: Assassination
Evelynn is an assassin...well, let's do some assassinations then! You see a lonely apc / adc somewhere on the map? The enemy team is split up somewhere else? Well, thats your chance to get some extra kills. As described in Part 2 charge in with Dark Frenzy, then use Agony's Embrace, Ravage, and maybe a few Hate Spike - done. If you are on at least the same amount of gold with the enemy adc / apc, he got no chance to react and get away. WARNING: Don't chase too hard (especially not ad carries with life steal). If you tried to get a carry without ulti or the enemy carry got better items and he fights back, he might get the best of you.

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Champions you don't want to face in mid

Well, first of all - it's possible to beat all of them in mid. But some of them are much harder to beat than others. If you are still new to Evelynn mid, you shouldn't face those guys:

  • Well, Diana is a really annoying champion to play against. To kill her, you gotta get near to her, but in direct melee combat, she has no reason to flee from you. My way to beat Diana: Poking her with your Hate Spike is almost impossible, since she can draw you in. Wait for some good ganks of your jungler. Also you should roam a lot to get some kills.

  • Really annoying to play against her. If she's good, her orbs will hit you a lot. She heals herself with them. Her ulti makes it really hard to kill her. Apply the standard tactic for Evelynn: Wait for Ahri to be on low mana and attack directly after she used one or more of her abilities.

  • As for most of the melee mid champions, Zed is also one of the champions harder to beat. With some practice it's easy to evade his Razor Shuriken - that's the key. Let him push, just be close to your tower. Poke him with your q whenever you can. You better stay defensive until you got your ulti.